Antonio Rosetti

Francesco Antonio Rosetti (c. 1750 – 30 June 1792, born Franz Anton Rösler, changed to Italianate form by 1773) was a classical era composer and double bass player, and was a contemporary of Haydn and Mozart. The occasional disambiguation with a supposed, but non-existent, "Antonio Rosetti born 1744 in Milan", is due to an error by Ernst Ludwig Gerber in a later edition of his Tonkünstler-Lexikon[1] having mistaken Rosetti for an Italian in the first edition of his own Lexikon, and therefore including Rosetti twice - once as an Italian, once as a German-Czech.[2]

Antonio Rosetti

Rosetti was born about 1750 in Litoměřice, a town in Northern Bohemia. He is believed to have received early musical training from the Jesuits in Prague. In 1773 Rosetti left his native country and found employment in the Hofkapelle of Prince Kraft Ernst of Oettingen-Wallerstein whom he served for sixteen years, becoming Kapellmeister in 1785. In July 1789 Rosetti left Wallerstein to accept the post of Kapellmeister to the Duke Friedrich Franz I of Mecklenburg-Schwerin in Ludwigslust where he died in service of the duke on 30 June 1792 at the age of 42 years. In 1777, he married Rosina Neher, with whom he had three daughters. In late 1781 he was granted leave to spend 5 months in Paris. Many of the finest ensembles in the city performed his works. Rosetti arranged for his music to be published, including a set of six symphonies published in 1782. He returned to his post, assured of recognition as an accomplished composer.

Rosetti wrote over 400 compositions, primarily instrumental music including many symphonies and concertos which were widely published. Rosetti also composed a significant number of vocal and choral works, particularly in the last few years of his life. Among these are German oratorios including Der sterbende Jesu and Jesus in Gethsemane (1790) and a German Hallelujah.[3] The English music historian Charles Burney included Rosetti among the most popular composers of the period in his work A General History of Music. [4] Rosetti is perhaps best known today for his horn concertos, which Mozart scholar H. C. Robbins Landon suggests (in The Mozart Companion) may have been a model for Mozart's four horn concertos. Rosetti is also known for writing a Requiem (1776) which was performed at a memorial for Mozart in December 1791.

Attributing some music to Rosetti is difficult because several other composers with similar names worked at the same time, including Franciscus Xaverius Antonius Rössler.

Works listEdit

Available recordings are listed.


Catalog Numbers Name Key Recordings
Murray Kaul
A1 I:8 Symphony C major CPO 2017
A2 I:46 Symphony C major
A3 I:43 Symphony C major Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 2016
A4 I:4 Symphony C major
A5 I:6 Symphony C major
A6 I:11 Symphony C major Tacet 1999, Biva 2009, RecArt 2014
A7 I:17 Symphony C major
A8 I:26 Symphony C major Arte Nova 2000, RBM 1997
A9 I:21 Symphony C major Chandos 1997, Teldec 1997
A10 I:3 Symphony D major CAB 2003
A11 I:2 Symphony D major
A12 I:12 Symphony D major Chandos 1997, RecArt 2014
A13 I:30 Symphony D major Teldec 1997
A14 I:29 Symphony D major MDG 2001
A15 I:33 Symphony D major GZ Digital Media 2008
A16 I:7 Symphony D major CPO 2011
A17 I:15 Symphony D major
A18 I:47 Symphony D major
A19 I:13 Symphony D major Tacet 1999
A20 I:18 Symphony "La Chasse" D major Orfeo 1997, Teldec 1997, MDG 2003
A21 I:20 Symphony D major Arte Nova 2000, MDG 2001, Caro Mitis 2005
A22 I:28 Symphony D major MDG 2003
A23 I:5 Symphony E flat major Ars Produktion 2011
A24 I:5a Symphony E flat major
A25 deest Symphony E flat major
A26 I:35 Symphony E flat major
A27 I:32 Symphony E flat major Arte Nova 2000, Teldec 1995
A28 I:23 Symphony E flat major (notated as D sharp!) Teldec 1995
A29 I:9 Symphony E flat major RBM 1997, CPO 2017
A30 I:34 Symphony E flat major
A31 deest Symphony E flat major
A32 I:10 + I:55 Symphony F major CPO 2011
A33 I:24 Symphony F major Chandos 1997
A34 I:45 Symphony F major
A35 I:1 Symphony F major Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 2016
A36 I:41 Symphony F major
A37 I:37 Symphony G major
A38 I:40 Symphony G major
A39 I:16 Symphony G major CPO 2005
A40 I:22 Symphony G major Chandos 1997, Teldec 1997
A41 I:44 Symphony G major Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 2016
A42 I:27 Symphony G minor RBM 1994, Teldec 1995, Arte Nova 2000, Caro Mitis 2005, K&K 2006, RecArt 2014
A43 I:19 Symphony B flat major MDG 2003
A44 I:38 Symphony B flat major
A45 I:14 Symphony B flat major CPO 2005
A46 I:39 Symphony B flat major
A47 deest Symphony B flat major lost
A48 I:31 Symphony B flat major RBM 1997
A49 I:25 Symphony B flat major Teldec 1995
A50 deest Symphony A minor lost
A51 I:49 Symphony D major

