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For the list of project participants from before the 2012 roll call, see Wikipedia:WikiProject U.S. Roads/Participants/Old.

The following editors are participants in the U.S. Roads WikiProject. They have been listed below to provide a reference for other editors and to aid collaboration. Please note that membership in the project does not confer any special status in discussions in any forum.

If you wish to participate, add your username to the tables below. To indicate what areas in which you edit, please use "IH" for the Interstate Highways task force, "USH" for the U.S. Route taskforce, "TRL" for the Auto Trails task force, and the state abbreviation for state task forces. For membership in the Maps, Newsletter or Shields departments, please just add the department name.

There are no project coordinators, although several editors in the project informally volunteer to ensure that all inquiries are responded to at discussion pages and that backlogs are taken care of in a prompt manner.

Please also consider signing up for the project newsletter at Wikipedia:WikiProject U.S. Roads/Newsletter/List, and watchlisting Wikipedia:WikiProject U.S. Roads to keep track of important discussions.


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 This user is a member of the U.S. Roads WikiProject.

There are additional userboxes for the various task forces and departments of the project.


User Status Areas Work
AC5230 SemiActive PA i guess mostly minor
Admrboltz Active WA, UT, IH, WV
AndyHe829 Semi-Active CA, OR, WA Mostly minor edits. Also translate U.S. road articles and introduce them to Chinese Wikipedia.
AHeneen Semi-Active FL Mostly minor additions, corrections, & copy-edit to articles (in particular, around Central Florida)
AmericanAir88 Active CT, NY, and Interstate Highways. I will be trying to get articles to GA and FA. I will take on maintenance problems and improve the articles.
Arkoutdoors Semi-active AR, KS, MO, OK Focus on Arkansas and Kansas, also interested in Oklahoma and Missouri. Ex: K-65_(Kansas_highway)
ArmageddonAviation Active OH, KY, WV I am focusing on Ohio and Kentucky, but I'd like to work on West Virginia also.
A Texas Historian Semi-Active TX Farm to Market roads. Ex: Farm to Market Road 1709
AverageLooby Semi-Active CA, NV, OR, CO Mostly small edits that help people who visit the articles for info gathering.
BMACS1002 Active NJ, NY Improving usability and access to information
Bigpoliticsfan Active IH, NJ, PA, NY Mostly minor copy editing and corrections
Bloonstdfan360 Active OR, WA Mostly working on highways in Oregon and Washington state.
Blue1424 Inactive KY Improving Kentucky articles
BlueHenState28 Inactive DE Working on Delaware roads articles.
Bneu2013 Semi-active TN, GA, AL, KY, MS Primarily Tennessee road articles.
Bobherry Active TN and VA
Brandonrush Active AR Resident of the state of Arkansas, trying to help AR become respectable
Britinvasion64 Active LA Working to improve articles statewide.
BryanWeather Active FL, nationally Resident of FL. My main focus is on Florida State Roads, but also willing to improve articles nationwide.
Bsneed45 Active NC, TN & VA Western North Carolina, Northeast Tennessee, and Southwest Virginia.
Buffaboy Status IH, USH, NY Will work on maintaining current Upstate NY GAs, look for others that need work, create county articles where appropriate
Caholguin109 Active NC Mostly Western North Carolina.
Calador109 Inactive GA Resident of the state of Georgia
calebmateo99 Active MA, but willing to improve articles anywhere
Calidum Active Massachusetts and the rest of New England primarily
Cards84664 Active I-OH, US-OH, OH Railfan interloper, but still combats vandalism on Ohio road articles
Cdrew147 Inactive New England Willing to help anywhere
Chestertheraccoon Semi-active MN
Coal town guy Inactive WV Updating all WV counties to reflect State Routes. THEN use that data for helping to locate coal towns
Coasterlover1994 Semi-active CT, MA, NY, PA, VT Interstate, US, state, county routes in each
C16sh Inactive Lower 48 Currently doing a lot of work in Ohio, but can help where needed
Daniel Case Active NY Hudson Valley and Catskill region, but past experience in CNY/WNY is helpful
DanTD Semi-active All over North America A die-hard roadgeek since early childhood and a Florida resident since 1999, thanks to the high cost of living on Long Island. I'm still dedicated to road improvements throughout the country, and have been adding information on roads before I joined Wikipedia, especially for New York and Florida roads. Too many projects to list here, and I still don't have enough.
Detcin Inactive IN, nationally Resident of the state of Indiana.
