Vasil Troyanov Boyanov (Bulgarian: Васил Троянов Боянов; born 7 March 1978), professionally known as Azis (Азис), is a Bulgarian recording artist, of Roma ethnicity.[3][4] Azis initially rose to prominence in Eastern Europe performing songs mostly in chalga, a genre which can be described as the Bulgarian rendition of pop-folk. Azis has collaborated with other Bulgarian pop-folk singers, such as Gloria, Malina, Sofi Marinova, Toni Storaro, and with Bulgarian rap artists – Ustata and Vanko 1.[5][6] Other than that, his repertoire includes duets with Serbian singers, including Indira Radić, Marta Savić and Jelena Karleuša.

Васил Троянов Боянов
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Background information
Birth nameVasil Troyanov Boyanov
Also known asАзис
Born (1978-03-07) 7 March 1978 (age 42)[1][2]
Sliven, Bulgaria[2]
GenresAzis, Chalga, pop-folk
Occupation(s)Singer, musician, writer, activist, television show host
Years active1999–present
Birthday of Azis in 2019

Boyanov performed "Let Me Cry" at the 2006 Eurovision song contest with Mariana Popova, staying in the semi-finals.[7][8]

Other than his acclaimed career as a vocalist, he competed unsuccessfully in the Bulgarian parliamentary election of 2005 as a member of the EuroRoma party.[9]

Azis remains a prominent figure in the Bulgarian music scene.


Azis was born Vasil Troyanov Boyanov in Sliven, although his childhood was spent in Kostinbrod and Sofia. In 1989, after the fall of communism in Bulgaria, he moved with his family to Germany. There, his sister, Matilda, and brother Ryan were born. Azis married Nikolay Petrov Parvanov (stage name: Niki Kitaetsa, Cyrillic: Ники Китаеца) on 1 October 2006. Their marriage is not legally recognized under Bulgarian law.[10] Azis' daughter was born on 5 August 2007 and was named Raya. Her mother is Azis' longtime friend, Gala.[10] In 2008, Azis and Parvanov separated amicably.[11]

Homosexuality controversiesEdit

In late November 2007, Boyko Borisov, then mayor of Sofia, censored billboards of Azis kissing Niki Kitaetsa, which pictured both men shirtless[12][13] on the basis they were too graphic in nature. The picture was then censored in other cities in Bulgaria.[14]



Greek laiko vocalist Panos Kiamos, made a cover of Azis' single Sen Trope entitled, Fotia me Fotia, (Fire to Fire). Serbian pop-folk singer Dragan Kojić Keba covered the same song as "Ona to zna" (She knows), the Romanian singer Florin Salam as "Saint Tropez".

In November 2012, the Greek singer Giorgos Tsalikis made a cover of Azis' song Hop, entitled Asto (Let it).

International acclaimEdit

On 9 November 2011, a series of Azis' music videos were uploaded to Bilibili, a mainland Chinese video sharing website. The videos were numbered "av170001" and have been popular, even one of the hottest videos on Bilibili since 2016. As of February 2020, the videos have been viewed over 21 million times and have received 788 thousand danmus (a special kind of comments) in all, and have been covered many times. Because of the wide spread of Hop, the first video of the series, Azis, known as "King of coquetry of Bulgaria (保加利亚妖王)", has become famous among some Chinese youths.[16]


Studio albumsEdit

Year Original title Transliteration Meaning in English
1999 Болка Bolka Pain
2000 Мъжете също плачат Mazhete sashto plachat Men also cry
2001 Сълзи Salzi Tears
2002 AZIS Azis AZIS
2003 На голо Na golo In the nude
2004 Кралят Kralyat The King
2004 Together- Заедно с Деси Слава Together- Zaedno s Desi Slava Together (with Desi Slava)
2005 AZIS 2005 Azis 2005 AZIS 2005
2006 Дива Diva Diva
2011 Гадна порода Gadna Poroda Nasty breed
2014 Azis 2014 Azis 2014 Azis 2014

Compilation albumsEdit

Year Original title Transliteration Meaning in English
2002 The Best The Best
2005 Дуети Dueti Duets
2005 The Best 2 The Best 2

EPs (Maxi singles)Edit

Year Original title Transliteration Meaning in English
2003 Целувай ме+ Tseluvay me+ Kiss me+
2004 Как боли Kak boli How it hurts
2016 Хабиби Habibi Habibi

