Penny L. Richards, PhD, Research Assistant Professor, Center for Disability Studies at the University at Buffalo (beginning 2015); review board, Disability Studies Quarterly (beginning 2015); research scholar, UCLA Center for the Study of Women (1999-2015); president, Disability History Association (2009-2014); one of the founding editors of H-Education (1999-2017) and H-Disability (2001-2017) on H-Net. My degrees are in Geography (BS, 1988, Penn State, and MS, 1990, Wisconsin) and Social Foundations of Education (PhD, 1996, UNC-Chapel Hill). I also earned a North Carolina teaching certificate, now long expired.

At Wikipedia I was an account coordinator for The Wikipedia Library (WP:TWL), 2015 to 2018, and I take care of the Pinterest boards for WikiProject Women in Red. I've worked on two traditional encyclopedias, most recently on the editorial board of the Encyclopedia of American Disability History (Facts-on-File 2009).

If you invite me to be part of an editathon, I'll probably participate virtually, if the subject is even slightly interesting to me. I can't attend too many in-person events, but (when we're not in the middle of a global pandemic) I do try to show up at editathons and other Wikipedia events in Los Angeles, especially if they're on weekend afternoons, and especially if I can take the Metro.

Thanks to Shane Landrum for the push to get a real account.


I completed the #100wikidays challenge between 10 August and 17 November 2016. Click through for the details. It was fun, I'd recommend it, and I'll probably do it again someday.

Alphabet Runs 2017–2021Edit

In May-June 2017, I wrote 26 consecutive articles, one for each letter of the alphabet, all of them biographies of women. Click through here for the list. It was fun!

In November 2017, I did it again. Because it was so much fun the first time.

In January 2018, I did it again, this time as part of an art activity for Fun-a-Day LA.

In March 2018, I did it again. I know I'll run out of notables with Q and X names eventually, but it's fun when I do find them!

In June 2018, I completed my fifth alphabet run. From Anna to Zelma.

In September 2018, I completed my sixth alphabet run. From Alice to Zorka. I might need to be stopped.

In March 2019, I completed my seventh alphabet run. From Alice to Zona Maie. Some emphasis on Francophone women this round.

In December 2019, I completed my eighth alphabet run. From Alma to Zhay, mostly classical musicians.

In September 2020, I completed my ninth alphabet run. From Adele to Zabetta, this time.

In September 2021, I completed my tenth alphabet run. Mostly US writers this time, from Ada to Zula.

In March 2022, I completed my eleventh alphabet run. Mostly US educators this time, Anna to Zephine.

Black History MonthsEdit

In February 2017, I started 28 articles on African American women for Black History Month. Click through here for details. Some of them were translated for Armenian Wikipedia, and most of them had new images, too.

In February 2018, 20 more: Here's that list.

In February 2019, 24 more: Here's that list.

In February 2020, 19 more: Here's that list.

In February 2021, 30 more: Here's that list.

In February 2022, 25 more: Here's that list.

Awaken the DragonEdit

In Spring 2016, I joined "Awaken the Dragon", an editathon focused on Welsh topics. Click through here for a list of the 36 articles I started during that event (I also destubbed a bunch of others).

Britain and Ireland DestubathonEdit

Table of contributions here.

California Library Hall of Fame, etc.Edit

Planning to work on the list of women inducted into the California Library Hall of Fame by the California Library Association. And here's a list of Eleanor Clarke Slagle Lectureship recipients. And here's the list of inductees into the Adaptive Sports USA Hall of Fame. And here's a list of Olga Jonasson Distinguished Member Award recipients, from the Association of Women Surgeons.


Taking women's history to the streets, literallyEdit

Detail from a chalk art piece I created at Belmont Shore Chalk Art Contest in Long Beach, California, 14 October 2017. I asked passersby, "What's Your Grandmother's Name?" and those names were added to the Alphonse Mucha-inspired piece.