Doomsdayer520 Active Pennsylvania state routes, US and Interstate routes in PA Much historical and geographical knowledge of numbered routes in PA thanks to research on behalf of environmental volunteer groups. I frequently make minor corrections, for example PA 958, and will do more for the project.
Dough4872 Active IH, USH, STF, DE, MD, NJ, PA Resident of PA. Improvement of road articles in the Mid-Atlantic states, can help out elsewhere with proper resources. Can also make shields with template.
DyluckTRocket Semi-active All over the Lower 48 A "virtual tourist" from Australia, follows U.S. Highways and works on intersecting or nearby State highway articles (see Userpage for current progress).
Epicgenius Semi-active Lower 48 states Originally from NYC, but I like to edit interstates and state roads nationwide
Erzahler Semi-Active USH; FL state and county highways
Eteethan Active MA, VT Working on Massachusetts and Vermont Roads
Fnlayson Semi-active AL, southeast Resident of AL, help on some southeast interstates and future interstates
Fondycardinals semi-active WI, Midwest Working on roads in the Midwest specifically Wisconsin.
Fortguy Semi-active TX, NM Resident of TX, also participate at WP:HWY/LA
Fredddie Active IA, nationally, STF Resident of Iowa, stub fighter, searcher of route logs, creator of shield templates
GTSinc Inactive KS, Plains Resident of KS, will be filling the gaps in the KS highway system pages, and will update others as needed, and surrounding states.
GusterPosey Semi-Active NV, ID, MT, and CA. Mostly just edit articles I come across that I have knowledge about, interested in working on anything and everything.
happy5214 Active Project-wide work Resident of Texas. Primary Lua module writer/maintainer. I also work on junction lists.
Henry20090 Active CO Hey there! I live in a rather small town, that I would rather not reveal to you guys! I am going to be editing primarily, highways within the state of Colorado. (Including interstates, US routes, and CO state highways.)
Highway 89 Semi-active UT, sometimes ID, NV, CO, AZ State routes primarily, but anything I see
hmich176 Semi-active PA, CT, IH, USH, USRD I live just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have a substantial collection of Pennsylvania maps. I founded the former WikiProject, Pennsylvania State Highways, in March 2006.
My other major project (not related to USRD) has to do with articles about Hersheypark, the History of Hersheypark, and the lists of former and current attractions.
I love the interweb! Inactive Mainly CA and FL I love maps, so I will work on any state in the US, but I focus on CA and FL (no, they’re not my home state).
Imzadi1979 Active IH, USH, MI, MN, WI, Newsletter Resident of the state of Michigan, working on improving the state's highway articles to GAs, As or FAs
InItForTheLutz NY Mostly Western New York, will help where needed
Jacobdaun Inactive
James_L_Hutchings Semi-active UT
Jay8g Active WA Help out with mainly WA articles
Jburlinson Active AZ, NM, TX, Indian roads Recent enhancements to articles on Indian route (United States), Enchanted Highway, Indian Reservation Roads Program
JJBers Active CT, MA, RI Expanded Wilbur Cross Highway from a stub to start. Also general improvements on pages, including crossing tables, and coordinates.
John from Idegon Active IN, MI, ID Created Idaho State Highway 71, improved Indiana State Road 51, looking to do more!
Juliancolton Semi-active NY Hudson Valley
KevCor360 Semi-active Virginia, with a specificity on the Hampton Roads region Expansions, creation and improvement on several transportation-related articles in the Hampton Roads Transportation category.
Kevon kevono Active CA, Sometimes NV, rarely AZ, OR Working on California's Interstates, US Routes, State highways, County routes; Created Joe Colla Interchange, List of U.S. Routes in California, and List of Interstate Highways in California; working on Interstate 80 in California and California State Route 85
KGirlTrucker81 Semi-active nationally Mostly minor edits, tagging for issues for articles. Creating redirects. Ex: Hardy Toll Road.
Kinu Active TX Working on clearing Stub-class TX articles, general improvements and updates to style across entire project
Ks0stm Active KS, OK (rarely) GAs/DYK over short highways, mostly, such as K-104 (Kansas highway), K-143 (Kansas highway), K-140 (Kansas highway)
KylieInTheSkylie Very active MI, OH, WI, IL Mostly Michigan related assessment and writing.
Listroiderbob Retired NY Upstate, esp. Saratoga County, also international bridges and some interstates.
Ljthefro Active NV, nationally Resident of Nevada working on improving Nevada articles. Minor tweaks and assistance in other USRD-related areas.
