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Articles I createdEdit

  1. C-Class article Nationalization of history
  2. Stub-Class article Civic Education Project
  3. Stub-Class article Stefan Berger
  4. Start-Class article Serhii Plokhii
  5. Stub-Class article Georg Stadtmüller
  6. Stub-Class article Bernd Jürgen Fischer
  7. Stub-Class article Oliver Schmitt
  8. Stub-Class article Professionalization and institutionalization of history
  9. Start-Class article Zehra Deović
  10. Stub-Class article Adelphate
  11. Stub-Class article Harry Hodgkinson (writer)
  12. Stub-Class article Trostruki surduk
  13. Stub-Class article Sadirvan
  14. Stub-Class article Predrag Milosavljević
  15. Start-Class article Shtjefën Gjeçovi
  16. Stub-Class article Third League of Prizren
  17. Stub-Class article Karl Hopf
  18. Start-Class article Franjo Malgaj
  19. Stub-Class article Milišić's brickyard
  20. Stub-Class article Suli An
  21. Stub-Class article Čifte Hammam
  22. Start-Class article Ishak Bey
  23. Stub-Class article Kapan Han
  24. Start-Class article Ottoman conquest of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  25. Start-Class article Pasha Yiğit Bey
  26. Stub-Class article Mehmed Handžić
  27. Start-Class article Did You Know? Kenneth Setton
  28. Good article Did You Know? Marburg's Bloody Sunday
  29. Start-Class article Did You Know? Mihajlo Rostohar
  30. C-Class article Did You Know? Republic of Central Albania
  31. C-Class article Did You Know? Albanian Revolt of 1912
  32. Start-Class article Bulgarian occupation of Albania
  33. Good article Did You Know? Autonomous Albanian Republic of Korçë
  34. C-Class article Did You Know? Themistokli Gërmenji
  35. B-Class article Did You Know? Albanian Vilayet
  36. Stub-Class article Tercüman-ı Hakikat
  37. C-Class article Did You Know? International Commission of Control
  38. Start-Class article Albanian Congress of Trieste
  39. Start-Class article Janina Vilayet
  40. C-Class article All-Albanian Congress
  41. Start-Class article Did You Know? Assembly of Vlorë
  42. B-Class article Peasant Revolt in Albania
  43. Start-Class article Committee for the National Defence of Kosovo
  44. Good article Did You Know? International Gendarmerie
  45. Start-Class article Did You Know? Black Society for Salvation
  46. Start-Class article Did You Know? Kararname (League of Prizren)
  47. Start-Class article Did You Know? Nikolla bey Ivanaj
  48. Start-Class article Did You Know? Treaty of Niš (1914)
  49. Start-Class article Did You Know? Treaty of Niš (1923)
  50. C-Class article Did You Know? Sanjak of Albania
  51. Stub-Class article Milan Vasić
  52. Stub-Class article Academy of Sciences and Arts of the Republika Srpska
  53. Stub-Class article Skenderbeg Mihajlović
  54. B-Class article Did You Know? Myth of Skanderbeg
  55. Start-Class article Skanderbeg Crnojević
  56. Start-Class article Sanjak of Dibra
  57. Stub-Class article Zygmunt Miłkowski
  58. Stub-Class article Pavle Rovinski
  59. Stub-Class article Ali Asllani
  60. Start-Class article Did You Know? Morića Han
  61. Start-Class article Ilarion Ruvarac
  62. Stub-Class article Dimitrije Ruvarac
  63. Stub-Class article Subaşi
  64. C-Class article Did You Know? Sanjak of Scutari
  65. Stub-Class article Lojze Ude
  66. Start-Class article Did You Know? Sanjak of Prizren
  67. Start-Class article Did You Know? Bardhyl Ajeti
  68. Start-Class article Did You Know? Momčilo Spremić
  69. Stub-Class article Sima Ćirković
  70. Start-Class article Sanjak of Üsküb
  71. Good article Did You Know? Turahan Bey
  72. Start-Class article Did You Know? Kasim Pasha
  73. Start-Class article Ali Bey Evrenosoglu
  74. Start-Class article Sanjak of Niš
  75. Start-Class article Ali Bey Mihaloğlu
  76. Stub-Class article Paul Pisani
  77. Start-Class article Antemurale myth
  78. B-Class article Skanderbeg in literature and art
