New Rally-X[a] is a maze and driving arcade game that was released by Namco in 1981. It runs on similar hardware to that of its predecessor Rally-X, and as its name suggests, it is a revised version of that title, which was released in the previous year. The only differences are that it has slightly enhanced graphics, easier gameplay, a new soundtrack, and a "Lucky Flag" that gives the player extra points for remaining fuel when collected, after which the round will continue if there are still flags remaining. The mazes are mostly identical, with some of the blocks from Rally-X changed into roads to reduce dead ends, and some different flag and rock locations. This title was manufactured in greater numbers and was much more popular in Japan than its predecessor.

New Rally-X
New Rally-X Coverart.png
Designer(s)Shigeru Yokoyama[2]
Kouichi Tashiro[2]
Programmer(s)Kazuo Kurosu[2]
Composer(s)Nobuyuki Ohnogi[2]
Platform(s)Arcade, Mobile phone, Xbox 360
  • JP: February 6, 1981[1]
  • NA: March 1981
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer
Arcade systemRally-X

While the original Rally-X (which was released under a Midway Games license) was a moderate hit in the United States, Midway only distributed this updated version in North America as an upgrade kit for Rally-X cabinets. The game appeared quite frequently in mainland Europe and the United Kingdom, mainly in the form of uncredited bootlegs. It was at least as popular as its predecessor in these parts of the world, if not even more so, primarily due to the title's greater playability and abundance of bootleg board stock.


Gameplay screenshot

The player controls a blue racing car. The objective is to collect all yellow flags (checkpoints) of the map before the fuel bar runs out. Each round has ten flags, eight common flags and two special flags. The special flags include a 'Lucky Checkpoint' that rewards the player with points determined by how much fuel the player has left, and a 'Special Checkpoint' that doubles the score of any flags collected afterwards. The antagonists of the game are similar-looking red cars which will chase the player, the player will lose a life when being hit by a red car. The player can defend themselves by pressing the smoke screen button, making the red cars unable to move for a short time if they run over the smoke screens. Other obstacles include rocks which are scattered randomly throughout each level. The player loses a life when crashing into a rock, whereas the red cars will be stunned for a brief moment. There are also 'Challenging Rounds' where the red cars remain still and are only able to move after the player runs out of fuel.


A version of New Rally-X is the load-up game in the PlayStation Portable game Ridge Racer. It was also included in Namco Museum Battle Collection for the PSP, along with an entirely new "Arrangement" version of it which has updated graphics, music, and new gameplay mechanics. The game was also released on the Microsoft Xbox 360 Live Arcade service on December 27, 2006, and on the Wii Virtual Console in Japan on October 6, 2009. In addition, it has also been included in several editions of the Namco plug-n-play game series, from Jakks Pacific. A version known as New Rally-X S (the "S" stands for "Special") was also released on Facebook. In November 2010, it was included in Namco Museum Megamix for the Wii. The game was included on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation Network as part of the Arcade Archives series in February 2022.


  1. ^ Japanese: ニューラリーX, Hepburn: Nyū Rarī-Ekkusu


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