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Hello and welcome to the California State Routes Task Force page! If you would like to help, please jump in and start adding or editing.

Scope and goalsEdit

This task force aims primarily to encourage participation in creating or expanding articles about state highways in California, also known as California State Routes (note the capitals).

An article describing the logic and basic history of the State highways in California is necessary to accompany the current List of California State Highways article. This article should feature information regarding the state's Freeway and Expressway System, Scenic Highways, and other worthy material.

For routes that have been entirely deleted and whose number has not been reused, these should be merged onto a single article, Deleted California State Highways. For routes that are entirely unconstructed, these should be merged onto another article, Unconstructed California State Highways.

The following are task force goals:

  1. Write high quality articles with a standardized structure
  2. Make redirects listed on Wikipedia:WikiProject California State Highways/Completion list


A map of the roads our recognized content discusses
Highest assessment by county

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Structure and standardsEdit

Articles should follow WP:USRD/STDS.

Note: Many California road articles use outdated standards, and have not been brought up to current wikipedia and project standards. If using an article as a baseline, it is recommended to use one that has recently been reviewed.

Naming conventionEdit

Articles should be titled "California State Route X" per WP:USSH.


The various shield graphics are located in Category:California State Route shields on Commons. {{jct}} can create the various links to highway articles with the appropriate shield graphics for use in the infobox or junction lists.

State lawEdit

Details on what systems (California Freeway and Expressway System, State Scenic Highway System) the route is in should generally be in the route description, not in a separate section. Note that the law merely makes routes eligible for the Scenic Highway System; Caltrans must have officially designated it as such to be part of it. Any other significant legal names the route has should also be detailed here in prose (not a list).


All state highways should include the category tag: [[Category:State highways in California|nnnA]] where nnn is 3-digit route number, and A is the letter designation if any (e.g. Route 1A is "001A", Route 2 is "002"). Use Category:Interstate Highways in California for highways that are also part of the Interstate Highway System in the state and Category:U.S. Highways in California for highways that are also part of the U.S. Highway System in the state.



All articles should use {{Infobox road|state=CA}}. All known info should be supplied. See the Infobox section on applicable parameters as well as standards for the infobox.

Junction templateEdit

Use {{jct}} to create the entries in a junction list section for the article, or the junction list in the infobox. To use, insert {{jct|state=CA|type|number}} into the article. If two to four highways are needed, use {{jct|state=CA|type|first number|type|second number}}. Types can be I for Interstates, US for US Routes or CA for state routes. Further instructions can be found on the documentation page.

California uses county-wide postmiles instead of the typical statewide milepost; any lettered designations such as "R" or "T" are listed along with the postmile; for example, "3.45" or "R6.77". The county abbreviation is listed in the county column when it exists (that is, when the route spans two or more counties, per WP:RJL.) See California State Route 115 for an example of what to do with shared concurrencies when the route assumes the postmiles of another route.

Not every at-grade junction is listed in the junction list. The current standard is as follows: In order to be listed as an at-grade intersection, the road must be a county route, state route, Interstate, or U.S. Route or must be notable enough to have an article of its own, per WP:USRD/NT. (This is a recent change to comply with the latest updates to WP:USRD/STDS).


Use {{California-road-stub}}

Project bannerEdit

{{U.S. Roads WikiProject|state=CA}} should be placed at the top of all talk pages of articles related to California State Routes.

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WikiProject AwardEdit

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  {{subst:The California Star|message ~~~~}}

The California Star is awarded for excellence in editing California related articles. It is also the WikiProject Award for California, WP San Francisco Bay Area, WP Southern California, WP Santa Barbara County, and WP California State Highways.

This award was suggested by Ronbo76; it was designed by thuglas. It was introduced on March 6, 2007.

User templatesEdit

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