  79. Start-Class article Did You Know? Sanjak of Elbasan
  80. Start-Class article Sanjak of Avlona
  81. Start-Class article Did You Know? Sanjak of İpek
  82. Start-Class article Sanjak of Delvina
  83. Start-Class article Did You Know? Durrës County (Kingdom of Serbia)
  84. Stub-Class article Dragutin Anastasijević
  85. Start-Class article Did You Know? Ivan Ivanić
  86. Stub-Class article Branislav Milovanović
  87. Stub-Class article Circle of Serbian Sisters
  88. Start-Class article Did You Know? Paladin Gundulić
  89. Stub-Class article Ali Kararname
  90. Start-Class article Pjetër Zarishi
  91. Start-Class article Did You Know? Nesting Orientalisms
  92. Start-Class article Sanjak of Ioannina
  93. B-Class article Did You Know? Albanian Revolt of 1911
  94. Start-Class article Resolution of Sarajevo Muslims
  95. Start-Class article Vladan Đorđević
  96. Stub-Class article Erlangen Manuscript
  97. Start-Class article Did You Know? Andrea Cambini
  98. Stub-Class article Jovan Radonić
  99. Start-Class article Antonije Znorić
  100. Start-Class article Serbian Militia
  101. Start-Class article Arpalik
  102. Start-Class article Did You Know? Sanjak of Ohrid
  103. Start-Class article Did You Know? Arshi Pipa
  104. Start-Class article Did You Know? Avram Miletić
  105. Start-Class article Did You Know? Stefano Magno
  106. C-Class article Did You Know? Baleč
  107. Stub-Class article Roman Catholic Diocese of Balecium
  108. Start-Class article Did You Know? Sati (castle)
  109. B-Class article Independent Albania
  110. Stub-Class article Senate of Albania
  111. C-Class article 100th Anniversary of the Independence of Albania
  112. Stub-Class article Beqir Meta
  113. Start-Class article Did You Know? Humoj family
  114. Start-Class article Did You Know? Albanian nobility
  115. Start-Class article Did You Know? Pal Dukagjini
  116. Start-Class article Did You Know? Nicholas Dukagjini
  117. Stub-Class article Gropa family
  118. Stub-Class article Kaznac
  119. Stub-Class article Miloš Blagojević
  120. Start-Class article Did You Know? Martin Segon
  121. Start-Class article Dimitrije Đorđević (historian)
  122. Start-Class article Gavrilo Vitković‎
  123. Start-Class article Did You Know? Gojko Balšić
  124. Start-Class article Bogdan Popović
  125. Stub-Class article Ivan Tomko Mrnavić
  126. Start-Class article Triadan Gritti
  127. Stub-Class article Strašimir Dimitrov
  128. Stub-Class article Šime Ljubić
  129. Start-Class article Did You Know? Musa Kesedžija
  130. Start-Class article Tešan Podrugović
  131. Stub-Class article Jovan Tomić
  132. Start-Class article Did You Know? George Strez Balšić
  133. C-Class article Timeline of Skanderbeg
  134. Stub-Class article Nikiti
  135. C-Class article Second Scutari War
  136. Start-Class article Did You Know? Ivan Strez Balšić
  137. Start-Class article Ljubomir Nenadović
  138. Stub-Class article Lyceum of the Principality of Serbia
  139. Stub-Class article Dimitrije Nešić
  140. Stub-Class article Association of Serbian Youth
  141. Stub-Class article Belgrade Six
  142. Start-Class article Grgur Branković
  143. Stub-Class article Skanderbeg Square (Skopje)
  144. Start-Class article Andrea Thopia
  145. Start-Class article Erich Chlomovitch
  146. Stub-Class article Anglo-Albanian Association
  147. Start-Class article Did You Know? Cetinje chronicle
  148. Start-Class article Siege of Shkodra (1474)
  149. Start-Class article Aćif Hadžiahmetović
  150. Start-Class article Vulnetari
  151. Stub-Class article Pustinja Monastery
  152. Stub-Class article Giovanni de Rubertis
  153. Start-Class article Risto Kovačić
  154. Start-Class article Vladislav Jonima
  155. Start-Class article Smilja Avramov
  156. Stub-Class article Ivan Božić (historian)
  157. Start-Class article Pal Kastrioti
  158. Start-Class article Did You Know? Gorički zbornik
