Demetrio Reres

Demetrio Reres or Demetrius Reres[2] (Albanian: Dhimitër Reres) was a 15th-century Albanian and Calabrian nobleman.[3]

Demetrio Reres
  • Vasil
  • Joan
Occupation15th century nobleman in Albania and Calabria


Demetrio Reres was an enigmatic person who has been little researched by historians. In a 1448 document Reres (Renes or Renessi in Venetian documents) was mentioned as related to the "illustrious Kastrioti family" while no document of the period in question actually supports this assertion.[1] In some earlier works[which?] Reres was referred to as Demetrius Reres Castriota and mistakenly identified as the father of Skanderbeg.[4][5] Ludwig Thallóczy presented a hypothesis that he was actually Demetrius Paleologus, a brother of the Byzantine Emperor.[1]

Military careerEdit

In 1448 troops under the command of Demetrio Reres and his two sons George and Basil went from Albania to the rural areas of the Kingdom of Naples to suppress a rebellion against Alfonso V.[6] Many of the soldiers had requested to be allowed to settle in the area to avoid struggling against Ottomans in Albania. Alfonso V readily gave his approval to the loyal protectors of his rule so they formed the first Arbëresh settlements in the area.[3][7] His brother and two sons also established several Albanian settlements in Sicily.[3][8] After the campaign Reres was awarded by Alfonso with the governorship of Reggio province in Calabria.[1] In some historical works these Albanian-populated regions governed by Reres and his two sons were referred to as military colonies.[9]


He sired Joan and Vasil Reres.[10] Andrea Reres, a descendant of Demetrio, founded the Basilian Monastery in Mezzojuso with the provision that the Greek rite would be used.[1] The surname Reres is nowadays common among the Arbëreshë community.[6]


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