Useful link: Wikipedia:List of online newspaper archives

Articles I started, 2022 (1801–)Edit

  1. Florence Elfelt Bramhall
  2. Cherilla Storrs Lowrey
  3. Catherine T. Montgomery
  4. Ismay Duvivier
  5. Rita W. Harlan
  6. Melinda Micco
  7. Mary Wilburn
  8. Betty Carp
  9. Mercedes Delpino
  10. Cecilia Callejo
  11. Eunice Blake Bohanon
  12. Jessamine Hoagland
  13. Harriet Vittum
  14. Eliza B. K. Dooley
  15. Matilda Allison
  16. Dorothy Carolin Bacon
  17. Rachel Feldhay Brenner
  18. Thelma Babbitt
  19. Anna Parker Fessenden
  20. Dorothy Kurgans Goldberg
  21. Lenore Janis
  22. Elizabeth Ann Brown
  23. Dorothy Douglas Robinson Kidder
  24. Rosalind Goodrich Bates
  25. Rosa Meador Goodrich Boido
  26. Essie Davis Morgan
  27. Ruby Grant Martin
  28. Hazel Hainsworth Young
  29. Helen Hale Tuck
  30. Johney Brooks
  31. Joyce Finley Garrett
  32. Mae C. Hawes
  33. Ruby Greene
  34. Susie Ione Brown Waxwood
  35. Pauline Weeden Maloney
  36. Aldena Windham Davis Smith
  37. Frederica Chase Dodd
  38. Madree Penn White
  39. Mary Jane Watkins (dentist)
  40. Eugenia L. Mobley
  41. Eliza Pearl Shippen
  42. Hattie Mae Whiting White
  43. Sarah Thomas Curwood
  44. Lottie Pearl Mitchell
  45. Elizabeth Schmoke Randolph
  46. Teresa Arkel
  47. Vera Chandler Foster
  48. Jean Martin Pinder
  49. Mary L. Petty
  50. Florence V. Lucas
  51. Sara Pelham Speaks
  52. Anna Tolman Smith
  53. Bess Goodykoontz
  54. Caroline S. Woodruff
  55. Dorothy Houston Jacobson
  56. Esther Silveus
  57. Florence Fallgatter
  58. Gloria Chomiak Atamanenko
  59. Helen Johnston
  60. Inez Johnson Lewis
  61. Julia Gridley Severance
  62. Kathryn McHale
  63. Lillian Belle Sage
  64. Madelaine Ray Brown
  65. Nora Beust
  66. Ora Kress Mason
  67. Pearl Anderson Wanamaker
  68. Queenie Williams
  69. Rua Van Horn
  70. Sabra Wilbur Vought
  71. Thais M. Plaisted
  72. Una Nixson Hopkins
  73. Vera Mikol
  74. Waurine Walker
  75. Maxine Reiner
  76. Yvonne Gardelle
  77. Zephine Humphrey
  78. Dianne K. Prinz
  79. Laura Steffens Suggett
  80. Helen Maria Roser
  81. Amy Morris Homans
  82. Inez Barbour Hadley
  83. Cara Gascoigne
  84. Mila Kupfer-Berger
  85. Jane Faber
  86. Amanda Campodónico
  87. Isa Grégrová
  88. Teresa Mariani
  89. Betty Holtrop-van Gelder
  90. Ingrun Helgard Moeckel
  91. Edna Hunter
  92. Eva Lang (actress)
  93. Frances Carson
  94. Frankie Mann (actress)
  95. Lillian Drew
  96. Lucille Carlisle
  97. Camille Astor
  98. Jacqueline Manicom
  99. Livia De Stefani
  100. Katherine Griffith
  101. Donna Boutelle
  102. Catherine M. Prelinger
  103. Louise Ropes Loomis
  104. Laura Hibbard Loomis
  105. Shauna Adix
  106. Elizabeth Teter Lunn
  107. Maija Blaubergs
  108. Marlene Longenecker
  109. Edna Duge
  110. Ellen S. Spinden
  111. Sallie Wagner
  112. Louise Fitz Randolph
  113. Caroline Morris Galt
  114. Adelaide Steele Baylor
  115. Betty Gough
  116. Edna P. Amidon
  117. Evelyn Weigold Crane
  118. Myrtis Coltharp
  119. Margaret L. Plunkett
  120. Marion Tully Dimick
  121. Emma Miller Bolenius
  122. Sallie Webster Dorsey
  123. Emalea Pusey Warner
  124. Vera Gilbride Davis
  125. Sharon Hovey Wilkin
  126. Anne Bahlke
  127. Florence Peterson Kendall
  128. Alice Manicur
  129. Caroline Hallowell Miller
  130. Mary Bentley Thomas
  131. Pauline Waddington Holme
  132. Hilda P. Holme
  133. Lillian Mayfield Wright
  134. Zenobia Gilpin
  135. Ada Soder-Hueck
  136. Juliette Toutain
  137. Mildred Doyle
  138. Paula Grossman
  139. Sue Butterworth
  140. Rose Greene
  141. Elaine Romagnoli
  142. Ginni Clemmens
  143. Joanne E. Trapani
  144. Karen Brodine
  145. Florence Jaffy