Wind ensemblesEdit

Catalog Numbers Name Key Recordings
Murray Kaul
B1 II:9 Partita D major CPO 2004
B2 II:10 Partita D major Pan Classics 2006
B3 II:8 Partita D major CPO 2004
B4 II:11 Partita D major CPO 2004
B5 II:14 Partita D major CPO 2004
B6 II:17 Quintet E flat major Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 2013, Ars Produktion 2013
B7 II:20 Partita E flat major
B8 II:22 Partita E flat major
B9 deest Partita E flat major
B10 II:6 Partita E flat major
B11 II:1 Partita E flat major
B12 deest Partita E flat major
B13 II:4 Partita E flat major Pan Classics 2006
B14 II:7 Partita E flat major
B15 II:3 Partita E flat major
B16 II:5 Partita E flat major Classico 2006
B17 deest Quartet E flat major Classico 2006
B18 II:13 Partita F major Accent 1989, Classico 2006, Pan Classics 2006, SWR Digital 2020
B19 II:16 Partita F major Aulia 2004
B20 II:15 Partita F major CPO 2004
B21 II:12 Partita F major Pan Classics 2006
B22 II:2 Sextet B flat major Classico 2006
B23 II:23 Partita B flat major
B24 II:19 + II:21 Notturno D major Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 2013
B25 I:56 Serenata C major
B26 II:18 Septet E flat major Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 2013
B27 I:58 Notturno E flat major CPO 2003, Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 2013
B28 I:60 6 Menuets lost
B29 I:59 12 Menuets


