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"Dard-e-Disco" (Hindi: दर्द-ए-डिस्को) was a hit Hindustani song from the 2007 Bollywood musical film, Om Shanti Om.[1] The refrain, Dard-e-Disco (pain of the disco), though essentially meaningless, was modeled after Persian-derived terms traditionally used in song and poetry in the Indian subcontinent such as Dard-e-Dil (pain of the heart) and Dard-e-Muhabbat (pain of love). The song was attacked for being "meaningless", "insane", and "odd", but also called "red-hot", "addictive" and "contagious".[2][3][4]

Song by Sukhwinder Singh, Caralisa Monteiro & Nisha Marianne
from the album Om Shanti Om
Released18 September 2007
GenreFilm Soundtrack
Songwriter(s)Javed Akhtar, Vishal-Shekhar
Producer(s)Shahrukh Khan & Gauri Khan

Dard e Disco's structure and lyrics are a blend of "old-school" Indian style with an "Arabic flavor".[1][3] It was sung by Sukhwinder Singh, written by Javed Akhtar, composed by the Vishal-Shekhar duo and picturized on Shah Rukh Khan.[3] The song was reportedly triggered by a conversation in which producer Gulshan Kumar said to choreographer Farah Khan that "only two types of songs sell - dard bhare gaane (songs of sadness) and disco", leading Farah Khan to demand a song that combined the two.[4] Farah Khan later said that initial intent was to picturize the song on Shakira.[5]

Dard e Disco rapidly rose in popularity, despite being ridiculed by many critics for including meaningless doggerel, and dominated radio station charts when it initially came out.[4][6]

Example verseEdit

Each verse in the song ends with the refrain dard-e-disco. In this verse, chhabis ko (on the twenty-sixth) appeared to have been included simply because it rhymes with disco, an example of the approach that was called "audacious" for how it blatantly put seemingly-random words together into a song.[4]


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