  159. Start-Class article Sanjak of Vučitrn
  160. B-Class article Dragiša Vasić
  161. Stub-Class article Rugovo (sword dance)
  162. Start-Class article Theodor Corona Musachi
  163. Start-Class article Muharrem Bajraktari
  164. Stub-Class article Mikhail Khalansky
  165. Stub-Class article Aleksandar Loma
  166. Stub-Class article Andra Gavrilović
  167. C-Class article Did You Know? Djemo the Mountaineer
  168. Start-Class article Did You Know? General Vuča
  169. Start-Class article Živana Antonijević
  170. Stub-Class article Mütesellim
  171. Start-Class article Aleksa Nenadović
  172. Start-Class article Did You Know? Kučuk Alija
  173. Stub-Class article Milorad Ekmečić
  174. Start-Class article Did You Know? Sali Aga
  175. Start-Class article Sanjak of Sofia
  176. Start-Class article Did You Know? Theodor Anton Ippen
  177. Start-Class article Đurađ Đurašević
  178. Stub-Class article Beška (Island)
  179. Stub-Class article Željeznica (Montenegro)
  180. Good article Did You Know? Jelena Balšić
  181. Stub-Class article Prilepac (Castle)
  182. C-Class article First Scutari War
  183. Stub-Class article Beška Monastery
  184. Stub-Class article Order of Miloš Obilić
  185. Start-Class article Did You Know? Moneta family
  186. Start-Class article Peter Dóczy
  187. Start-Class article Milorad Popović Šapčanin
  188. Stub-Class article Cvetan Grozdanov
  189. Stub-Class article Neşri
  190. Start-Class article Did You Know? Independent International Commission on Kosovo
  191. Start-Class article Did You Know? Old Rashko
  192. Start-Class article Did You Know? The Building of Skadar
  193. Start-Class article Did You Know? Sanjak of Kruševac
  194. Start-Class article Did You Know? Voynuks
  195. Start-Class article Did You Know? Modrič
  196. Start-Class article Did You Know? Thematic debate on the role of international criminal justice in reconciliation
  197. C-Class article Rudolph van Veen
  198. Stub-Class article Gligorije Elezović
  199. Start-Class article Vranjina Monastery
  200. Start-Class article Did You Know? Vlah Church
  201. Start-Class article Dobrićevo Monastery
  202. Stub-Class article Bjelice
  203. Start-Class article Did You Know? Kastrati (clan)
  204. List-Class article List of clans of Albania
  205. Stub-Class article Shllaku
  206. Start-Class article Did You Know? Berisha (tribe)
  207. Stub-Class article Bernardin Palaj
  208. Start-Class article Did You Know? Despot Badžović
  209. Stub-Class article Vukašin Mandrapa
  210. Stub-Class article Vinkentij Makušev
  211. Stub-Class article Macedonian Society
  212. Start-Class article Temko Popov
  213. Start-Class article Shala (tribe)
  214. Stub-Class article Senate of Republika Srpska
  215. Stub-Class article Elena Guskova
  216. Stub-Class article Aleksa Buha
  217. Stub-Class article Heinrich Kretschmayr
  218. Stub-Class article Medal of Gratitude
  219. Start-Class article Demetrio Reres
  220. Start-Class article Did You Know? Praskvica Monastery
  221. Start-Class article Jovan Subotić
  222. Start-Class article Did You Know? Ostrvica (castle)
  223. C-Class article Did You Know? Ghegs
  224. Stub-Class article Bijela Monastery
  225. Start-Class article Moračnik Monastery
  226. Stub-Class article Moračnik (Island)
  227. Start-Class article Did You Know? Podmaine Monastery
  228. Start-Class article Did You Know? Podmalinsko Monastery
  229. Start-Class article Did You Know? Reževići Monastery
  230. Stub-Class article Flag-waving
  231. Start-Class article Did You Know? Sveti Srdj
  232. Stub-Class article Zagorka Golubović
  233. Start-Class article Did You Know? Sanjak of Vidin
  234. Start-Class article Did You Know? Mihajlo Svilojević
  235. Stub-Class article Benedikt Kuripečič
  236. Stub-Class article Mihailo Dinić
  237. Start-Class article Did You Know? Bertrando de Mignanelli
  238. Stub-Class article Deacon Ignjatije