Catalog Numbers Name Key Recordings
Murray Kaul
C1 deest Piano Concerto E flat major
C2 III:1 Piano Concerto G major Tacet 1999, Capriccio 2002
C3 III:2 Piano Concerto G major Tacet 1999
C4 III:3 Piano Concerto B flat major CPO 2017
C5 III:8 Violin Concerto C major CPO 2020
C6 III:9 Violin Concerto D major CPO 2005
C7 III:7 Violin Concerto D major CPO 2020
C8 deest Violin Concerto D major
C9 III:5 Violin Concerto D minor CPO 2005, Caro Mitis 2005
C10 III:6 Violin Concerto E flat major
C11 III:4 Violin Concerto F major CPO 2020
C12 deest Violin Concerto A major partly lost
C13 III:10 Violin Concerto A major
C14 I:36 Symphonie Concertante for 2 Violins D major MDG 2001
C15 deest Viola Concerto G major Sony Classical 2009
C16 III:14 Flute Concerto C major Orfeo 2003
C17 III:16 Flute Concerto D major Vars 2001
C18 III:12 Flute Concerto D major Supraphon 1956/2002
C19 III:23 Flute Concerto E flat major Naxos 2008
C20 III:18 Flute Concerto E flat major
C21 III:20 Flute Concerto F major Orfeo 2003
C22 III:13 Flute Concerto G major Alba 2003, Orfeo 2003
C23 III:11 Flute Concerto G major Vars 1997
C24 III:19 Flute Concerto G major Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 2016
C25 III:17 Flute Concerto G major Orfeo 2003
C26 III:24 Flute Concerto G major
C27 III:22 Flute Concerto G major Koch Schwann 2001
C28 III:21 Flute Concerto G major MDG 2003
C29 III:32 Oboe Concerto C major CPO 2011
C30 III:27 Oboe Concerto C major CPO 2011
C31 III:29 Oboe Concerto C major CPO 1991
C32 III:34 Oboe Concerto C major
C33 III:28 Oboe Concerto D major CPO 1991
C34 III:31 Oboe Concerto F major CPO 1991, Naxos 2002
C35 deest Oboe Concerto F major
C36 III:30 Oboe Concerto G major MDG 2001
C37 III:25 Oboe Concerto G major
C38 III:43 Horn Concerto D minor Caro Mitis 2005, Hanssler 2001, Teldec 1994, Nimbus 1988, Rosa 1998, Supraphon 2010
C39 deest Horn Concerto D minor Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 2016
C40 III:35 Horn Concerto E flat major Arte Nova 2002
C41 III:39 Horn Concerto E flat major ebs 1997, EMI Classics 1986, Pan Classics 1998
C42 III:41 Horn Concerto E flat major
C43 deest Horn Concerto E flat major Arte Nova 2002
C44 III:48 Horn Concerto E flat major lost
C45 III:46 Horn Concerto E flat major lost
C46 III:47 Horn Concerto E flat major lost
C47 III:40 Horn Concerto E flat major Arte Nova 2002
C48 III:37 Horn Concerto E flat major CPO 2009
C49 III:36 Horn Concerto E flat major Hanssler 2001, Rosa 1998, ebs 1997, Zuk 2005, Supraphon 2010
C50 III:44 Horn Concerto E major CPO 2009, EMI Classics 1986
C51 III:42 Horn Concerto E major Hanssler 2001, Rosa 1998, EMI Classics 1986
C52 III:45 Horn Concerto E flat major Arte Nova 2002
C53 III:38 Horn Concerto F major Hanssler 2001, Rosa 1998
C54 deest Horn Concerto E flat major
C55 III:54 Concerto for 2 Horns E flat major Naxos 1991
C56 deest Concerto for 2 Horns E flat major CPO 2003
C57 III:53 Concerto for 2 Horns E flat major CPO 2003
C58 III:51 Concerto for 2 Horns E major CPO 2003
C59 III:50 Concerto for 2 Horns E major lost
C60 III:52 Concerto for 2 Horns E major and F major CPO 1999
C61 III:49 Concerto for 2 Horns F major CPO 2009, ebs 1997, BVA 1992, Naxos 1991
C62 III:55 Clarinet Concerto E flat major CPO 1999
C63 III:57 Clarinet Concerto E flat major CPO 1999
C64 III:58 Clarinet Concerto E flat major lost
C65 deest Clarinet Concerto E flat major lost
C66 III:65 Clarinet Concerto E flat major lost
C67 deest Bassoon Concerto C major CPO 2012
C68 III:64 Bassoon Concerto E flat major CPO 2012
C69 III:60 Bassoon Concerto B flat major CPO 2003, Naxos 2003
C70 III:67 Bassoon Concerto B flat major lost
C71 III:65 Bassoon Concerto B flat major lost
C72 III:66 Bassoon Concerto B flat major CPO 2012
C73 III:61 Bassoon Concerto B flat major CPO 2003, Naxos 2003
C74 III:62 Bassoon Concerto B flat major CPO 2003, Naxos 2003, Hungaroton 2006
C75 III:63 Bassoon Concerto F major CPO 2003, Naxos 2003
C76 deest Sinfonia Concertante for 2 Violins E flat major

