Mappy Kids

Mappy Kids (マッピーキッズ, Mappī Kizzu) is a video game console-only sequel to the 1983 Namco/Midway arcade game Mappy.

Mappy Kids
Mappy Kids Coverart.png
Cover art of Mappy Kids
Composer(s)Atsuko Iwanaga
Platform(s)Family Computer
  • JP: December 22, 1989

This game was released for the Family Computer in Japan only. The game was re-released on a cartridge for the Evercade in 2020.


The player controls the son of Mappy in a platformer game. He wants to find a wife but she won't marry him until Mappy can become a provider for his family. At the end of each level, there is a slot machine. Pulling the lever to the slot machine may allow the player to earn extra lives, items, gain or lose money. To receive it, the player must win a mini game first. After the mini-games, players access a shop, where they can buy various things with the money that they find during the game.

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