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WikiProject Years is a project dedicated to improving all year-related articles on Wikipedia. We cover all year, decade, century, and millennia articles and their subarticles. Our scope is incredibly large, so we rely a lot on automated bots to do more tedious tasks.

Scope Scope edit

This WikiProject's first aim was primarily to formalize the unofficial standard used for creating year pages. A standard was created and then transferred to Wikipedia:Timeline standards. The project still conceivably has responsibility for maintaining/improving that standard. The project currently oversees all year articles, (e.g. 1345, 2008), decade articles, century articles, and millennia articles, as well as their sub-articles (e.g. 2008 in sports).

Similar projects edit

The parent of this WikiProject is the WikiProject Time.

(Also, since year articles cover science, philosophy, arts, literature, and other subjects, this project has connections to several other projects not listed.)

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The collaboration of the week is 2022 in religion

  1. Expanding of recent year-in articles

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Assessment and review edit

The WP:YEARS department that assesses articles for quality and importance can be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject Years/Assessment. If you are interested in assessment and review, please add your name to the list of reviewers on the assessment page.

Current status edit

  • Popular pages lists top Years articles with the most frequent views. It is updated monthly.

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Year in Topic boxes edit

Each century has a different year in topic box, depending on how much information is available in Wikipedia. The following have been created so far:

The last one is for the whole 1st millennium (1-1000 AD). However it has not yet been decided how many there should be. See talk page and survey for discussions.

Old surveys edit