Masked Singer

Masked Singer is an international music game show franchise. It originated from the South Korean program The King of Mask Singer, developed by Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation.

Masked Singer
The Masked Singer Common Logo.png
Original workKing of Mask Singer
Owned byMBC Entertainment
Films and television
Television seriesMasked Singer (independent international versions, see below)
First aired5 April 2015 (2015-04-05)


The format features celebrities who perform anonymously in elaborate head-to-toe costumes and are unmasked if they receive the fewest votes. In Austria, the Netherlands, the United States and the UK votes are limited to the live studio audience members due to the show being pre-taped. In Germany and Italy votes are open to all viewers because the show is live. The Swedish format provides simulated live voting without the ability to actually affect the pre-taped show, which was criticised as deceptive when it was noted after the show's second week.[1]

While the panelists will guess based on clues the singers give about themselves, the panelists do not participate in the vote. Singers in the American version have spanned the range of Grammy award winners to professional video gamers and YouTube influencers to professional athletes.

International versionsEdit

  Franchise with a currently airing season
  Franchise with an upcoming season
  Franchise with an unknown status
  Franchise awaiting confirmation
  Franchise that has ceased to air
Country/region Local title Network Seasons and winners Panelists Host(s)
  Algeria The Masked Singer-Chkoun Nta Lina TV
  • Season 1, 2021: No winner was awarded
  • Djalil Palermo
  • Amina Kerbouche
  • Abdelkader Merouani
  • Samir Ziane
  • Brahim Ghazali
  United Arab Emirates The Masked Singer - Inta meen?
(The Masked Singer - Who are you?)
  Australia[2] The Masked Singer Network Ten
  Austria The Masked Singer Austria Puls 4
  Azerbaijan TBA İTV
  • Season 1, TBA: New series[5]
  • TBA
  • TBA
  Belgium (Flanders)[6] The Masked Singer VTM
  Brazil The Masked Singer TV Globo
  • Season 1, 2021: Upcoming season
  Bulgaria Маскираният певец
(The Masked Singer)
  • Current
  • Azis (2–)
  • Aleksandra Raeva (2–)
  • Vladimir Penev (2–)
  • Former
  • Niki Kanchev (1)
  • Gala (1)
  • Gerasim Georgiev – Gero (1)
  • Maria Ilieva (1)
  • Current
  • Vasil Vasilev – Zueka
  • Gerasim Georgiev – Gero (2–)
  • Former
  • Dimitar Rachkov (1)
  Cambodia The Mask Singer Cambodia Hang Meas HDTV
  • Season 1, 2020: ?
  • Various
  • ?
  Canada[7] (Quebec) Chanteurs masqués[8] TVA
  • Season 1, Fall 2021: ?
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA


  China (Mandarin) King of Mask Singer JSTV
Mask Singer
  • Season 1, 2016: No winner
  • Various
Masked Dancing King
  • Zhang Chunye
  Colombia ¿Quién es la máscara? RCN
  • Season 1, 2021: New series
  Czech Republic
Zlatá maska
(Golden mask)
  • {illm


