Welcome to my user page! I've been around Wikipedia since July 2007 (my first edit!), and I've made over 50,000 edits (and written several DYKs and four good articles) since then. I do a lot of different things around here, mostly article writing and patrolling Special:RecentChanges and Special:NewPages. Unfortunately, what I don't do too often is work on my userpage, which is why it looks so bad. I am a member of several WikiProjects (see my userboxes for all of them); most, but not all, of my content-writing contributions will fall within one of those projects.

I should note that I only use TheCatalyst31 as a username on Wikipedia and related sites (and one road forum), and anyone using that name on other sites probably isn't me. I note this because at least three different people seem to have borrowed the name from me; while I'm flattered that people think I'm worth impersonating, I'm not any of those people and shouldn't be confused for them.

Subpages and linksEdit

Improve a random NRIS-only article!

Pages I have createdEdit

I'm partially responsible for the size of the bottom right corner.

This section used to be a list of all the pages I've created, and later became a list of the more significant articles I've written, but since I'm now one of the top 100 Wikipedians by article count, neither of those options are still reasonable. Most of my numerous new pages are articles about communities in the US, including at least one in every state; I've written tons about places in Illinois, West Virginia, and Wisconsin in particular. I've also written many articles about sites on the National Register of Historic Places, highways, train stations, athletes, and a number of other topics.