Matthew Hill Active KY, nationally Interested in Creating Kentucky road articles and improving other road articles
Matthew Anderson Active AZ, NM (on occasion), nationally Arizona resident trying to improve the quality of Arizona highway articles as well as U.S. Highway Articles ranging from Arizona to nationally. I do anything from minor edits to article writing.
Mattx8y Semi-active Mostly NJ, sometimes NY or PA Work on 19th century turnpikes like the Newark-Pompton Turnpike
Mccunicano Active GA I created Georgia State Route 920 and work to improve other articles around the Southeast.
Mcdonaat Inactive LA, AR, MS I mostly do Louisiana, but I am within an hour of both southern Arkansas and western Mississippi. I mostly do small road articles, and help to link larger roads together in Louisiana.
Mes tex Active AR, OK, TX Resident of North Texas. Primary work is on Texas road articles and sometimes do work on Oklahoma and Arkansas road articles.
Michael J Active shields, maps, PA Various named highway signs. Live in the Endless Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania; lived for a short time on the Jersey Shore.
Mitchazenia Active NY, NJ, PA, CT, VT, FL Resident of New Jersey (blecccch). Busy trying to do railroad work on the side.
Milliontown Inactive CA and CA Shields California Resident and Transportation Professional. I will add to or edit California highway articles as necessary
Mr. Matté Active Nationally, Maps, Shields Mostly create KMLs for articles through Google Earth or TIGER data if needed, ability to create/edit .svgs for shields and maps, can view GIS data, limited ability to write route descriptions and histories (I'm an engineer, I can't write, but am good at math!)
Morriswa Active Any state that needs help Updating and editing various Interstate, U.S. Highway, and state route pages, mainly in Georgia, where I have lived since 2011; see this link for all of the pages that I have started.
mxn Active OH, CA, USBRS Cincinnati-area and Bay Area road topics, plus the U.S. Bike Route System, which is tangential to this WikiProject. Mostly interested in contextualizing road histories and making SVG shields. Also an active contributor to OpenStreetMap. Perpetually in awe at Texas' road network.
NASCARfan0548 Active Any state highway, I-H, US-H I live in California and I like to edit articles about highways in my home state. I also like editing articles on Interstate Highways in every state, including Alaska and Hawaii. I would like to import Wikidata short descriptions on every state, Interstate, and U.S. highway in the United States and every highway in Canada.
ncchild Active NC, TN Interstate 222, Tennessee State Route 143, North Carolina Highway 403
ncfriend Semi-active Mainly NC Expanding articles that need expansion.
Ngs61 Inactive NY Western New York and Upstate
Nova Crystallis Active OH, MO, NV, MS, KY, NE, AR Attempting to expand some Ohio and Missouri state routes. Also a resident in Ohio.
Nwdantona Active USH, USRD/CT, New England Area Minor edits, creation and expansion of some articles.
Onore Baka Sama Semi-active MD, PA, DE, VA, or any at random Typically expanding random article that needs it. Mostly working in Maryland (expanded most Maryland articles earlier) as it is my home state, and can do pictures from Baltimore area if needed
OrangeTheYoshi Semi-Active WI
otr500 Active LA, TX, any state at random Any state where I see a need but specifically LA
OzarkMan417 Semi-Active MO Working to keep info about Ozark roads up to date, mostly in Missouri.
Parsa Active TRL, USH Working primarily on auto trail routes, markers, and improving existing articles.
pmelton87 Inactive TX, KS Focus on state highways
PointsofNoReturn semi-active working on different roads throughout the US. Focus on various roads in NYC area
Pzoxicuvybtnrm Semi-active MTF, CA, NV, AZ, CO, KS Mostly work on roads in the Southwestern US
RAGentry Semi-active TX Mostly Texan state roads/Farm-to-Market roads
Rcsprinter Active Everywhere Generally adding to and improving articles; creating KML files, shields and maps
Roadsignphotographer Active MN, other areas occasionally Mainly an editor and mapmaker.
Route11 Semi-Active OH, Sometimes PA Creating New Articles, adding info.
RES2773 Active NY, AK, HI, UT Focus on NY roads, and do AK and HI because nobody focuses on them, but will really do anywhere.
Rschen7754 Active CA, ACR, GAN, FAC Founder of project, working on improving California articles, assisting with project and Wikipedia-wide assessment processes.
Sbb618 Semi-Active NY, nationally Expanding descriptions and exit lists mostly, but really doing anything.
Scott218 Semi-Active MD Adding detail to roads in Maryland, specifically in the Baltimore-Washington corridor.