Chamber musicEdit

Catalog Numbers Name Key Recordings
Murray Kaul
D1 IV:5.1 String Trio C major
D2 IV:5.2 String Trio G major
D3 IV:5.3 String Trio D major
D4 IV:5.4 String Trio F major
D5 deest String Trio C major
D6 IV:1.1 String Quartet Op 4/1 A major Gramola 2013
D7 IV:1.2 String Quartet Op 4/2 C major
D8 IV:1.3 String Quartet Op 4/3 E flat major
D9 IV:2.1 String Quartet Op 6/1 A major CPO 1995
D10 IV:2.2 String Quartet Op 6/2 E flat major CPO 1995, SWR Digital 2020
D11 IV:2.3 String Quartet Op 6/3 B flat major CPO 1995
D12 IV:2.4 String Quartet Op 6/4 C minor CPO 1995
D13 IV:2.5 String Quartet Op 6/5 D major CPO 1995
D14 IV:2.6 String Quartet Op 6/6 F major CPO 1995
D15 IV:4.1 String Quartet A major
D16 IV:4.2 Flute Quartet G major Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 2013
D17 IV:4.3 String Quartet F major
D18 IV:3 Bassoon Quartet B flat major
D19 IV:13.1 Violin Sonata D major Supraphon 2000, Arte Nova 2003
D20 IV:13.2 Violin Sonata E flat major Supraphon 2000, Arte Nova 2003, Naxos 2003
D21 IV:13.3 Violin Sonata B flat major Supraphon 2000, Arte Nova 2003
D22 IV:13.4 Violin Sonata G major Supraphon 2000, Arte Nova 2003
D23 IV:13.5 Violin Sonata B flat major Supraphon 2000, Arte Nova 2003
D24 IV:13.6 Violin Sonata C major Supraphon 2000, Arte Nova 2003
D25 IV:14 Violin Sonata F major lost
D26 IV:7.1 Piano Trio Op 1/1 G major
D27 IV:7.2 Piano Trio Op 1/2 F major
D28 IV:7.3 Piano Trio Op 1/3 B flat major
D29 IV:8.1 Piano Trio Op 5/1 C major
D30 IV:8.2 Piano Trio Op 5/2 E flat major
D31 IV:8.3 Piano Trio Op 5/3 D major
D32 IV:8.4 Piano Trio Op 5/4 D major
D33 IV:8.5 Piano Trio Op 5/5 A major
D34 IV:8.6 Piano Trio Op 5/6 C major
D35 IV:9.1 Piano Trio Op 7/1 G major
D36 IV:9.2 Piano Trio Op 7/2 B flat major
D37 IV:9.3 Piano Trio Op 7/3 F major
D38 IV:9.4 Piano Trio Op 7/4 C major
D39 IV:12.1 Piano Trio C major lost
D40 IV:12.2 Piano Trio C major lost
D41 IV:12.3 Piano Trio D major lost
D42 IV:10.2 Piano Trio F major lost
D43 IV:6.1 Violin Duet E flat major
D44 IV:6.2 Violin Duet B flat major
D45 IV:6.3 Violin Duet G major
D46 IV:6.4 Violin Duet A major
D47 IV:6.5 Violin Duet D major
D48 IV:6.6 Violin Duet C minor
D49 II:24 Quartet for piccolo violin, 2 oboes & continuo C major lost
D50 II:25 Flute Quartet C major lost
D51 II:26 Cassation D major lost
D52 II:27 Cassation E flat major lost

Note: The recordings of D19 through D24 above are arrangements for harp.


Catalog Numbers Name Key Recordings
Murray Kaul
E1 V:6 Piano Sonata F major
E2 V:5 Piano Sonata G major
E3 V:3 Piano Sonata B flat major
E4 Piano Sonata F major
E5 Anglaise D major
E6 Anglaise F major
E7 Anglaise D major
E8 Menuet F major
E9 Menuet C major
E10 Menuet G major
E11 Menuet G major
E12 Menuet F major
E13 Menuet D major
E14 Menuet D major
E15 Menuet C major
E16 Menuet C major
E17 Menuet D major
E18 Menuet C major
E19 Menuet D major
E20 Menuet C major
E21 Alla Polacca C major
E22 Schleifer A major
E23 Schleifer G major
E24 Schleifer G major
E25 Deutscher Walzer F major
E26 Deutscher Walzer A major
E27 Romance E flat major
E28 Romance A major
E29 Romance E flat major
E30 Romance A major
E31 Romance B flat major
E32 Romance B flat major
E33 Romance B flat major
E34 Romance G major
E35 Romance B flat major
E36 Romance B flat major
E37 Rondo B flat major
E38 Rondo D major
E39 Rondo E flat major
E40 Rondo G major
E41 Rondo A major
E42 Rondeau G major
E43 Rondo C major
E44 Capriccio C major
E45 Capriccio F minor
E46 Capriccio D major
E47 Allegro D major
E48 Allegro assai F major
E49 Allegretto A major
E50 Allegretto non presto D major
E51 Allegro scherzante G major
E52 Allegretto scherzante B flat major
E53 Allegro scherzante G major
E54 Allegro scherzando E flat major
E55 Allegretto A minor
E56 Allegretto G major
E57 Andante B flat major
E58 Andante E minor
E59 Grazioso E minor
E60 Moderato D major
E61 Non presto A major
E62 Presto non tanto E flat major
E63 V:7.1 Piano Sonata B flat major
E64 V:7.2 Piano Sonata F major
E65 V:7.3 Piano Sonata G major
E66 V:7.4 Piano Sonata E flat major
E67 Variations (6) G major
E68 German Dances (4) for Piano 4-Hands

