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This article is a generic description of Namco's 8-bit "Libble Rabble" hardware. For the specific arcade game, see Libble Rabble.

Namco Libble Rabble
Release date1983
CPUMotorola 68000 (@ 6.144 MHz)
DisplayRaster, 288 x 224 pixels (Horizontal)

The Namco Libble Rabble, also known as the Namco System 16 Universal, is an 8-bit arcade system board which was first used by Namco in 1983. Its alternative name predates the Sega System 16 16-bit system board by two years, and it was the first system board from Namco to use a Motorola 68000 microprocessor (running at 6.144 MHz), which would make it the company's most powerful 8-bit arcade system board, until the advent of the Namco Thunder Ceptor system board in 1986.

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