  239. Start-Class article Did You Know? Nebojša M. Krstić
  240. C-Class article Did You Know? Kosovo Myth
  241. Start-Class article Korun Aramija
  242. Start-Class article Ivan Jastrebov
  243. List-Class article Čorbadžić
  244. List-Class article Haramija
  245. List-Class article Krajišnik (surname)
  246. List-Class article Korun
  247. Start-Class article Yaya (military)
  248. Start-Class article Did You Know? Nikola Radonja
  249. List-Class article Radonja
  250. Stub-Class article Nikola Bagaš
  251. Start-Class article Legal nihilism
  252. Start-Class article Schutzkorps
  253. Start-Class article Antonio Loredan
  254. C-Class article Did You Know? Anti-Serb pogrom in Sarajevo
  255. Start-Class article Ademaga Mešić
  256. Start-Class article Paltašić family
  257. Start-Class article Obren Pjevović
  258. Start-Class article Did You Know? Petrič Fortress
  259. Start-Class article Did You Know? Stefan Marinović
  260. Start-Class article Jakov of Kamena Reka
  261. Start-Class article Did You Know? Ratac Abbey
  262. Start-Class article Tosks
  263. Start-Class article Did You Know? Johann Erich Thunmann
  264. Stub-Class article Andrej Mitrović
  265. Start-Class article Historiography of Albania
  266. Stub-Class article Prenk
  267. Start-Class article Rafael Moshe Kamhi
  268. Start-Class article Did You Know? Sanjak of Nicopolis
  269. C-Class article Did You Know? Uprising in Montenegro
  270. Stub-Class article Vlado Strugar
  271. Stub-Class article Zoran Lakić
  272. Start-Class article Did You Know? Bajo Stanišić
  273. Start-Class article Leftist errors (Yugoslavia)
  274. Start-Class article Did You Know? Battle of Pljevlja
  275. Start-Class article Did You Know? Ivan Milutinović
  276. Stub-Class article Skanderbeg (military unit)
  277. Start-Class article Skanderbeg (steamboat)
  278. Start-Class article Tripo Smeća
  279. Start-Class article Did You Know? Juraj Šporer
  280. Start-Class article Đorđe Lašić
  281. Start-Class article Montenegrin National Army
  282. C-Class article Sandžak Muslim militia
  283. Start-Class article Husein Rovčanin
  284. Start-Class article Sulejman Pačariz
  285. List-Class article Pačariz
  286. Stub-Class article National Army of Montenegro and Herzegovina
  287. Start-Class article SS Polizei-Selbstschutz-Regiment Sandschak
  288. Stub-Class article Hakija Hadžić
  289. C-Class article Đurđevdan uprising
  290. Featured article June 1941 uprising in eastern Herzegovina
  291. B-Class article Philip J. Cohen
  292. Featured article German–Yugoslav Partisan negotiations
  293. Start-Class article Osman Rastoder
  294. List-Class article Rovčanin
  295. Start-Class article Hasan Zvizdić
  296. Start-Class article Battle for Novi Pazar
  297. Start-Class article Lim-Sandžak Chetnik Detachment
  298. Start-Class article Battle of Sjenica (1941)
  299. List-Class article Lukačević
  300. Start-Class article Rudolf Perhinek
  301. Start-Class article Did You Know? Bogdan Žerajić
  302. C-Class article Did You Know? Vladimir Gaćinović
  303. Stub-Class article Suleymaniye Mosque (Rhodes)
  304. C-Class article Did You Know? Hadım Şehabeddin
  305. C-Class article Siege of Novo Brdo (1440—41)
  306. Start-Class article Did You Know? Zenevisi family
  307. Stub-Class article Hazinedar
  308. C-Class article Did You Know? Jovan Šević
  309. Start-Class article Did You Know? Jovan Albanez
  310. Start-Class article Did You Know? Serbian Hussar Regiment
  311. Start-Class article Matija Mazarek
  312. Start-Class article Demonizing the enemy
  313. Start-Class article Did You Know? Baiounitai
  314. Start-Class article Alex Buda
  315. Start-Class article Albanian name
  316. Start-Class article Did You Know? Paškal Jukić
  317. Start-Class article Yamaks
  318. List-Class article Jamaković
  319. Stub-Class article Toptani family
  320. C-Class article Battle of Novšiće
