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While most symphonies have a number, many symphonies are known by their (nick)name.

This article lists symphonies that are numbered and have an additional nickname, and symphonies that are primarily known by their name and/or key. Also various compositions that contain "symphony" or "sinfonia" in their name are included, whether or not strictly speaking they adhere to the format of a classical symphony.

Sinfonia concertante is a different genre, and works of that genre are not included here, unless for those named works that are usually known as a symphony.

Composer No. Key Original name Translation Date Additional information
Alkan C minor–E-flat minor Symphonie pour piano seul Symphony for solo piano 1857 Numbers 4–7 of Douze Études dans tous les tons mineurs, Op. 39, for solo piano
Andriessen Symfonie voor losse snaren Symphony for Open Strings 1978
Atterberg 3 Västkustbilder West-Coast Images
Atterberg 4 Sinfonia piccola Little Symphony
Atterberg 5 Sinfonia funèbre Funereal Symphony
Atterberg 6 Dollar symphony
Atterberg 7 Sinfonia romantica Romantic Symphony
Atterberg 9 Sinfonia visionaria Visionary Symphony
Beethoven 3 E-flat major Eroica Heroic 1803–1804 Op. 55. Premiered 1805
see also List of works by Beethoven#Symphonies
Beethoven 5 C minor Schicksalssinfonie Fate Symphony 1804–1808 Op. 67. Premiered 1808
Beethoven 6 F major Pastorale Pastoral 1804–1808 Op. 68. Premiered 1808
Beethoven Siegessinfonie
Wellingtons Sieg oder die Schlacht bei Vittoria
Battle Symphony
Wellington's Victory, or, the Battle of Vitoria
1813 Op. 91. Premiered 1813
for panharmonicon commissioned by instrument's inventor, later arranged for orchestra
Beethoven 9 D minor Choral 1817–1824 Op. 125. Premiered 1824
Bentoiu 6 Culori Colours 1985 Op. 28
Bentoiu 7 Volume Volumes 1986 Op. 29
Bentoiu 8 Imagini Images 1987 Op. 30
Berlioz Symphonie fantastique
Berlioz Harold en Italie Harold in Italy
Berlioz Roméo et Juliette Romeo and Juliet
Berlioz Grande symphonie funèbre et triomphale Funereal and Triumphal Symphony
Bernstein 1 Jeremiah
Bernstein 2 The Age of Anxiety
Bernstein 3 Kaddish
Berwald 1 Sérieuse Serious Symphony
Berwald 2 Capricieuse Capricious Symphony
Berwald 3 Singulière Singular Symphony
Berwald 4 Naïve
Bizet Roma Rome Symphony
Bliss A Colour Symphony
Borodin 2 Богатырская Симфония Symphony of Heroes nickname first used by Vladimir Stasov
Brahms 1 Beethoven's Tenth nickname first used by Hans von Bülow
Brahms 3 suggested to be called "Heroic", name rejected by Brahms
Brian 1 Gothic
Brian 2 Man in his Cosmic Loneliness
Brian 4 Das Siegeslied The Song of Victory
Brian 5 Wine of Summer
Brian 6 Sinfonia Tragica Tragic Symphony
Brian 22 Symphonia Brevis Short Symphony
Britten Simple Symphony
Britten Sinfonia da Requiem Requiem Symphony
Britten Spring Symphony
Britten Cello Symphony 1963 full title: Symphony for Cello and Orchestra
Op. 68. Premiered 1964
Brown The Northern Journey
Bruckner 00 00 student work written prior to No. 1
Bruckner 0 Nullte written after No. 1 and before No. 2
Bruckner 2 Symphony of Pauses
Bruckner 3 Wagner Symphony
Bruckner 4 Romantic
Bruckner 8 Apocalyptic the name is not used anymore
Chávez 1 Sinfonía de Antígona Symphony of Antigone
