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Name in real lifeMaxwell (call me Max)
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I am a Wikipedian who joined on February 2, 2019. I first fixed typos and grammar on different pages but now I am a prolific editor who edits this project every day. I never thought I could make it this far. :) I have made over 15,000 edits on this project. You can also find me on Commons with the same username.

Edit milestones: (note, only includes edits on my contribs page, not edits that have since been deleted)

1st edit: February 2, 2019 on page Cars 3: Driven to Win (Diff)

10th edit: February 2, 2019 on page Jimmy Kite (Diff)

100th edit: February 10, 2019 on page Curb Agajanian Performance Group (Diff)

1,000th edit: July 1, 2019 on page Ty Gibbs (Diff)

5,000th edit: January 31, 2020 on page Cassie Gannis (Diff)

10,000th edit: May 18, 2020 on page Justin Ashburn (Diff)

20,000th edit: Soon

Article milestones: (note, only includes articles on Wikipedia, not articles that have since been deleted)

1st article: Jamie Skinner

5th article: C. J. McLaughlin

10th article: Kyle Plott

50th article: Jimmy Simpson (North Carolinian racing driver)


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