  321. Start-Class article Drekale
  322. Stub-Class article Orahovo (Bar)
  323. Stub-Class article Orahovo Monastery
  324. Stub-Class article Rijeka Crnojevića (river)
  325. Start-Class article Did You Know? Derbendcis
  326. Stub-Class article Kuzman Kapidan
  327. C-Class article Yeğen Osman Pasha
  328. Start-Class article Did You Know? Feriz Beg
  329. Start-Class article Stefan II Crnojević
  330. Start-Class article Božidar Goraždanin
  331. Start-Class article Srbulje
  332. Start-Class article Hieromonk Pahomije
  333. Start-Class article Jerolim Zagurović
  334. Start-Class article Rujno Monastery printing house
  335. Start-Class article Vuković printing house
  336. Start-Class article Did You Know? Mrkšina crkva printing house
  337. Start-Class article Did You Know? Belgrade printing house
  338. Start-Class article Did You Know? Hieromonk Mardarije
  339. Start-Class article Did You Know? Hegumen Mardarije
  340. Start-Class article Mileševa printing house
  341. Start-Class article Voivode Mazarek
  342. Stub-Class article Stefan Paštrović
  343. Stub-Class article Luka Radovanović
  344. C-Class article Did You Know? Julije Balović
  345. Start-Class article Sanjak of Klis
  346. Start-Class article Did You Know? Battle of Kunovica
  347. Start-Class article Did You Know? Dečani chronicle
  348. Stub-Class article Tronoša chronicle
  349. List-Class article Hazinedar (surname)
  350. Stub-Class article Alil aga
  351. C-Class article Did You Know? Aleksandar Komulović
  352. Start-Class article Did You Know? Marin Temperica
  353. Start-Class article Did You Know? Šime Budinić
  354. C-Class article Did You Know? Croats (military unit)
  355. Start-Class article Benedikt Vinković
  356. Start-Class article Nikola Stepanić Selnički
  357. Start-Class article Did You Know? Petar Petretić
  358. Start-Class article Did You Know? Bishopric of Marča
  359. Start-Class article Illyrian Academy
  360. Stub-Class article John Peter Marchi
  361. Stub-Class article Ivan Paštrić
  362. Stub-Class article Rafael Levaković
  363. Start-Class article Methodius Terleckyj
  364. Start-Class article Pavlin Demski
  365. Start-Class article Nikola Krajačević
  366. Start-Class article Martin Dobrović
  367. Start-Class article Simeon Vratanja
  368. Stub-Class article Ivanuš Pergošić
  369. Stub-Class article Varaždin literary circle
  370. Start-Class article Blaž Škrinjarić
  371. Stub-Class article Johann Manlius
  372. Start-Class article Mihajlo Bučić
  373. Start-Class article Stjepan Konzul Istranin
  374. Start-Class article Did You Know? South Slavic Bible Institute
  375. Start-Class article Antun Dalmatin
  376. Start-Class article Hans von Ungnad
  377. Start-Class article Matija Popović
  378. Start-Class article Sanjak of Pakrac
  379. Start-Class article Did You Know? Ruđina Balšić
  380. Start-Class article Atanasije Stojković
  381. Start-Class article Jovan Talovac
  382. Start-Class article Luka Primojević
  383. Start-Class article Vilayet Croats
  384. Start-Class article Skanderbeg's rebellion
  385. Stub-Class article Manojlo Grčić
  386. Start-Class article Ivan Paskvali
  387. C-Class article Riđani
  388. C-Class article Battle of Perast
  389. Stub-Class article Radul of Riđani
  390. Start-Class article Mataruge
  391. Stub-Class article Kriči
  392. Stub-Class article Španje
  393. Stub-Class article Tomo Zdelarić
  394. Stub-Class article Bukumiri
  395. Start-Class article Albert Pessler
  396. Start-Class article Grigorije of Gornjak
  397. Stub-Class article Subota Jović
  398. Stub-Class article Zagurović family
  399. Stub-Class article Giulio Mancinelli
  400. Start-Class article First Balkan Alliance
  401. List-Class article Sfondrati
  402. Stub-Class article Andrija Jamometić
  403. Stub-Class article Radoslav Lopašić
  404. Start-Class article Frančesko Micalović
