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The Namco Pac-Land was an 8-bit arcade game system board which was first used by Namco in 1984; the second and fifth games to run on it, Dragon Buster and Sky Kid, are modified to support vertical scrolling, and the third and fourth games to run on it, Metro-Cross and Baraduke (also known as Alien Sector), are modified to support a 2048-color palette. Baraduke was also the only game from Namco to use their programmable sound generators for speech.


Namco Pac-Land specificationsEdit

List of Namco Pac-Land arcade gamesEdit

  • Pac-Land (1984) - the first side-scrolling platform game
  • Dragon Buster (1984) - the first title from Namco to feature a life bar
  • Metro-Cross (1985)
  • Baraduke (also known as Alien Sector) (1985)
  • Sky Kid (1985) - the first title from Namco to allow two players to play simultaneously


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