  146. Edith Allen Perry
  147. Peggy Ferro
  148. Linda Grinberg
  149. Mary C. Dunlap
  150. Adrienne Fuzee
  151. Clara Grace
  152. Silvia Kohan
  153. Marnie Gillett
  154. Mary Gennoy
  155. Aleta Fenceroy
  156. Tanya Neiman
  157. Lynette Knackstedt
  158. Ingrid Wilhite
  159. Rebecca Wilder Holmes
  160. Harriet Reynolds Krauth Spaeth
  161. Grace Adele Freebey
  162. Mary Hissem De Moss
  163. Prudence Neff
  164. Adelaide Fischer
  165. Marguerite Melville Liszniewska
  166. Helen Ware (violinist)
  167. Abbie Norton Jamison
  168. Frida Benneche
  169. Mary Atwater Kelsey
  170. Annie Louise David
  171. Abby Snow Belden
  172. Ada May Weeks
  173. Barbara Armonas
  174. Adelaide Gescheidt
  175. Adelaide Keim
  176. Agnes Burns Wieck
  177. Agnes Gardner Eyre
  178. H. Alberta Colclaser
  179. Alice Isabel Hazeltine
  180. Alice Weld Tallant
  181. Ligia B. Bieliukas
  182. Eva Saulitis
  183. Nellie Barsness
  184. Alice Dougan Donovan
  185. Anne Dudley Blitz
  186. Aline McDermott
  187. Alma Goatley
  188. Alma Voedisch
  189. Barbara J. Sindall
  190. Bernice McIlhenny Wintersteen
  191. Mollie Woods Hare
  192. Bethann Beall Faris Van Ness
  193. Marta Lepp
  194. Bettina Linn
  195. Betty Hahn Bernbaum
  196. Carrie Munn
  197. Celeste Comegys Peardon
  198. Eleanor Brass
  199. Belle Deacon
  200. Esther Littlefield (2000)
  201. Mary Mitchell Gabriel
  202. Nellie Star Boy Menard
  203. Lila Greengrass Blackdeer
  204. Charlotte Ives
  205. Eleanor Pepper
  206. Clarisse Agnew
  207. Clara Moores
  208. Cissie Sewell
  209. Georgette Cohan
  210. Rebekah Cauble
  211. Joan Clarkson
  212. Juliette Crosby
  213. Lucita Covera
  214. Clara Cook Kellogg
  215. Geneva Duker
  216. Claudia Carlstedt
  217. Rheba Crawford
  218. Eileen Wilson Powell
  219. Elizabeth B. Grimball
  220. Ernestine Myers
  221. Mabel Evans Jones
  222. Elise Reiman
  223. Florence Timponi
  224. Frances White (vaudeville)
  225. Emma Steghagen
  226. Esther Allen Gaw
  227. Ethel Hansa
  228. Alice Cook Fuller
  229. Eleanor Dwight Robertson Jones
  230. Elinor Rice Hays
  231. Ernita Lascelles
  232. Florenz Tamara
  233. Dorothea Seelye Franck
  234. Frances Yerxa
  235. Edith Allonby
  236. Elizabeth Deering Hanscom
  237. Elizabeth Dejeans
  238. Elizabeth Weston Timlow
  239. Elizabeth Neall Gay
  240. Elizabeth Kemper Adams
  241. Elizabeth Lennox
  242. Eliza Hall Kendrick
  243. Esther Loring Richards (WQ)
  244. Esther Nelson Karn
  245. Florence Purington
  246. Frances Nash Watson
  247. Florence F. Arenberg
  248. Helen Lee Gruehl
  249. Gerda Richards Crosby
  250. Grace Hofheimer
  251. Grace Kerns
  252. Grace Porterfield Polk (WQ)
  253. Hallie Paxson Winsborough
  254. Harriet Sartain
  255. Harriet Judd Sartain
  256. Henrietta Meeteer (WQ)
  257. Harriet L. Hartley
  258. Ethel Hampson Brewster (WQ)
  259. Harriet Roosevelt Richards
  260. Hattie Greene Lockett
  261. Helena Lewyn
  262. Helen Feyler-Switz
  263. Janet Sorg Stoltzfus
  264. Pauline Hald
  265. Gertrude Joy Grimm
  266. Ruth Erb Hoffman
  267. Lynda Goodsell Blake
  268. Irma Voigt
  269. Isabel Greeley
  270. Isabelle Bronk
  271. Nobuko Nabeshima
  272. Ritsuko Mori
  273. Hanayo Ikuta
  274. Mizuno Senko
  275. Tei Ninomiya
  276. Azalia Emma Peet (WQ)
  277. Yoshiko Kawada
  278. Junko Matsui
  279. Yaeko Mizutani
  280. Zoe Kincaid Penlington (WQ)
  281. Caroline Takamine Beach
  282. Peace Kanwal

Articles I started, 2011-2021Edit

My DYKsEdit

These are the DYKs from article I created; I have enjoyed working on several other articles that have become DYK mentions, including most recently Mary Ridge and Wesley Tann.