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The U.S. Roads WikiProject has developed these standards for route lists to specify the formatting and structure of lists of state and interstate routes in the United States. Please note that the Wikipedia Manual of Style applies to USRD articles, and its provisions should be followed in any cases that conflict with these standards (you should probably also bring the conflict to the project's attention so this document can be amended to comply with MOS.) These standards are not set in stone, however, and can be ignored if warranted for a particular highway article.

List structureEdit

Each state shall have one or more summary articles that describe its highway system in prose form. Each state shall also have lists for each categorization of highway present in that state's highway system, titled List of Interstate Highways in [state] (listing Interstate highways), List of U.S. Routes in [state] (listing U.S. routes), and List of [state highway term] in [state] (listing state highways, inserting the appropriate term from WP:USSH). In the event that one class of routes in a particular state has fewer than ten items in its list, the three lists may be merged together into one large list, titled List of numbered highways in [state]. This title shall redirect to the summary article when separate lists are used.

If a state uses county routes, each county that maintains a numbered county route system shall have a list of routes, titled List of county routes in [county name], [state]. Other lists may be created to provide coverage of types of routes particular to an individual state at the discretion of that state's task force. Such lists shall follow the standards laid out on this page.


Each list shall consist of a sortable table containing the following columns:


The number column shall include a 25 pixel tall shield and a link to the highway that row contains data about. The link text shall display the accepted abbreviated form of the designation (see Wikipedia:WikiProject U.S. Roads/Standards#Displayed text for links).

This column shall be sortable. A sortkey should be provided, where appropriate, to ensure that numbers sort in a logical order. If one is not provided, {{routelist row}} will automatically generate one of the form <type><route number (zero-padded to four digits)>.


There shall be two columns for length, one containing miles, and the other containing the equivalent in kilometers. Use the highest available precision for a given route; it does not matter if some routes have more precise data than others. These columns shall be sortable.


There shall be two columns for the route's termini, one entitled Southern or western terminus and the other Northern or eastern terminus. Each terminus should include the road at which the highway terminates, as well as geographic context to allow the reader to locate the terminus (e.g. SH 25 in Hardy, K-100 toward Drexel, Kan., etc.) Cities in adjoining states shall include traditional abbreviations (not two-letter postal codes) identifying the city. Use wikilinks as appropriate. Interstates and U.S. routes shall be treated as though they terminate at the point at which they exit the state the list applies to.

The termini columns shall not include any type of shield or graphic. These columns shall not be sortable.

For highways with no termini (i.e. beltways and other loops), one cell should span both rows and provide a general description of the route (e.g. Beltway around Oelrichs).

Local namesEdit

Local names, i.e. the name(s) of the street(s) or freeway(s) that the route follows through a given area. This column is optional, and may be omitted if not relevant. If used, this column shall not be sortable.


The year that the designation was initially created. This column shall be sortable. If a more precise creation date is known, a sortkey should be provided using this date; however, only the year shall actually be displayed.

If a highway is proposed and has not yet been officially designated, this column shall contain the word "proposed".


The year that the designation was removed, if any. This column shall be sortable. If a more precise removal date is known, a sortkey should be provided using this date; however, only the year shall actually be displayed.

If a designation is still active, this column shall contain the word "current". If the highway is proposed, this column shall contain an en dash (–).


Any other pertinent information needed to understand the route. This column should only contain "at-a-glance" information, where the entries in the other columns would provide an incomplete picture of the route. It should not include in-depth information, nor anything falling afoul of WP:TRIVIA. This column is optional, and where used, shall not be sortable.


Rows may be given a background color to denote that the route is proposed or has been decommissioned. If colors are to be used, decommissioned routes shall have a gray background (#D3D3D3). Proposed routes shall have an orange background (#FFDEAD). When colors are used, a color key shall be provided at the bottom of the table to describe the colors.

Special casesEdit

TBD: how to handle multiple segment routes, routes that exist in multiple places with the same number, routes with 3 or more termini, etc.


Number Length (mi)[1] Length (km) Southern or western terminus Northern or eastern terminus Formed Removed Notes
  SH-10 235.0 378.2 SH-99 west of Herd I-40 southeast of Gore 01924-01-011924 current
  SH-11 206.0 331.5 US-281 north of Alva I-244 in Tulsa 01924-01-011924 current
  SH-12 0.100 0.161 To be determined To be determined proposed
  SH-13 17 27 US-177 south of Asher SH-19 west of Ada 01955-01-011955 01976-10-041976 Renumbered to SH-3W
  SH-14 14.87 23.93 US-281/SH-45 in Waynoka US-64 west of Alva 01925-01-011925 current
  SH-15 109.5 176.2 SH 15 toward Follett, Tex.
US-64/US-412/SH-74 south of Garber
US-183/US-270/SH-3 in Woodward
SH-18 north of Pawnee
01924-01-011924 current
  •       Former
  •       Future


The following templates exist to assist in creating a standard route list:

Use of these templates is not mandatory, but is encouraged, in order to ensure that articles will be updated to follow any changes made to this standard in the future.

  1. ^ Lengths to two decimal places provided by ODOT Control Section Maps. Lengths to one decimal place provided by Google Maps.