  Estonia[10] Maskis laulja
(Masked Singer)
  • Season 1, Early 2020: Stefan Airapetjan
  • Season 2, Fall 2020: Mikk Saar
  • Current
  • Birgitte Susanne Hunt
  • Kristjan Jõekalda (2-)
  • Mart Juur
  • Krista Lensin
  • Former
  • Ženja Fokin (1)
  Finland[11] Masked Singer Suomi MTV3
  France[12] Mask Singer TF1
  Germany[15] The Masked Singer ProSieben
  Greece Masked Singer Greece Skai TV
  • Season 1, TBA: New series
  • TBA
  • TBA
  Hungary Álarcos énekes
(Masked Singer)
RTL Klub
  • Season 1, Early 2020: Nikolett Gallusz
  • Season 2, Fall 2020: Dávid Miller
  Indonesia The Mask Singer Indonesia GTV
  • Various
  • John Martin Tumbel
  Israel הזמר במסכה
(The Singer in the Mask)
Channel 12
  • Ido Rosenblum
  Italy Il cantante mascherato
(The Masked Singer)
Rai 1
  Kazakhstan Маска
  • Season 1, 2021: Current season[16]
  • Marat Oralgazin
  • Erke Esmahan
  • Meirzhan Turebaev
  • Zhanar Aizhanova
Zhakan Utargaliev
  Latvia Maskā
(Masked Voice)
TV3 Latvia
  • Season 1, 2020: Kristaps Strūbergs
  • Season 2, 2021: Current season
  • Mārtiņš Spuris
  Lithuania Kaukės
  • Giedrius Savickas
  Malaysia[17] The Masked Singer Malaysia Astro Warna
  • Nabila Huda
  • Angah
  • Zizan Razak
  • Aznil
  • Remy Ishak
  • Raja Azura
  • Micheal Ang
  • Ramona Zamzam
  • Ella
  Mexico[18] ¿Quién es la máscara?
(Who is the Mask?)
Las Estrellas
  Morocco The Masked Singer انت شكون Al Aoula
  • Season 1, 2021: TBD
  • Amine Rahali
  Myanmar The Mask Singer Myanmar MRTV Entertainment
  • A Yine
  • Khine Thin Kyi
  • Tun Tun
  • Yadanar My
  • Paing Zay Ye Tun
  Netherlands[15] The Masked Singer RTL 4
  • Ruben Nicolai
  New Zealand The Masked Singer NZ[19] Three
  • Season 1, 2021: Upcoming season
  • Clinton Randell
  Norway[21] Maskorama NRK1
  Peru La Máscara (Perú)
(The Mask)
Latina Televisión
  Philippines[22][23] Masked Singer Pilipinas TV5
  • Season 1, 2020: Daryl Ong
  • Season 2, TBA: Upcoming season
  Portugal[24][25] A Máscara
(The Mask)
  • Season 1, 2020: Rita Guerra
  • Season 2, 2021: Pedro Granger
  Romania Masked Singer România Pro TV
  Russia[26] Маска
  South Korea King of Mask Singer MBC (no season, airing from 5 April 2015 to present)
  • Various
  Spain[24][27] Mask Singer: Adivina quién canta
(Mask Singer: Guess Who Sings)
Antena 3
  Sweden Masked Singer Sverige[28] TV4
   Switzerland The Masked Singer Switzerland ProSieben Schweiz
  • Season 1, 2020: Baschi
  • Season 2, 2021: Upcoming season
  • Alexandra Maurer
  Thailand The Mask Singer Workpoint TV
  • Various
  Ukraine[34] Маска
  United Kingdom[35] The Masked Singer ITV
The Masked Dancer
  • Season 1, 2021: Upcoming season
  United States The Masked Singer Fox
The Masked Dancer
  Vietnam Mặt nạ Ngôi Sao
(The Mask Singer Vietnam)[41][42]
  • Various
  • Hoàng Rapper

Spin-off: The Masked DancerEdit

On 7 January 2020, at the winter Television Critics Association press tour, Fox Alternative Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television announced that they had ordered a spin-off series, The Masked Dancer, with Ellen DeGeneres as executive producer. DeGeneres had previously conducted The Masked Dancer as a recurring segment of her syndicated talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show, as a self-admitted parody of The Masked Singer. DeGeneres stated that the show was "gonna be just as fun and suspenseful", but "with a lot more krumping."[46][47] On 28 October 2020, it was announced that Craig Robinson would host, the panelists would be Ken Jeong, Paula Abdul, Brian Austin Green, and Ashley Tisdale, and the show would premiere on 27 December 2020.

In autumn 2020, a Chinese version of The Masked Dancer aired, Masked Dancing King (蒙面舞王). The winner was singer Meng Meiqi, competing as " The queen who does not wear a crown" (女王不戴冠). [48]

In early February 2021, ITV acquired the rights to produce The Masked Dancer UK. On 4 March 2021, it was announced that ITV had commissioned the spin-off series. The series will have 12 contestants competing through seven episodes, and will be hosted by Dommett, with Ross, Gilligan, McCall, and Oti Mabuse serving as panellists.[49][50] It is set to premiere in late spring 2021,[51] filling in for Britain's Got Talent, which had its upcoming series 15 postponed until 2022 due health and safety reasons concerning the COVID-19 pandemic in the United Kingdom.[52]


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