Chávez 2 Sinfonía india Indian Symphony
Chávez 4 Sinfonía romántica Romantic Symphony
Chávez Caballos de vapor: sinfonía de baile Horse Power: Dance Symphony 1926–1932
Chávez Llamadas: sinfonía proletaria Calls [to Arms]: Proletarian Symphony 1934
Clementi 3 The Great National
Copland Organ Symphony Copland's Symphony No. 1 is an arrangement of this symphony without the organ
Copland 2 Short 1934
Copland Dance Symphony arrangement of music from the ballet Grohg
Danielpour 3 Journey without Distance
Daugherty Metropolis Symphony
Davies 8 Antarctic 2001 Op. 215
Davies 10 Alla ricerca di Borromini Looking for Borromini 2013 Op. 327
De Meij 1 The Lord of the Rings
De Meij 2 The Big Apple – A New York Symphony
De Meij 3 Planet Earth
Draeseke 3 Symphonia Tragica
Draeseke 4 Symphonia Comica
Dvořák 1 Zlonické zvony The Bells of Zlonice
Dvořák 9 Z nového světa From the New World A.k.a. New World Symphony; Previously listed as No. 8
Eisler Deutsche Sinfonie German Symphony
El-Dabh Symphonies in Sonic Vibration: Spectrum No. 1 1957
Giovanni Gabrieli Sacrae Symphoniae Sacred Symphonies 1597 (motets for voices and instruments)
Giovanni Gabrieli Symphoniae Sacrae II Sacred Symphonies II 1615 (motets for voices and instruments)
German 2 Norwich
Gillis 1 An American Symphony
Gillis 2 Symphony of Faith
Gillis 3 A Symphony for Free Men
Gillis 5 In Memoriam
Gillis A Symphony for Fun
Gillis 6 The Pioneers
Gillis 7 Saga of the Prairie School
Gillis 8 A Dance Symphony
Glass 1 Low
Glass 4 Heroes
Glass 5 Choral
Glass 6 Plutonian Ode
Glass 7 Toltec
Glazunov 1 Slavic
Glazunov 7 Pastoral
Glière 3 Ilya Muromets
Goldmark Ländliche Hochzeit Rustic Wedding Symphony literally "Rural Wedding"
Górecki 2 Kopernikowska Copernican 1972 Op. 31
Górecki 3 Symfonia pieśni żałosnych Symphony of Sorrowful Songs 1976 Op. 36
Gottschalk 1 La Nuit des Tropiques Night of the Tropics 1859  
Guerra-Peixe 2 Brasília
Hanson 1 Nordic
Hanson 2 Romantic
Hanson 4 Requiem
Hanson 5 Sinfonia sacra
Hanson 7 Sea
Harris 1 Symphony 1933
Harris 4 Folksong
Harris 6 Gettysburg
Harris 8 San Francisco
Harrison Symphony on G The word "on" is a deliberate part of the composer's title
Hartmann 1 Miserae later retitled simply as 'symphonic poem'
Hartmann 1 Versuch eines Requiem
Hartmann 5 Symphonie concertante
Haydn 6 D major Le matin Morning 1761 see also List of symphonies by Joseph Haydn
Haydn 7 C major Le midi Noon 1761
Haydn 8 G major Le soir Evening 1761
Haydn 22 E-flat major Der Philosoph Philosopher 1764
Haydn 26 D minor Lamentatione 1768
Haydn 30 C major Alleluja Alleluia 1765
Haydn 31 D major Hornsignal Hornsignal 1765
Haydn 38 C major Echo c. 1768
Haydn 43 E-flat major Merkur Mercury 1770–1771
Haydn 44 E minor Trauer-Sinfonie Mourning 1770–1771
Haydn 45 F-sharp minor Abschiedssinfonie Farewell 1772
Haydn 47 G major The Palindrome 1772
Haydn 48 C major Maria Theresia 1769
Haydn 49 F minor La Passione 1768
Haydn 53 D major L'Impériale 1778–1779
Haydn 55 E-flat major Der Schulmeister The Schoolmaster 1774
Haydn 59 A major Feuer 1768
Haydn 60 C major Il distratto 1774
Haydn 63 C major La Roxelane 1779
Haydn 64 A major Tempora mutantur 1773
Haydn 69 C major Laudon c. 1774–1775
Haydn 73 D major La Chasse c. 1781
Haydn 82 C major L'Ours The Bear 1786(?)
