Symphony No. 8 (Milhaud)

The Symphony No. 8, Op. 362, subtitled Rhôdanienne, is a work for orchestra by French composer Darius Milhaud. The piece was written in 1957 on a commission from the University of California. Its four programmatic movements paint a musical landscape of the course of the Rhone River.[1]

Milhaud's Eighth Symphony has a total running time of about 22 minutes. The titles of the movements, as descriptive of their character as of tempo, are as follows:

  1. Avec mystère et violence (approx. 5'25")
  2. Avec sérénité et nochalence (approx. 7'25")
  3. Avec emportement (approx. 4'30")
  4. Rapide et majestueux (approx. 4'50")

This symphony is published by Heugel & Cie.



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