Vocal worksEdit

Catalog Number Type Title Text Key Recordings
F1 Song Abendgedanken eines Jüngling Wie so schön der Sonne letzte Strahlen E major
F2 Song Abschied an Theonen Nun Theone naht die Stunde B flat major
F3 Song Acrostiche Ce que j'aime, c'est ma Colette G major
F4 Song Air de Monsieur le Chevalier de Rosetti Les Dieux ne formèrent Lisette F minor
F5 Song Als Dafne weinte Wunderschön ist die Natur D minor
F6 Song Am Fenster beim Mondschein Nacht und still ist um mich her kaum A major
F7 Song An den Frühling Wilkommen schöner Jüngling, du Wonne der Natur E flat major
F8 Song An die Muse Du, die voll Glut den Lorbeer einst besungen F minor
F9 Song An ein junges Mädchen Du kleine Blondine bezaubert ja schon A major
F10 Song An ein kleines Mädchen Tanze, liebe Kleine! hüpfe durch dies Leben F major
F11 Song An einen Blumenstraus Blumen die mit lieber Hand B flat major
F12 Song An einem heitern Frühlingsmorgen Wilkommen mir, O Birkenhain A major
F13 Song An einen Wassertrinker Trink betrübter todtenblasser Wassertrinker B flat major
F14 Song An mein Täubchen Geh trautes liebes Täubchen G major
F15 Song An Mutter Natur Mutter ist ein süsses Lied B flat major
F16 Song An Selindes Augen O, wie leuchtest du so klar E flat major
F17 Song Der Apfel Als jüngst Hänschen in dem Gras D minor
F18 Song Aufmunterung zur Freude Heitre dich mein Weibchen auf! E minor
F19 Song Ballade Ein troziger Ritter im fränkischen Land D major
F20 Song Die Biene und der Rosskäfer Ein Bienchen sass im sanften Schose F major
F21 Song Blumenlied Es ist ein halbes Himmelreich G major
F22 Song Doris an das Klavier Gefährte meiner Einsamkeit F major
F23 Song Doris an Lotten Du fliechst! umringt von Schmerzen E flat major
F24 Song Edgar an Psyche Welch ein Leben kleine Psyche B flat major
F25 Song Ein Lied von der Liebe Liebe, Liebe beseligt das Leben B flat major
F26 Song Ein Stückchen von meinem Bruder Ich hab ein kleines Brüderchen C major
F27 Song Eine sehr gewöhnliche Geschichte Filink stand jüngst vor Babets Thür G major
F28 Song Das eitle Mädchen O, wie viel gebricht mir an Schönheit nicht! B flat major
F29 Song Frizchens Lob des Landlebens Rühmt immer eure grosse Stadt E major
F30 Song Der Garten des Lebens Der Garten des Lebens ist lieblich E minor
F31 Song Das Glück auf dem Lande Unter diesem stillen Schatten E major
F32 Song Der glückliche Bauer Ihr, schwätz mir da von einem Bauer D major
F33 Song Der glückliche Landmann Heida, lustig! ich bin Hanns C major
F34 Song Grethchens Lied Seit in der Näh' ich mein Hänschen gesehn A major
F35 Song Guter Muth Und wenn ich auch kein König bin C major
F36 Song Hannchen Nachbar Veitens Hannchen ging neulich Gras zu B flat major
F37 Song Huldigung Euch ihr Schönen! will ich fröhnen F minor
F38 Song Jost mit der Schelle Für'n armen Jost, sei mildreich Erden Sohn A minor
F39 Song Der junge Baum Das liebe, kleine Bäumchen hier F minor
F40 Song Karlinchen ein Jahr alt Sieh! er kommt im frohen Feierkleide A major
F41 Song Das Klavier Süss ertönendes Klavier, welche Freude schaffst du A major
F42 Song Könnt ich mein Liebchen kaufen Könnt ich mein Liebchen kaufen A major
F43 Song Das Lamm Wie nah, du armens Lämmchen E flat major
F44 Song Der Landmann hinter dem Pflug Der war gewiss ein frommer Mann D major
F45 Song Das Leben ist ein Traum Das Leben ist ein Traum E flat major
F46 Song Liebe über Liebe Mutter sieh den bösen Vogel E flat major
F47 Song Der Liebende Beglückt, wer dich erblikt E flat major
F48 Song Liebestaumel Was geht die ganze Welt mich an F major
F49 Song Liebeserklärung Ich liebe dich, ich darf es nur nicht A major Brilliant Classics 2008
F50 Song Das Liebesgrab Selmar war ein guter Junge jedem Menschen war A flat major
F51 Song Lied eines gemeinen Mannes Ich will nicht sorgen mich, nicht kümmern F major
F52 Song Lied in der Kurzeit O, wer wollt so thörigt sein Martern sich D major
F53 Song Liedchen Ich hatt' einmal ein Mädchen B flat major