Haydn 83 G minor La Poule The Hen 1785
Haydn 84 E-flat major In nomine Domini 1786
Haydn 85 B-flat major La Reine The Queen 1785(?)
Haydn 92 G major Oxford 1789 premiered 1789
Haydn 94 G major Mit dem Paukenschlag The Surprise 1791 premiered 1791
Haydn 96 D major Le Miracle The Miracle 1791 premiered 1791
Haydn 100 G major Militär Military 1794 premiered 1794
Haydn 101 D major Die Uhr The Clock 1794 premiered 1794
Haydn 103 E-flat major Mit dem Paukenwirbel Drumroll 1795 Premiered 1795
Haydn 104 D major London 1795 a.k.a. Salomon. Premiered 1795
Haydn 107 B-flat major Sinfonie A A 1760–1761
Haydn 108 B-flat major Sinfonie B B 1762
Hill 1 Maori
Hill 3 Australia
Hill 4 The pursuit of happiness
Hill 5 Carnival
Hill 6 Celtic
Hill 9 Melodious
Hill 10 Short symphony
Hindemith Mathis der Maler The painter Matthias a reference to Matthias Grünewald
see also Mathis der Maler (opera)
Hindemith Pittsburgh Symphony
Hindemith Symphonia Serena 1946
Holmboe 3 Sinfonia rustica
Holmboe 4 Sinfonia sacra
Holmboe 8 Sinfonia boreale
Honegger 3 Symphonie Liturgique
Honegger 4 Deliciae basiliensis
Honegger 5 Di tre re
Hovhaness 1 Exile
Hovhaness 2 Mysterious Mountain
Hovhaness 6 Celestial Gate
Hovhaness 7 Nanga Parvat
Hovhaness 8 Arjuna
Hovhaness 9 Saint Vartan
Hovhaness 10 Vahaken
Hovhaness 11 All Men are Brothers
Hovhaness 12 Choral
Hovhaness 13 Ardent Song re-arrangement of music composed for the Martha Graham ballet Ardent Song
Hovhaness 14 Ararat
Hovhaness 15 Silver Pilgrimage
Hovhaness 16 Kayagum
Hovhaness 17 Symphony for Metal Orchestra
Hovhaness 18 Circe re-arrangement of music composed for the 1963 Martha Graham ballet Circe
Hovhaness 19 Vishnu
Hovhaness 20 Three Journeys to a Holy Mountain
Hovhaness 21 Etchmiadzin
Hovhaness 22 City of Light
Hovhaness 23 Ani
Hovhaness 24 Majnun
Hovhaness 25 Odysseus
Hovhaness 32 The Broken Wings
Hovhaness 46 To the Green Mountains
Hovhaness 47 Walla Walla, Land of Many Waters
Hovhaness 48 Vision of Andromeda
Hovhaness 49 Christmas Symphony
Hovhaness 50 Mount St. Helens
Hovhaness 52 Journey to Vega
Hovhaness 53 Star Dawn
Hovhaness 57 Cold Mountain
Hovhaness 58 Symphony Sacra
Hovhaness 60 To the Appalachian Mountains
Hovhaness 62 Oh Let Man Not Forget These Words Divine
Hovhaness 63 Loon Lake
Hovhaness 64 Agiochook
Hovhaness 65 Artstakh
Hovhaness 66 Hymn to Glacier Peak
Hovhaness 67 Hymn to the Mountains
Hovhaness Mountains and Rivers Without End 1968 Chamber Symphony for 10 Players
Hummel 2 Reverenza [1]
Hummel 3 Jeremiah [2]
d'Indy 1 Italienne Italian never published
d'Indy 3 Sinfonia brevis de bello Gallico Brief sinfonia of the war in Gaul
d'Indy Symphonie sur un chant montagnard français
a.k.a.Symphonie Cévenole
Symphony on a French Mountain Air
("Cévennes Symphony")
Ivanovs 4 Atlantis
Ivanovs 6 Latvian
Ivanovs 12 Sinfonia energica
Ivanovs 13 Symphonia humana
Ivanovs 15 Sinfonia Ipsa
Ives 3 The Camp Meeting