  405. Start-Class article Bartol Sfondrati
  406. Stub-Class article Hierodeacon Mojsije
  407. Stub-Class article Thommaso Raggio
  408. List-Class article Raggio
  409. Start-Class article Jovan Tekelija
  410. Start-Class article Arnaut Osman
  411. List-Class article Mardarije
  412. Start-Class article Risto Radulović
  413. Start-Class article Šahovići massacre
  414. Start-Class article Did You Know? Mijo Babić
  415. Start-Class article Žarko Todorović
  416. Start-Class article Boško Todorović
  417. Start-Class article Siege of Rogatica (1941)
  418. Start-Class article Rašića Gaj massacres
  419. Start-Class article Jakup Kardović
  420. Start-Class article Paskoje Primojević
  421. List-Class article Smecchia
  422. Start-Class article Kastrioti (kephale)
  423. Stub-Class article Konstantin Kastrioti
  424. Stub-Class article Kosovo Regiment
  425. Start-Class article Bukovica massacre
  426. Start-Class article Perast manuscript
  427. Start-Class article Kruščica concentration camp
  428. Start-Class article Villa Luburić
  429. Stub-Class article Danica concentration camp
  430. Start-Class article Lobor concentration camp
  431. Start-Class article Đakovo concentration camp
  432. Stub-Class article Slobodan Šaranović
  433. List-Class article Šaranović
  434. Start-Class article Hrnjica Brothers
  435. Start-Class article 4th Congress of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia
  436. Stub-Class article Blagoje Parović
  437. Start-Class article Capture of Olovo (1941)
  438. Start-Class article Vardar Corps
  439. Stub-Class article Ćazim Sijarić
  440. Start-Class article Rade Korda
  441. Start-Class article Public image of Slobodan Milošević
  442. Start-Class article Tenja concentration camp
  443. Start-Class article Gospić concentration camp
  444. C-Class article Terence Atherton
  445. List-Class article Đonović, from redirect
  446. List-Class article Junije
  447. List-Class article Zogović
  448. C-Class article Radomir Vešović
  449. Stub-Class article Obilić Medal
  450. Start-Class article Savo Lazarević
  451. Stub-Class article Macure
  452. Start-Class article Gashi (tribe)
  453. Start-Class article Albanisation of names
  454. Start-Class article Miloš Glišić
  455. Start-Class article Velimir Piletić
  456. Start-Class article Streifkorps
  457. Start-Class article Battle for Klis (1596)
  458. Start-Class article Ernst Thälmann Company
  459. Start-Class article Anti-Chetnik Battalions
  460. Start-Class article Zora (magazine)
  461. Start-Class article Bookocide in Croatia
  462. Start-Class article Ljubomir Vuksanović
  463. Start-Class article Lepoglava concentration camp
  464. Stub-Class article Memoricide
  465. Start-Class article Nova Pavlica
  466. C-Class article Moving of the Serbian Industry
  467. Stub-Class article Homogeneous Serbia
  468. Stub-Class article XXI Mountain Corps (Wehrmacht)
  469. Start-Class article Ratko Parežanin
  470. Start-Class article Central National Committee of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia
  471. Start-Class article Wilhem Keiper
  472. Stub-Class article Theodor Geib
  473. Stub-Class article Ivan Prezelj
  474. Start-Class article Battle of Grčarice
  475. Start-Class article Jože Melaher
  476. Start-Class article Karl Novak
  477. Stub-Class article Jaka Avšič
  478. Start-Class article Vladimir Vauhnik
  479. Start-Class article Avdo Sumbul
  480. Start-Class article Milošević-Rugova education agreement
  481. Stub-Class article Avdo Jabučica
  482. Start-Class article Ba Congress
  483. Start-Class article Robert H. McDowell
  484. Start-Class article Priory of Vrana
  485. Start-Class article Operation Kopaonik, from redirect
  486. Start-Class article Kulen Vakuf massacre
  487. Start-Class article Charles Armstrong (soldier)
  488. Start-Class article Battle for Višegrad
  489. Start-Class article Ivan Srebrenjak

