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MUTCD colorsEdit

color Pantone RGB hex CMYK*
blue 294 0 63 135 #003F87 100 68 7 28
brown 469 96 51 17 #603311 21 70 92 70
green 342 0 107 84 #006B54 100 9 66 41
orange 152 221 117 0 #DD7500 0 62 100 0
pink 198 239 91 132 #EF5B84 0 82 37 0
purple 259 114 22 107 #72166B 69 100 1 5
red 187 175 30 45 #AF1E2D 5 100 71 22
yellow 116 252 209 22 #FCD116 0 12 100 0
yellow‑green 382 186 216 10 #BAD80A 28 0 92 0
white N/A 255 255 255 #FFFFFF 0 0 0 0
black N/A 0 0 0 #000000 0 0 0 100
* Pantone to CMYK translations are approximate and may cause color shift. Use RGB when possible.
Base data from MUTCD Color Specifications, Federal Highway Administration

Shield blanksEdit

State Blank
Naming convention Category on the Commons
Alabama   Alabama x.svg Category:Alabama State Route shields
Alaska   Alaska x shield.svg Category:Alaska highway shields
Arizona   Arizona x.svg Category:Arizona State Route shields
Arkansas   Arkansas x.svg Category:Arkansas State Highway shields
California   California x.svg Category:California State Route shields
Colorado   Colorado x.svg Category:Colorado road signs
Connecticut   Connecticut Highway x.svg Category:Connecticut Route shields
Delaware   Elongated circle x.svg Category:Elongated circular route shields
DC   DC-x.svg Category:District of Columbia road signs
Florida   Florida x.svg Category:Florida State Road shields
Georgia   Georgia x.svg Category:Road signs of Georgia (U.S. state)
Hawaii   HI-x.svg Category:Hawaii road signs
Idaho   ID-x.svg Category:Idaho state highway shields
Illinois   Illinois x.svg Category:Illinois Route shields
Indiana   Indiana x.svg Category:Indiana State Road shields
Iowa   Iowa x.svg Category:Iowa Highway Shields
Kansas   K-x.svg Category:Kansas highway shields
Kentucky   Elongated circle x.svg Category:Elongated circular route shields
Louisiana   Louisiana x.svg Category:Louisiana Highway shields
Maine   Maine x.svg Category:Maine state route shields
Maryland   MD Route x.svg Category:Maryland state highway route markers
Massachusetts   MA Route x.svg Category:Massachusetts Route shields
Michigan   M-x.svg Category:Michigan state trunk line highway shields
Minnesota   MN-x.svg Category:Minnesota State Route markers
Mississippi   Ellipse sign x.svg Category:Circular route shields
Missouri   MO-x.svg Category:Missouri Route shields
Montana   MT-x.svg Category:Montana highway shields
Nebraska   N-x.svg Category:Nebraska State Highway Shields
Nevada   Nevada x.svg Category:Nevada State Route shields
New Hampshire   NH Route x.svg Category:New Hampshire Route shields
New Jersey   Ellipse sign x.svg Category:Circular route shields
New Mexico   New Mexico x.svg Category:New Mexico State Road shields
New York   NY-x.svg Category:New York State Route signs
North Carolina   NC x.svg Category:North Carolina Highway Shields
North Dakota   North Dakota X.svg Category:North Dakota Highway shields
Ohio   OH-x.svg Category:Ohio State Route shields
Oklahoma[1]   Oklahoma State Highway x.svg Category:Oklahoma State Highway shields
Oregon   OR x.svg Category:Oregon Route shields
Pennsylvania   PA-x.svg Category:Pennsylvania Route shields
Puerto Rico
Rhode Island   Rhode Island x.svg Category:Rhode Island Route shields
South Carolina[1]   South Carolina x.svg Category:South Carolina Highway shields
South Dakota   SD x.svg Category:South Dakota State Highway Shields
Tennessee    Tennessee x.svg
Secondary Tennessee x.svg
Category:Tennessee State Route shields
Texas x.svg
Texas Loop x.svg
Texas Spur x.svg
Texas FM x.svg
Texas RM x.svg
Category:Texas State Highway shields
Utah   Utah SR x.svg Category:Utah State Route shields
Vermont   Vermont x.svg Category:Vermont Route shields
Virginia    Virginia x.svg (Primary)
Circle sign x.svg (Secondary)
Category:Virginia road signs
Washington   WA-x.svg Category:Washington state route shields
West Virginia   WV-x.svg Category:West Virginia road signs
WIS x.svg
WIS County x.svg
Category:Wisconsin State Highway shields
Category:Wisconsin County Highway shields
Wyoming   WY-x.svg Category:Wyoming Highway shields
  1. ^ a b State has two categories that need to be consolidated.

Toll roadsEdit

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