F54 Song Lob des Höchsten Zu Sions Höhen hin erhebt E major
F55 Song Das Mädchen bei der ersten Rotenzusammenkunft Winter ist's drum ei'a nu Mädchen greift A major
F56 Song Mailied Gegrüsset Morgen Wolke! E flat major
F57 Song Mailied Der Schnee zerinnt, der Mai beginnt A major
F58 Song Mein Mädchen Liebe, Liebe, welche Freuden A major
F59 Song Der Mond Wie süss und freundlich lacht des Mondes G major
F60 Song Nachtigallenlied Heut Morgen als ich lauschend schlich durch Büsch G major
F61 Song Der Negersklave Hintern Meeresstrande wo die Sonne C sharp minor
F62 Song Die Nelke Wor ihrer Hütte wom West umweht B flat major
F63 Song Pastorale Rossignol dont la voix touchante E flat major
F64 Song Das Rothkehlchen So seh ich euch denn all entweichen B flat major
F65 Song Rundgesang Unsre Herzen zu erfreun gab uns Gott C major
F66 Song Der Sonderling Baut stolze Schlösser in die Luft D major
F67 Song Die Sonne beim Aufgange Sei mir gegrüsst zu meines Gottes A major
F68 Song Der Traum Ich träumt' ich war ein Vögelein und flog auf A major
F69 Song Trinklied Das Glas gefült der Norwind brült D major
F70 Song Die Unschuld O Unschuld weihe du mich ganz! E flat major
F71 Song Urians Reise um die Welt Wenn jemand eine Reise thut B flat major
F72 Song Vergänglichkeit Tausendmal hab ich's empfunden G major
F73 Song Der verliebte Schäfer Komm, sei mein Liebchen!schenke mir dein Herzchen B flat major
F74 Song Die Verschwiegenheit Heimlich nur, doch inniglich F minor
F75 Song Vor einer Reise im Winter Morgen, Morgen geht es fort B flat major
F76 Song Vor einer Reise zu Liebchen Bravo, bravo! iezt empfohl G major
F77 Song Der wahre Reichtum Warum durchirrt nach Gut und Geld C major
F78 Song Wiegenlied Schlaf Kind, sieh hier an meinem Herzen E flat major
F79 Song Winterlied Kein Veilchen blüht, kein Röschen glüht A major
F80 Song Der Winter Nicht dir, O Lenz! will ich allein nur A major
F81 Song Der Zufrieden Ich gäbe nimmer zufrieden Sinn B flat major
F82 Song Der Zufrieden Meine Wûnsche sind gestillt F minor
F83 Hymn Ah chare, ah Jesu peccavi Ah chare, ah Jesu peccavi B flat major
F84 Antiphon Salve Regina Salve Regina Mater misericordiae C major
F85 Antiphon Salve Regina Salve Regina Mater misericordiae E flat major Ars Produktion 2011
F86 Antiphon Salve Regina Salve Regina Mater misericordiae E flat major CPO 2008
F87 Antiphon Salve Regina Salve Regina Mater misericordiae G major CPO 2008
F88 Antiphon Salve Regina Salve Regina Mater misericordiae A major CPO 2008
F89 Antiphon Salve Regina Salve Regina Mater misericordiae B flat major CPO 2008
F90 Concert Aria Tutta di sdegno armato Tutta di sdegno armato C major
F91 Concert Aria Wenn aus zerschmetternden Gewittern Wenn aus zerschmetternden Gewittern C major
F92 Antiphon Salve Regina Salve Regina Mater misericordiae F major
F93 Hymn Teomi Jesu adoro Teomi Jesu adoro C major
F94 Hymn Amavit eum Dominus amavit Amavit eum Dominus amavit C major
F95 Hymn Attendite vigilate et orate Attendite vigilate et orate G minor
F96 Hymn Diffusa est gratia Diffusa est gratia in labiis E flat major
F97 Hymn Huc catastae Huc catastae huc orci larvae D major
F98 Concert Aria Non vidi alma Non vidi alma che freme F major
F99 Hymn Qua est ista Qua est ista qua ascendit G major
F100 Antiphon Salve Regina Salve Regina Mater misericordiae B flat major
F101 Antiphon Parvulus filius Parvulus filius hodie natus est G major
F102 Antiphon Gaude Virgo Mater Christi Gaude Virgo Mater Christi E minor
F103 Antiphon De Beatissimae Virgine Maria ? E flat major voice parts lost
F104 Concert Aria Or che per te sospiro Or che per te sospiro A major
F105 Concert Aria Ariette Que dans sa détresse, l'amant qui me blesse F minor
F106 Concert Aria Rondeau A mes voeux le ciel propice C major
F107 Concert Aria Rondo Vous prenez un air sévère F major
F108 Concert Aria Scena e rondo Calme ton âme...Mais par vengeance C major
F109 Antiphon A periens os suum dixit A periens os suum dixit B flat major