Ives New England Holidays a.k.a. Holidays Symphony
Ives Universe Symphony
Kaelin Symphonie des deux mondes Symphony of the Two Worlds on a text by Helder Camara
Karłowicz E minor Rebirth Op. 7
Kashif The Queen Symphony based on the music of the pop group Queen
Koechlin Seven Stars Symphony
Koppel Symfoni for gadens børn Symphony for children in the streets
Lalo Symphonie espagnole for violin and orchestra
Lehnhoff 1 Sinfonia poetica Poetic Symphony 1975
Lehnhoff 2 Sinfonia festiva Festive Symphony 1990
Lehnhoff 3 Sinfonia Caribe Caribe Symphony 2014 Drawn from the opera "Caribe"
Liszt Dante Symphony full name: A symphony to Dante's Divina Commedia
Liszt Eine Faust-Symphonie Faust Symphony
Lange-Müller 1 D minor Efterår Autumn Op. 17
Mahler 1 Der Titan Titan 1892
Mahler 2 Auferstehung Resurrection
Mahler 6 Tragic
Mahler 7 Song of the Night
Mahler 8 Symphony of a Thousand
Mahler Das Lied von der Erde The Song of the Earth a symphony in the guise of a song cycle
see Curse of the ninth
Martinů 6 Fantaisies Symphoniques Symphonic Fantasies
McCabe Six-minute Symphony
Melartin 4 Kesäsinfonia Summer Symphony
Melartin 5 Sinfonia brevis Short Symphony
Melartin 7 Sinfonia gaia Joyous Symphony unfinished
Mendelssohn 2 Lobgesang Hymn of Praise
Mendelssohn 3 Schottische Scottish
Mendelssohn 4 Italienische Italian
Mendelssohn 5 Reformation
Menezes Sinfonias Symphonies 1997–1998 8-channel electronic work using snippets from hundreds of symphonies in the classical repertoire
Messiaen Turangalîla-Symphonie Turangalîla Symphony 1946–1948 Premiered 1949. Revised 1990.
Mignone Sinfonia do Trabalho Labour Symphony 1939
Mignone Sinfonia tropical Tropical Symphony 1958
Mignone Sinfonia transamazônica Transamazonic Symphony 1972
Milhaud 3 Te Deum
Milhaud 8 Rhôdanienne Rhone Symphony
Milhaud 11 Romantique Romantic Symphony
Milhaud 12 La Rurale Rural Symphony
Mohaupt 1 Rhythm and Variations 1939–1940 premiered 1942
Mozart, L. G major Toy Symphony Cassation for toys, 2 oboes, 2 horns, strings and continuo
Mozart A minor Odense Symphony K. Anh 220 (16a) – spurious
Mozart G major Old Lambach Symphony 1766(?) 45a
Mozart 25 G minor Little G minor see also List of compositions by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart#Symphonies
Mozart 31 Paris
Mozart 32 Overture in the Italian style
Mozart 35 Haffner
Mozart 36 Linz
Mozart 38 Prague
Mozart 40 G minor Great G minor Also: The Fortieth (number as nickname)
Mozart 41 Jupiter
Myaskovsky 16 F Major Aviation
Nielsen 2 The Four Temperaments
Nielsen 3 Sinfonia Espansiva Expansive Symphony
Nielsen 4 The Inextinguishable
Nielsen 6 Sinfonia Semplice Simple Symphony
Nystroem Sinfonia breve Short Symphony
Panufnik 1 Sinfonia rustica
Panufnik 2 Sinfonia elegiaca Elegiac Symphony
Panufnik 3 Sinfonia sacra Sacred Symphony
Panufnik 4 Sinfonia concertante Concertant Symphony
Panufnik 5 Sinfonia di sfere Symphony of the Spheres
Panufnik 6 Sinfonia mistica Mystic Symphony
