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== Goals ==off This Task force aims to organize and contribute to the growing collection of articles about Los Angeles and its neighbors.

This can be achieved by:

  • Developing: You can improve and maintain articles about the Los Angeles area.
  • Coordinating:

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This task force is part of WikiProject California; it has several sibling task forces

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Los Angeles area task force

In the image are, from left to right, the Hollywood Bowl, LAX Theme Building, Capitol Records Building, Watts Towers, Los Angeles City Hall, Eastern Columbia Building, Walt Disney Concert Hall (left of the palm tree), and the Hollywood sign. The colors are those of the Los Angeles City seal. 

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Participants edit

Here is a list of Los Angeles area task force members, together with some of their interests.
To join the group, simply add yourself to the list of participants, here, being sure to maintain chronological order.
Click here to add or remove your name or edit your information.
User name Talk page Comments or Special Interests Sub-projects Joined

BeenAroundAWhile talk Added entries to Los Angeles City Council, Los Angeles Common Council and List of Los Angeles municipal election returns. Have done cleanup and added information, also wrote some new articles about the most important regions and neighborhoods of Los Angeles. In particular, completed new articles dealing with the formerly ignored parts of South Los Angeles. Striving to keep non-Notable people from being listed in neighborhood articles. 8 January 2008
Doncram talk Historic sites 17 May 2008
DocOfSoc talk Eastern San Gabriel Valley 20 June 2010
Zigzig20s talk historic buildings, architects and street names in Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Westwood, Holmy Hills, Hollywood Hills, Malibu, Santa Monica, churches, gay history, conservative (Republican or pro-business) history 24 April 2013
Penny Richards talk women's history, disability, arts, South Bay 12 November 2014
Csulaguy talk Religious Life in Los Angeles 3 March 2019
TJH2018 talk Pasadena Native. Anything involving LA County, LACMTA/Metro, Amtrak CA, Metrolink, and the LASD.
UCLAgirl623 talk Anything involving UCLA (football, basketball, former players, etc.) and Anaheim.
No Relation Wayne talk Architecture and notable people, particularly in relation to the greater Hancock Park/Mid-Wilshire areas. General Los Angeles history. 16 May 2019
SHISHIR DUA talk Innovation at Science and Social Science 20 October 2019
TimothyBlue talk History, Bibliographies, Transportation, Hollywood, LGBT. Mainly interested in Central/DTLA/Hollywood area. 18 January 2020
Bamsb900 talk Photographing the public transit systems, architecture, infrastructure, and built environment of Los Angeles and the LA Basin. Born in OC with a heart in LA 1 April 2020
DocFreeman24 talk None 27 June 2020
Ericmalibu talk Malibu, Santa Monica coastline 14 August 2020
1951bfrj talk Family been here since 1883 - Los Angeles history, biographies, transportation, architecture, industries 18 August 2020
Frdo talk Pop culture 16 September 2020
CharlieM1021 talk Native Californian who edits Wikipedia so often many consider him a "nerd." 9 February 2021
CurryTime7-24 talk History of Northeast Los Angeles, Crescenta Valley, the Foothills, and the Inland Empire, with focus on local classical music. I mostly do clean-ups and minor tweaks of articles. Occasionally, I will rewrite or create new articles whenever needed. 9 May 2021
LewisT34 talk Sports 25 July 2021
Busition talk Photography, San Fernando Valley, Downtown L.A. 25 May 2022
Jengod talk History, ecology, Westside and South Bay 18 December 2022

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