Articles I did not create, but substantially contributed to itEdit

  1. C-Class article Did You Know? Muzaka family
  2. C-Class article Skanderbeg
  3. C-Class article Gjon Kastrioti
  4. Start-Class article Battle of Banja Koviljača
  5. Featured article Pavle Đurišić
  6. Francesco Antonio Bertucci

Categories I createdEdit

The list of categories I have created (starting from the newest)

Templates I createdEdit

The list of templates I have created (without DYK)

  1. European Sanjaks of the Ottoman Empire
  2. Independent Albania
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„Мој добри роде, сви су лагали, И твој су видик сав помрачили; За својом срећом само трагали, И свуда крали, и све тлачили.

И место млека, крв су сисали, У страдањима твојим дугима, Твоје су светло име брисали, Да не знаш ко си међу другима.

С убицама су цркве стварали, И с издајником горде тврђаве; У заклетви те свакој варали, На води дигли мосте рђаве!

На згаришту ти држе говоре, На губилишту подло пирују, На буњиштима саде ловоре… И мртве уче сад да мирују.

Мој добри роде, сви су рђави, Вапај твој не чују што тугује! Издајник и сад још у тврђави, С убицом жртва сада другује.

Ломан је, роде, мост на провали, Свуд су у причест отров ставили… С лупежом све су новце ковали, Са кривоклетником завет правили.“

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My reports to AN
  1. In August 2016 for the first time in my life I reported an editor to ANI because they wrote a negative comment about me "as a person". The thread was closed with conclusion that I should prove they were wrong.
  2. In September 2016 I reported an editor for violation of WP:3RR. They were blocked for 72 hours. (link)
  3. On 4 September I reported an editor for violating WP:NPA and WP:Civility (diff). Although this violation was repeated after I advised the editor in question not to repeat such violations, they were not sanctioned, but only advised not to "insist on using the 'mentally disabled' wording" because they "are risking a block". Risking. Admin who wrote this advise also wrote one of the most motherly advises I have ever seen: "If you can get this angry people might start to wonder about your neutrality when editing Balkan topics." (diff). This was said to editor who repeatedly commented other editors as "mentally disabled" and having "problems with their brain control" because they "come from a country like Serbia, a society which is mostly famous for nationalism and propaganda."
  4. On 13 September I reported (diff) an editor who tagged Kenneth Setton with better source tag and repeatedly marked substantial changes of text in articles with minor change tag. Since cited work had wrong year of publishing, tagging Setton with better source tag was described as "content dispute" and "simple error"
  5. On 17 April 2017 I reported a speech which attacks a person or group on the basis of their nationality by an editor who attributed certain bad outlooks to groups of people, based on their nationality and proposed that this editor should be warned (diff). Result: Not a single admin participated in discussion nor accepted to even warn editor in question.
  6. On 22 July 2017 I reported an editor (diff of my report) for repeated misuse of minor edit box, inspite they were warned not to do so by multiple editors. The report was closed with following words "The "behaviour" appears to have ceased. Nothing to do here."
  7. On 16 April 2018 I reported an editor (who for many years systematically removes well cited texts from multiple articles if they do not correspond to their POV. This editor routinely uses the wrong (Serb) nationality of authors of sources as an excuse for such removal, regardless from the fact that in many cases the authors of sources used to cite removed texts are of other nationalities). My request stayed on ANI for about a week, but no admin responded.
  8. On 5 August 2018 I reported an editor diff who repeatedly violated WP:BLP on wikipedia. My request stayed on ANI until it was archived because no admin responded.
  • Patient: Everywhere i touch it hurts.
  • Doctor: Yeah your finger is broken.

