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Sun Nan (born February 18, 1969) is a pop singer from mainland China. He is a native of Dalian. His songs include "Be there or be square", "The wind goes to North", "Save" and Olympic song "Forever friends". Sun's album "Crescent Moon" was released in 1990. He has released 12 albums and over 10 million sales in total. Sun has held over 30 concerts in Asia, and over 100 concerts in different cities around the whole world.[1]

Sun Nan
Born (1969-02-18) 18 February 1969 (age 50)
Dalian, Liaoning, China
Years active1990–present
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese孫楠
Simplified Chinese孙楠

In the 1990s he was considered a frontline singer in the Beijing music scene.[2] He came to prominence after 2002.

In August 2012, Sun served on the judging panel of Asian Wave on Dragon Television's .[3] Sun Nan grew up in a small family in China, and his parents did not encourage him to be a singer in the beginning. Sun Nan later received many awards during his career. He cancelled all the concerts in Japan during the territorial disputing of Diaoyu Islands between China and Japan.[1]

On February 17, 2015, he participated in the 2015 CCTV Spring Festival Gala and performed the song "Hands". On February 20th, he took over the role of Gu Juji as the host in the third season of "I am a singer" and sang "Unrequited". On March 27th, when participating in the final competition in "I am the singer", he suddenly dropped out of the competition, causing controversy. In July, he participated in Jiangsu Satellite TV's "Mongolian Song King", which was released as the "Alpaca" in the third period. In September, he won the annual championship in Jiangsu Satellite TV's "Mongolian King".[1] In November, he participated in the "China Star" competition of Oriental TV. He won the annual championship in the final of "China Star", then went to the United States and was invited to participate and was awarded the 58th "Grammy Chairman's honor. Grand prize."[1]

On October 28, 2017, Sun Nan held the “Xi Xi Ya Ji” in Hangzhou Xixi Wetland. Director Zhang Jizhong, “New Weekly” publisher Sun Wei and other guests attended the event and released “Nan's Story” (of the IP culture brand of Guoxue). This traditional craft implies the meaning of spreading the beauty of Chinese traditional culture to every Chinese.[1]

On February 15, 2018, in the 2018 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Sun Nan and Tan Weiwei sang the song "New Beginning of Happiness". On March 2nd, he participated in the 2018 CCTV Lantern Festival and performed the song "New World".[1]

On February 4, 2019, the Central Radio and Television General Station Spring Festival Gala invited Sun Nan and Zhang Jie to sing the song "The Distance of Time".[1]


Personal lifeEdit

Sun Nan was born in an artistic family. His father was a tenor who taught bel canto and his mother, sister, and brother all participated in a dance troupe. Raised in such a family environment, Sun Nan learned to play the piano, the guitar and also formed a band at an early age. Though he did not consider music to be his life's work after graduating from high school, he was soon attracted to pop songs from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Under those circumstances, he opted for a career in music and learned to sing.[1]

Sun Nan has four children, of which three of them are from his ex-wife (Mai Hongmei).[1]

In 2009, he married hostess Pan Wei.[1]


1990: Curved moon (弯弯的月亮)

1993: We're all sad people (我们都是伤心人)

1995: Life after life (生生世世)

1997: Understanding (认识孙楠)

1998: Go there and be healed (不见不散)

1999: Aurora (南极光)

2001: Marvellous nan (楠得精彩)

2002: Heaven's destiny (缘份的天空)

2003: Dì yī nán zhǔjiǎo (第一楠主角)

2004: Burning fire (燃烧)

2005: It is forgotten (忘不了你)

2009: Happiness (痛快)

2011: SUN-NAN2011 (第一楠主角2011)

2012: Journey (旅途)

TV Series Theme SongsEdit


Ai Tai Nan (爱太难) To Love is Too Difficult, Da Xi Fa theme song (China Central Television, 2012)

Ai Ni Ai Bu Gou (爱你爱不够) Can't Love You Enough, Zhang Xiao Wu's Spring opening theme song (China Central Television, 2010)

Bi Tian Geng Gao (比天更高) Higher than the Sky, The Prince's Education opening theme song (China Central Television, 2008)

He Ni Zai Yi Qi (和你在一起) Together with You, Sword Stained with Royal Blood ending theme song (2007)

Dun Huang Ri Yue (敦煌日月), The Great Dunhuang opening theme song (China Central Television, 2006)

Bu Mie De Xin (不灭的心) Inextinguishable Heart, Lotus Lantern opening theme song (China Central Television, 2005)

Zhen Qing Zhen Mei, Legend of the Condor Heroes ending theme song, with Valen Hsu (China Central Television, 2003)

Zhi Yao You Ni, Young Justice Bao ending theme song, with Na Ying (2000)

Wu Kui Yu Xin (无愧于心), Young Justice Bao opening theme song (2000)

Jin Sheng De Ai Zou Yuan (今生的爱走远), Love Story in Shanghai ending theme song, with Ai Yu (2000)

Shi Fou Ai Guo Wo (是否爱过我), Love Story in Shanghai opening theme song (2000) [5]



Chinese name: 孙楠

Birtyday: Feb 18th,1969

Height: 177 cm

Hobbies: Soccer(Captain of Meng Zhou soccer team), F1, Golf.

Favorite Movie: Ghost (1990 film)

Most unforgettable thing: Fell in love with someone.

Wife:Pan Wei

Ex-wife:Mai Hong Mei

Daughter:Mai Bao Yao

Son:Sun Jun Zhe

Favorite food: Seafood

Favorite music style: Pop, Love song.

Favorite color: Black and white




1987-1989 Beijing coal mine Art

1990-1991 Dalian Churos

1991-1993 The central song and dance ensemble (Gu Jianfen Art Center)

1990 First ablbum 《Curved moon》 was released by GuangDong Media Publishing house

1992 Sun Nan went to Hong Kong as one of the 10 most popular singers in China.(Other 9 members are:Na Ying、Xie Xiaodong、Mao Amin、Cai Guoqing、Cheng Fangyuan、Yang Yuying、Tao Jin (singer)、Xie Jin、Teng Geer).

1992 Sun Nan held 6 concerts "The night of Sun Nan" in Indonesia, and that was the first time a Chinese pop singer can hold a concert in another country.

1993 Sun Nan joined Music Impact Ltd. (Taiwan),other artists including Andy LiuTony Leung Chiu-WaiRosamund KwanMax MokLeo Ku discographySerene Koong.



1996 Ten golden song Awards: Most popular Chinese song of the year.

1997 The song 《淡淡的忧》 became the Top ten songs of 1997 in China

2001 CCTV-MTV Music Festival: The mainland's most popular male singer.(3rd)

2002 CCTV-MTV Music Festival: The mainland's most popular male singer.(4th)

2004 Pepsi Music Chart "Golden song" and "Male singer of the year."

2008 Ten golden song Awards: Most popular Chinese song of the year.

2008 TVB ten golden song Awards " The best pop singer of Mainland China."

2010 CCTV-MTV Music Festival: The mainland's most popular male singer.(First one who can win this award for 3 times)

2012 The Knowledge China "Special Contribution of the year."


Marvellous nan tour (2001)

Concert in Changchun

Concert in Dalian

Concert in Shanghai

Nan era music festival (2009)

Concert in Beijing

Concert in Wuxi

Concert in Shenzhen


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