Videography / SongsEdit

Year Original title Transliteration Translation
1999 "Болка" Bolka Pain
1999 "Автомонтьор" Avtomontyor Auto mechanic
2000 "Мъжете също плачат" Mazhete sashto plachat Men cry too
2001 "Хвани ме де" Hvani me de Catch me
2001 "Обичам те" Obicham te I love you
2002 "Няма" Nyama I won't
2002 "Делник и празник"
(дует с Кали)
Delnik i praznik Weekday and weekend
(with Kali)
2002 "Дай ми го дай" Day mi go day Give it to me
2003 "Всеки път" Vseki pat Every time
2003 "Никой не може" Nikoy ne mozhe No one can
2003 "Целувай ме" Tseluvay me Kiss me
2004 "Как боли" Kak boli How it hurts
2004 "Хайде почвай ме" Hayde pochvay me Let me soil
2004 "Не сме безгрешни"
(дует с Глория)
Ne sme bezgreshni We're not sinless
(with Gloria)
2004 "Казваш, че ме обичаш"
(дует с Деси Слава)
Kazvash, che me obichash You say that you love me
(with Desi Slava)
2004 "Но казвам ти стига" No kazvam ti stiga But I'm telling you to stop
2004 "Ледена кралица" Ledena kralitsa Ice Queen
2004 "Жадувам" Zhaduvam Crave
2005 "Обречи ме на любов" Obrechi me na lyubov Condemn me to love
2005 "Точно сега"
(дует с Устата)
Tochno sega Right now
(with Ustata)
2005 "Верността е лъжа"
(дует с Марта Савиç)
Vernostta e lazha Devotion is a lie
(with Marta Savic)
2005 "Не знаеш"
(дует с Малина)
Ne znaesh You don't know
(with Malina)
2005 "Като скитница" Kato skitnitsa Like a Wanderer
2006 "Празнуваш ли сега" Praznuvash li sega Are you celebrating now
2006 "Черните очи"
(дует с Малина)
Chernite ochi The black eyes
(with Malina)
2006 "Тежко ли ти е" Tezhko li ti e Is it hard for you
2007 "Подлудяваш ме" Podludyavash me You drive me crazy
2009 "Теб обичам" Teb obicham Loving you
2009 "Накарай ме" Nakaray me Make me
2009 "Имаш ли сърце" Imash li sartse Do you have a heart
2010 "Дай ми лед" Day mi led Give me ice
2010 "Луд ме правиш"
(дует с Ванко 1)
Lud me pravish You make me crazy
(with Vanko 1)
2010 "Удряй ме" Udryay me Hit me
2011 "Няма накъде" Nyama nakade Nowhere
2011 "Мразиш" Mrazish Hate
2011 "Гадна порода" Gadna poroda Nasty breed
2011 "Хоп" Hop Hop
2011 "Сен Тропе" Sen Trope Saint-Tropez
2012 "MMA"
2012 "Кажи честно" Kazhi chestno Tell me honestly
2012 "Пробвай се"
(дует с Андреа)
Probvay se Give it a try
(feat. Andrea)
2012 "Ти за мен си само секс" Ti za men si samo seks You're just sex for me
2012 "Коледа" Koleda Christmas
2012 "Нещо мръсно" Neshto mrasno Something dirty
2013 "Евала" Evala Well done
2013 "Хайде на морето" Hayde na moreto Let's go to the sea
2013 "Ти ме размаза" Ti me razmaza You crushed me
2013 "Като тебе втори няма"
(дует с Ванко 1)
Kato tebe vtori nyama There's nobody like you
(with Vanko 1)
2014 "Ти ли си"
(дует с Ваня)
Ti li si Is it you
(with Vanya)
2014 "Пий цяла нощ" Piy tsyala nosht Drink all night
2014 "Колко сме пили"
(with Тони Стораро)
Kolko sme pili How much we drank
(with Toni Storaro)
2014 "Миконос" Mykonos
2014 "Каза ли го"
(дует с Мария)
Kaza li go
(with Maria)
did you say it (with Maria)
2014 Estar Loco
(with Giorgos Tsalikis)
To be crazy
(Giorgos Tsalikis)
2014 "Чуй ме"
(дует с Мария)
Chuy me Hear me
(with Maria)
2015 "Джанъм, джанъм" Djanam, djanam Darling, darling
2015 "Моля те не ми звъни"
(дует с Мария)
Molya te ne mi zvani Please don't call me
(with Maria)
2015 "Блокиран"
(дует с Фики)
Blokiran Blocked
(with Fiki)
2015 "Хабиби" Habibi Habibi
2017 "Мотел" Motel Motel
2018 "Позна ли ме?" Pozna li me? Did you recognize me?
2019 "Циганче" Ciganche Romani kid


  • 2003: Шоу спектакъл
  • 2004: Нищо лично
  • 2004: The best videoclips
  • 2004: Together with Desi Slava
  • 2005: AZIS 2005
  • 2005: Дуети (Duets)
  • 2006: Аз, Азис ( I, Azis) (CD)
  • 2007: Azis


In 2011, Azis sang a duet called Sezam with Indira Radić, a Serbian singer, on her album Istok, sever, jug i zapad. After that, in 2012 he sang another duet with Serbian singer Marta Savić, which was featured on her studio album 13. The song was called "Mama" and it was one of Balkan's hit songs in 2012.[citation needed]


  • Аз, Азис (Book and CD) (2006)


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