Scott5114 Active OK Working on improving OK primarily; can assist in MO and KS as well. Willing to contribute to project-wide discussions and projects.
Smartyllama Semi-active NY Hudson Valley
Smileguy91 Semi-active Fort Worth, Texas Texas state highways mostly
SounderBruce Active WA, OR, ID, BC Created most of WA's articles, now de-stubbing it
Srsrox Inactive NH, VA (primary and secondary), US Routes/Interstates Working on improvements for New Hampshire, Virginia (both primary and secondary routes), and national routes, both in details and pictures.
Steven C. Price Active Throughout U.S., though living in OK Traveled and travel extensively; recently added pages on historic districts along U.S. Route 66 in Williams, Arizona and Flagstaff, Arizona. Have a special interest in Interstate 80 though haven't started on that highway yet.
tckma Semi-active MA, MD, NH, NY, VA, IH, USH, nationally Resident of Maryland, former resident of other states listed, and so will primarily work in these states' articles. Also have some knowledge about/may work in CT, DC, NJ, PA, and RI. Willing to help out elsewhere if requested.
TextClick Active CA, NV, AZ, OR, WA, TX, NM, CO, ID, UT, nationally Resident of Los Angeles, mostly minor improvements and the occasional major edit. Willing to help improve anywhere I can.
TheCatalyst31 Active IL, nationally Generally expanding and improving articles, particularly redlinks and stubs
UnLeashedWolfie Active Various, Primarily ID Basically anything I can help with.
Username Active Various/TBD Adding images, fixing exit lists, finding sources, minor grammar and spelling fixes.
TheWombatGuru Semi-active Nationally Extending Junction lists and stub articles in general
Tomandjerry311 Active VA
TCN7JM Active Nationally I tend to work behind the scenes (KMLs, reviews, minor article improvements, etc.), but I have written a few Good Articles. My current home state is South Dakota, but at this point I think I've done some work in all 50 states.
TitanAndromeda Semi-active CA, UT Route description expansion (e.g. Interstate 405 (California)) and general improvements
TommyBoy Semi-active MO, VA, and OK Primarily working on articles relating to states where I maintain strong ties to including Missouri, Virginia, and Oklahoma.
United States Man Active TN Improving articles
Vcap36 Inactive MN, Shields I usually work in Minnesota, though I do occasionally edit in other states. I also make shields.
VeeTHis Active NH, ME, MA, VA, and Maps New to the project. I work on articles about New Hampshire (my homestate), Maine, Massachusetts, and Virginia. I also sometimes work on articles outside my areas of expertise.
Vegaskukichyo Active State of Nevada, Southern Nevada I have begun with edits on Nevada State Route 160, doing in-depth citations and archival research to verify accuracy and ground the information in its historical context. I will apply this approach to other routes/major roadways in the Las Vegas Valley.
Viridiscalculus Active MD, VA Mostly work in Maryland (my home state and area of expertise), but occasionally work in other states and nationally.
Vmanjr Active IH, NY, PA, Shields Focus on Upstate New York and Western Pennsylvania, have also made smaller edits on other road articles. Made Southern Tier Expressway shield SVG, Liberty Highway page.
WaddlesJP13 Active Virginia and Nevada Current resident of Woodbridge, Virginia, former resident of Las Vegas, Nevada. I make edits on road and highway articles in both states, usually in those areas.
WafleNotPankake Semi-Active MD
WashuOtaku Active NC, SC Creating and improving articles in the Carolinas. Done stuff like this.
wikiLeon Semi-active CA Highways in the San Francisco Bay Area.
WikiWarrior9919 Active New to the project, NJ NJ and NY roads, the interstate highway. Cleanup.
Will211 Active IL New to the project, minor edits on IL Interstates.
WilliamJE Active FL, nationally General cleanup work wherever it is needed.
Wxman87 Retired IL, IH Interested in adding detail to IL roads and Interstate highways.
YamaOfParadise Inactive CT, MA, RI Resident of Connecticut, and primarily focusing on descriptions and historical information about routes in Connecticut. Side interests in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.
Yanjipy Semi-active FL, GA Making minor edits on highways or other nationally or state recognized roads within the Georgia-Florida area.
yonikasz Active IL, IH, USH Interested on helping out on this project within Illinois, and public highways. I have a keen interest on rest stops.
Zonafan39 Active WI Interested in improving articles on roads in Wisconsin.
XXCooksterXx Active SD Interested in working on South Dakota road articles.
420Traveler Active NY, KS, NM, ND, AR, PA Resident of Upstate New York, currently working on improving all Kansas highway articles.