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Stewart Gordon (born 24 September 1979 in Crawley, West Sussex, England) is a mathematician, software developer and computer geek.

In March 2006, Stewart finished his PhD in Mathematical Sciences at Loughborough University. His research involved computer modelling of diffusion in solid materials on the atomic scale. He has since had various software development/engineering jobs.

As of 2020, Stewart is based in Loughborough, Leicestershire.

Stewart has appeared on the British game show Countdown.

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Wikeeping activitiesEdit

Stewart has various tendencies towards maintaining the integrity of Wikipedia's content. These have varied over time, but here are just a few examples of corrections he's been known to make not infrequently.

Before After
comprised of comprising
composed of
consisting of
off of off
on (!)
between A-B between A and B
1/3rd 1/3
one third
a third
Inappropriate or Contra-Standard Use of Title Case Appropriate use of sentence case
1st January to December 31 1 January to 31 December
January 1 to December 31
A dog is a term used to describe an animal that barks.
A dog refers to an animal that barks.
A dog is an animal that barks.

The abbreviations Stewart sometimes uses in edit summaries include:

Abbreviation Expansion
bpr bypass redirect
cwis continue what I started
cwss continue what someone started
fwis finish what I started
fwss finish what someone started
rfid redirect from incomplete disambiguation
rvav revert accumulated vandalism
rvav revert apparent vandalism
rvg revert graffiti
rvud revert unexplained deletion
rvur revert unexplained reversion

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