Choral worksEdit

Catalog Number Type Name Date Author/Note Recordings
G1 Oratorio Der sterbende Jesu 1785 Karl Friedrich Bernhard Zinkernagel
G2 Oratorio Jesus in Gethsemane 1790 Heinrich Julius Tode CPO 2008
G3 Cantata Aufs Osterfest c.1790 Parody of Mass Murray H4
G4 Cantata Aufs Deutschlands Genius oder Friedenfest c.1790
G5 Cantata Dank Kantate c.1790 Music entirely from Murray G1
G6 Cantata Ewiger dir singen wir c.1790 Christian Gotthilf Tag
G7 Cantata Hallelujah 1791 Heinrich Julius Tode CPO 2008
G8 Incidental Music Das Winterfest der Hirten 1789
G9 Vaudeville La matinée des artistes Voice parts lost
G10 Ode Gesegnet sei die Stunde 1790 Heinrich Julius Tode
G11 Choral O Segne sei, du Geber grosser Freuden 1789
G12 Cantata Al sospire Possibly by Antonio Rosetti (b. 1744)

Liturgical worksEdit

Catalog Number Type Name Key Date Recordings
H1 Mass Mass C major
H2 Mass Mass C major 1782
H3 Mass Mass C minor
H4 Mass Mass D major 1787
H5 Mass Mass D major
H6 Mass Mass D major 1788
H7 Mass Mass D minor lost
H8 Mass Mass D minor
H9 Mass Mass E flat major
H10 Mass Mass F major
H11 Mass Mass F major 1784
H12 Mass Missa brevis F major c.1790
H13 Mass Mass G minor
H14 Requiem Requiem C minor
H15 Requiem Requiem E flat major 1776 Ars Produktion 2011
H16 Requiem Requiem E flat major c.1780
H17 Requiem Requiem E flat major
H18 Requiem Requiem E flat major
H19 Requiem Requiem F major
H20 Requiem Requiem G minor
H21 Choral Der Herr der aller Enden B flat major c.1790
H22 Choral Ich habe nun den Grund gefunden D major c.1790
H23 Gradual Lauda O Sion C major
H24 Gradual Venite ad me E flat major Ars Produktion 2011
H25 Gradual Viderunt omnes B flat major Ars Produktion 2011
H26 Offertory Ecce video caelos apertos D major c.1790
H27 Offertory Huc ad este pie mentes E flat major
H28 Offertory O felix Roma E flat major
H29 Offertory Laetare mater ecclesia C major
H30 Hymn Pange lingua E flat major 1785
H31 Hymn Jesu, rex fortissime B minor c.1785 Ars Produktion 2011
H32 Psalm setting Singet dem Herrn C major c.1790
H33 Antiphon Ave Maria C major
H34 Antiphon Asperges me C major
H35 Antiphon Salve Regina E flat major
H36 Canticle Te Deum D major
H37 Canticle Litaniae C major
H38 Canticle Litaniae C major 1789
H39 Canticle Litaniae D major 1790
H40 Psalm setting Miserere D minor c.1790
H41 Psalm setting Vesperae solemnes C major


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