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Many of USRD's articles were assessed when the assessment program was first launched in 2006. The assessment standards for each class have risen since that time; however, many of the project's articles have not been reevaluated since they were first assessed. As a result, some articles may be under or (more commonly) over-assessed. In recent months, some editors have taken time to audit (or recheck) a state's articles against the current criteria. This page is intended to serve as a tool to check which states have been rechecked against the current assessment criteria and which have not been.


State Checked? Date of audit
Alabama yes 2010-05-02
Alaska yes 2010-05-09
Arizona yes 2010-05-14
Arkansas yes 2010-05-07
California yes 2010-06-13
Colorado yes 2010-08-05
Connecticut yes 2010-05-06
Delaware yes 2010-05-04
Florida yes 2010-07-09
Georgia yes 2010-08-04
Hawaii yes 2010-05-03
Idaho yes 2010-05-09
Illinois yes 2010-05-14
Indiana yes 2010-08-04
Iowa yes 2010-05-03
Kansas yes 2010-05-14
Kentucky yes 2010-05-04
Louisiana yes 2010-08-04
Maine yes 2010-05-11
Maryland yes 2010-08-03
Massachusetts yes 2010-08-05
Michigan yes 2010-07-19
Minnesota yes 2010-05-02
Mississippi yes 2010-05-11
Missouri yes 2010-07-09
Montana yes 2010-05-09
Nebraska yes 2010-05-13
Nevada yes 2010-08-21
New Hampshire yes 2010-08-01
New Jersey yes 2010-08-01
New Mexico yes 2010-05-04
New York yes 2010-04-05
North Carolina yes 2010-08-20
North Dakota yes 2010-05-10
Ohio yes 2010-08-20
Oklahoma yes 2010-06-09
Oregon yes 2010-05-04
Pennsylvania yes 2010-05-03
Rhode Island yes 2010-05-05
South Carolina yes 2010-05-07
South Dakota yes 2010-05-11
Tennessee yes 2010-08-20
Texas yes 2010-08-01
Utah yes 2010-08-14
Vermont yes 2010-05-03
Virginia yes 2010-05-14
Washington yes 2010-05-04
West Virginia yes 2010-05-05
Wisconsin yes 2010-05-06
Wyoming yes 2010-05-17

Other areasEdit

Area Checked? Date of audit
American Samoa yes 2010-07-09
District of Columbia yes 2010-05-03
Guam yes 2010-05-03
Northern Marianas No numbered highway system
Puerto Rico yes 2010-05-12
U.S. Virgin Islands yes 2011-06-09
Interstate no
USH no
Auto trail no
National yes 2011-06-09