Panufnik 7 Metasinfonia Metasymphony
Panufnik 8 Sinfonia votiva Votive Symphony
Panufnik 9 Sinfonia di speranza Symphony of Hope
Parry 2 Cambridge
Parry 3 English
Parry 5 Symphonic fantasia
Pärt 1 Polyphonic
Pärt 4 Los Angeles
Penderecki 2 Christmas
Penderecki 4 Adagio
Penderecki 5 Korean
Penderecki 7 The Seven Gates of Jerusalem
Penderecki 8 Lieder der Vergänglichkeit Songs of Transience
Persichetti 7 Liturgical
Persichetti 9 Sinfonia Janiculum Symphony of the Janiculum
Prokofiev 1 Classical
del Puerto 1 Boreas
del Puerto 2 Nusantara
del Puerto 3 En la melancolía de tu recuerdo, Soria In the Melancholy of your Memory, Soria
Raff 1 An das Vaterland To the Father Land
Raff 3 Im Walde In the Forest
Raff 5 Lenore
Raff 7 In den Alpen In the Alps
Raff 8 Frühlingsklänge Sounds of Spring
Raff 9 Im Sommer In Summer
Raff 10 Zur Herbstzeit To Autumn Time
Raff 11 Der Winter The Winter
Rautavaara 4 Arabescata
Rautavaara 6 Vincentiana based on themes of his opera Vincent
Rautavaara 7 Angel of Light
Rautavaara 8 The Journey
Rimsky-Korsakov 2 Antar
Röntgen 5 Der Schnitter Tod The Grim Reaper
Röntgen 10 Walzersymphonie Waltz Symphony
Röntgen 11 Wirbelsymphonie Vortex Symphony
Röntgen Bitonal Symphony
Röntgen Symphonietta Humoristica Humouristic Sinfonietta
Rubinstein 2 Ocean
Rubinstein 4 Dramatic
Rubbra 8 Hommage à Teilhard de Chardin
Rubbra 9 Resurrection a.k.a. Sinfonia Sacra
Rubbra 10 da Camera Chamber Symphony
Rubbra 11 à Colette
Saint-Saëns Urbs Roma
Saint-Saëns 3 Organ
Sallinen 2 Symphonic Dialogue (All his symphonies listed here)
Sallinen 5 Washington Mosaics
Sallinen 6 From a New Zealand Diary
Sallinen 7 The Dreams of Gandalf
Sallinen 8 Autumnal Fragments
Santoro 4 Sinfonia da Paz Symphony of Peace
Santoro 7 Sinfonia Brasília Brasilia Symphony
Schaeffer and
Symphonie pour un homme seul Symphony for One Man Alone 1949–1950 multi-movement musique concrète composition, premiered 1950
several revisions including a 1966 one by Henry
Schubert 4 C minor Tragische Tragic 1816 D 417
See also List of compositions by Schubert#Symphonies
Schubert 6 C major Kleine Sinfonie C-Dur Little C major 1817–18 D 589
Schubert 8 B minor Unvollendete Unfinished 1822 D 759. Occasionally listed as No. 7
Schubert 9 C major Große Sinfonie C-Dur Great C major 1825–1828 D 944. Also listed as No. 7 or No. 8
Identified as the elusive Gmunden-Gasteiner Sinfonie (Gastein Symphony)
Schubert 10 D major The Last 1828 D 936a. Reconstruction based on sketches
Schumann 1 Frühling Spring
Schumann 3 Rheinische Rhenish
Scriabin 3 The Divine Poem
Shapero Symphony for Classical Orchestra 1947
Shapiro 1 Pomes Penyeach
Shostakovich 2 To October
Shostakovich 3 The First of May
Shostakovich 7 Leningrad
Shostakovich 11 The Year 1905
Shostakovich 12 The Year 1917
Shostakovich 13 Babi Yar
Smith 1 The Divine Comedy
Smith 2 The Odyssey
Smith 3 Don Quixote
Smith Symphony of Souls
