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Welcome to the Iowa task force of WikiProject U.S. Roads! This task force aims to facilitate the development of a set of standardized, well-written, and well-sourced articles on all state-maintained highways in Iowa.

Article structure and standardsEdit

This task force has generally adopted the standard USRD article structure found at WP:USRD/STDS. Please consult this document first. The Iowa task force standards build on and clarify how the USRD standards apply to Iowa. All state highway articles are to be named Iowa Highway X. Please see WP:SRNC and Wikipedia:Naming conventions/Numbered highways for discussion on this topic.

Route names and abbreviationsEdit

Interstate 80 → I-80
U.S. Highways
U.S. Highway 75 (though WP:USSH requires the article to be called U.S. Route 75 in Iowa) → US 75
State highways
Iowa Highway 64 → Iowa 64
County roads
County Road R38 → CR R38
All state highways before 1926
Primary Road No. 1 → No. 1


The lead section should begin by stating the highway's name (in bold, per the Manual of Style) and the commonly accepted abbreviations (Iowa X, and any other names that are used). State that the highway is maintained by the U.S. state of Iowa. Give the length, using {{Convert}} to convert miles to kilometers. If the highway is very long, give a very general description of the route (endpoints, part of state it runs through).

Junction list/exit listEdit

All highways must include a junction list, following the standards outlined in WP:RJL. This is most easily achieved through use of the {{jct}}, {{jcttop}}, {{IAint}}, and {{jctbtm}} templates. Iowa articles generally use the optional color scheme outlined in RJL; remember, to meet accessibility standards, a remark must be made in the "Notes" column explaining the color usage. Always use the "Iowa X" abbreviation in the junction list for consistency.


All Iowa articles should include {{Infobox road}}. Please try to fill out as much information as possible. However, the "cities" parameter is no longer used within the United States; using it will not cause the cities to show up.

Use the below example formats for displaying endpoints in the infobox. Change these to suit the situation as needed. Use "in" for junctions in town and relative location near a town with directions for junctions out of town ("west of", "north of", "southwest of", etc). Remember, the infobox is supposed to be there for readers to get at-a-glance information about the route. If you have notes on the endpoint that do not fit into these formats, then note them in the lead and the route description. For more lengthy endpoint information, describe it in the route description.

Endpoints at highways in town/city limits
  I-35 in Ames
Endpoints at highways in unincorporated areas
  Iowa 1 near Anamosa
Endpoints at state lines, continuing as numbered highway
  US 30 at the Illinois state line
Endpoints at unnumbered (town/city/county) roads in minor town/city limits
Montezuma city limits



Checklists and assessment toolsEdit

Unreliable sourcesEdit

These sources can be used, but they should be replaced with reliable sources when they come available.


Current highwaysEdit

This project's scope covers all state-maintained highways in Iowa. To clarify, this means roads maintained by Iowa DOT. City, county, and privately-maintained roads are not within the scope of this project; WikiProject U.S. Streets is more appropriate for city streets anyway.

For convenience, here is a chart of all active state numbered highways. See the main category for a complete listing of all articles that fall under this project.

Former highwaysEdit

Former highways can be added as well, but only if enough information about them can be collected. Be especially sure to cite sources on these articles.




Photographs of Iowa road signs are always welcome. These should be uploaded to Commons and filed under commons:Category:State highways in Iowa.

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