Werner Jaegerhuber

Werner Anton Jaegerhuber (17 March 1900 - 20 May 1953)[1] was a Haitian composer known for composing "Messe sur les Airs Vodoussques",[2] "Musique pour Aieules", "Naissa"[3] and many others.

Werner A. Jaegerhuber

Werner Jaegerhuber was the son of Anton Jaegerhuber, a naturalized American citizen of German origin and Anna Maria Tippenhauer, a member of a mulatto Haitian family.[4] Jaegerhuber studied in Germany from 1915 to 1937 (roughly the same time as the US occupation of Haiti) and later went on to compose classical music and operas. His interest in peasant music made a major contribution to the world of music by combining traditional Haitian folkloric music with classical European music.


Jaegerhuber died in Pétion-Ville, Haiti on May 20, 1953.[1]


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