Sorabji 1 Tāntrik Symphony for Piano Alone 1938–39 for piano
Sorabji 2 Jāmī 1942–51 for orchestra, chorus and baritone
Sorabji 5 Symphonia brevis for Piano Brief Symphony for Piano 1973 for piano
Sorabji 6 Symphonia claviensis Symphony for Piano 1975–76 for piano
Stanford 2 Elegiac
Stanford 3 Irish
Stanford 5 L'Allegro ed il Penseroso
Stanford 6 In Memoriam G F Watts
Still 1 Afro-American
Still 2 Song of A New Race
Still 3 Sunday Symphony
Still 4 Autochthonous
Still 5 Western Hemisphere
Strauss, R. Eine Alpensinfonie An Alpine Symphony
Strauss, R. Symphonia Domestica Domestic Symphony
Stravinsky Symphony of Psalms
Stravinsky Symphonies d'instruments à vent Symphonies of Wind Instruments single-movement work for wind ensemble, not actually a symphony
Suk 2 Asrael Azrael
Tchaikovsky 1 Winter Daydreams
Tchaikovsky 2 Little Russian
Tchaikovsky 3 Polish
Tchaikovsky Ма́нфред Manfred Symphony 1885 Op. 58. Premiered 1886
Tchaikovsky 6 Pathétique Pathetic Symphony
Ter-T'at'evosian 2 Sud'ba cheloveka The Fate of a Man
Ter-T'at'evosian 5 Paganini
Toch 5 Jephtha, Rhapsodic Poem
Tournemire Symphonie sacrée Sacred Symphony for organ
Tubin 2 Legendary
Tubin 3 Heroic
Tubin 4 Lyrical
Tubin 9 Sinfonia semplice Simple Symphony
Vaughan Williams 1 A Sea Symphony
Vaughan Williams 2 A London Symphony
Vaughan Williams 3 A Pastoral Symphony
Vaughan Williams 7 Sinfonia antartica
Vieru 1 Oda tacerii Ode to Silence 1967
Vieru 3 La un cutremur At an Earthquake 1978
Vieru 6 Exodus 1989
Vieru 7 Anul soarelui calm The Year of the Tranquil Sun 1992–93
Villa-Lobos 1 O Imprevisto The Unforeseen
Villa-Lobos 2 Ascenção The Ascension
Villa-Lobos 3 A Guerra The War
Villa-Lobos 4 A Vitória The Victory
Villa-Lobos 5 A Paz The Peace lost
Villa-Lobos 6 Sobre a linha das montanhas do Brasil On the Outline of the Mountains of Brasil
Villa-Lobos 7 Odisséia da paz Peace Odyssey
Villa-Lobos 10 Sumé Pater Patrium: Sinfonia Amerindia Sumé, Father of Fathers: Amerindian Symphony
Vivaldi B minor Sinfonia al Santo Sepolcro Symphony for the Holy Sepulcher sonata for 2 violins, viola & continuo, RV 169
Whear 1 Stonehenge Symphony
Widor 9 Gothic for organ
Widor 10 Roman for organ
Widor Sinfonia sacra Sacred Symphony 1908 for organ and orchestra
Widor Symphonie antique Ancient Symphony 1911 for organ and orchestra, with choral finale
Williamson 1 Elevamini
Williamson 2 Pilgrim på Havet
Williamson 3 The Icy Mirror
Williamson 4 Jubilee
Williamson 5 Aquerò
Williamson 6 Liturgy of Homage full title: Liturgy of Homage to the Australian Broadcasting Commission in its Fiftieth Year as University to the Australian Nation
Willson 1 A Symphony of San Francisco
Willson 2 Missions of California
Wingate 2 Kleetüden
Witt Jenaer Sinfonie Jena Symphony Upon its discovery (1909) attributed to Beethoven, later more probable attribution to Witt
Zwilich 1 Three Movements for Orchestra

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