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  • svako mi&oni postane mi ili oni
  • “Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy.”

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Graham's Hierarchy of Disagreement

Graham's Hierarchy of Disagreement - how to disagree

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Fallacy of quoting out of context

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  3. User:Future Perfect at Sunrise.....will not be allowed to use administrative tools in topical areas relating to Greece and Macedonia, or in relation to editors involved in that topical area.
  4. Andrew Dalby
  5. User:KillerChihuahua
  6. User:Viator slovenicus - a Slovenian student of history - may be a good partner in creating the article about battle for Slovenian northern frontier
  7. User:Leszek Jańczuk - one of the most active wikipedians with more than 130.000 edits
  8. User:Llywrch - one of the most active wikipedian who should be able to help with advice if needed
  9. User:VVVladimir - helped promotion of several very good articles like Jovan Vladimir or Badnjak
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We could have an endless list of "According to X he was this, according to Y he was that". Picking out only one such author to the exclusion of others would be obviously tendentious; providing the whole list would be idiotic. Either way, any such statement, if presented in the form and in the kind of context envisaged here, would still trigger the implication that we are treating the terms in the modern sense and as a mutually exclusive dichotomy. Any treatment in such terms would mean undue weight on a perceived "dispute" that exists only in your mind and nowhere else. We are currently not ascribing any ethnicity to him, and that's just fine. We are naming his place of origin (which is in Greece, undoubtedly); we are naming his family (which was Albanian, undoubtedly); no reliable source in the literature has so far felt it necessary to engage in any more discussion of what these facts mean in terms of ethnicity, beyond characterizing him in passing, so there is absolutely no reason for us to shoehorn more ethnicity-centered discussion into the article at this point. Anybody who tries to do so is an ideologically driven agenda-pusher.

this is from WP:ADMINACCT:

Administrators are accountable for their actions involving administrator tools, and unexplained administrator actions can demoralize other editors who lack such tools. Subject only to the bounds of civility, avoiding personal attacks, and reasonable good faith, editors are free to question or to criticize administrator actions. Administrators are expected to respond promptly and civilly to queries about their Wikipedia-related conduct and administrator actions and to justify them when needed.

This is from WP:ADMIN:

However, sustained or serious disruption of Wikipedia is incompatible with the status of administrator, and consistently or egregiously poor judgment may result in the removal of administrator status. Administrators should strive to model appropriate standards of courtesy and civility to other editors and to one another

While you're here, please read interesting essay, written about Wikipedia, by Antandrus.

The Ten Commandments of Rational Debate

1. Thou shall not attack a person's character but the argument itself. ("Ad hominem")

2. Thou shall not misrepresent or exaggerate a person's argument in order to make it easier to attack. ("Straw Man Fallacy)

3. Thou shall not use small numbers to represent the whole. ("Hasty Generalization")

4. Thou shall not argue thy position by assuming one of its premises is true. ("Begging the Question")

5. Thou shall not claim that because something occurred before, it must be the cause. ("Post Hoc/False Claim")

6. Thou shall not reduce the argument down to two possibilities. ("Fake Dichotomy")

7. Thou shall not argue that because of our ignorance that the claim must be true or false. ("Ad Ignorantiam")

8. Thou shall not lay the burden of proof onto him who is questioning the claim. ("Burden of Proof Reversal")

9. Thou shall not assume "this" follows "that" when "it" has no logical connection. ("Non Sequitor")

10. Thou shall not claim that because a premises is popular, therefore, it must be true. ("Bandwagon Fallacy")

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