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The Stardust Awards is an award ceremony for Hindi movies, which is sponsored by Stardust magazine.[1][2] Here is a list of the award winners and the films for which they won.[3][4][5] The first ceremony was held in 2004 for films released in 2003.[6][7] The awards ceremony still continues with several Discontinued, Intermittent and Special Awards.[8]

Stardust Awards
Awarded for Best in film
Country India
Presented by Stardust
First awarded 2004
Last awarded 2017
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Editor's choiceEdit

  • Film of the Year
  • Filmmaker of the Year
  • Performer of the Year - Male
  • Performer of the Year - Female

Main AwardsEdit

Discontinued, Intermittent and Special AwardsEdit

Special awards

Records and factsEdit

Reader's Choice: Most Directing Awards (Dream Director + Best Comedy/Romance Director + Best Drama Director + Best Thriller/Action Director)

Reader's Choice: Most Acting Awards – Male ( Star of the Year – Male + Best Comedy/Romance Actor + Best Drama Actor + Best Thriller/Action Actor + Best Supporting Actor)

Reader's Choice: Most Acting Awards – Female (Star of the Year – Female + Best Comedy – Romance Actress + Best Drama Actress + Best Thriller – Action Actress + Best Supporting Actress)

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