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Joaquín Turina Pérez (9 December 1882 – 14 January 1949) was a Spanish composer of classical music.[1]

Joaquín Turina
Joaquín Turina.jpg
Turina in 1914
Born(1882-12-09)9 December 1882
Died (1949-01-14) 14 January 1949 (age 70)
Madrid, Spain



Turina was born in Seville. He studied in Seville as well as in Madrid. He lived in Paris from 1905 to 1914 where he took composition lessons from Vincent d'Indy at his Schola Cantorum de Paris and studied the piano under Moritz Moszkowski. Like his countryman and friend, Manuel de Falla, while there he got to know the impressionist composers Maurice Ravel and Claude Debussy.[2]

On 10 December 1908 he married Obdulia Garzón[3] and together they had five children. She was the dedicatee of the Danzas fantásticas, which he completed in 1919.

Along with de Falla, he returned to Madrid in 1914, working as a composer, teacher and critic. On 28 March 1916, he joined the Madrid Symphony Orchestra at the Hotel Ritz in that city, to perform the premiere of Falla's revised orchestral version of El amor brujo.[3] In the early months of 1929, he visited Havana, Cuba, where he gave a series of seven lectures at the Hispanic-Cuban Institute of Culture.[3]

In 1931 he was made professor of composition at the Madrid Royal Conservatory. He died in Madrid.[4] Among his notable pupils were Vicente Asencio and Celedonio Romero.

His works include the operas Margot (1914) and Jardín de Oriente (1923), the Danzas fantásticas (1919, versions for piano and orchestra), La oración del torero (written first for a lute quartet, then string quartet, then string orchestra), chamber music, piano works, guitar pieces and songs. Much of his work shows the influence of traditional Andalusian music.[citation needed] He also wrote a short one-movement Rapsodia sinfónica (1931) for piano and orchestra. His music often conveys a feeling of rapture or exaltation. His guitar works include Fandanguillo and Hommage à Tárrega, which were written for Andrés Segovia. The dedicatee and/or first performer of a number of his piano works was José Cubiles.[3]

Complete list of compositionsEdit

Opus Title Scoring Date Notes


La Copla, zarzuela opera 1904
Fea y con gracia, zarzuela opera 1905
11 Margot, comedia lírica, 3 acts (Libretto: Gregorio Martínez Serra) opera 1914
Tragedia Cómica opera 1915
La mujer del héroe, zarzuela or sainete, 2 acts opera 1916 sketches;

Canción de cuna published separately for soprano and orchestra and for soprano and piano

16 Navidad, incidental music orchestra 1916
18 La adúltera penitente, drama, 3 acts (Libretto: G. Martínez Serra) opera 1917
25 Jardín de Oriente, opera, 1 act opera 1923
27 La Anunciación, comedia (Libretto: Tomás Borrás) piano quintet 1923 Aparición del arcángel and Intermedio only
Pregón de flores, zarzuela
  • Preludio: Invocación a Sevilla
  • Aria de Diamela: ¡Ay!, ausencia
opera 1940 incomplete;

Preludio scored for piano;

Aria scored for soprano and piano

El Abanderado, feature film score orchestra 1943 in collaboration with Turina's pupil Jesús García Leoz
Eugenia de Montijo, feature film score orchestra 1944 in collaboration with Turina's pupil Jesús García Leoz
Luis Candelas, feature film score voice and orchestra 1947 in collaboration with Turina's pupil Jesús García Leoz


Plegaria a nuestro padre Jesús de la pasión (Coplas al señor de pasión) tenor, baritone, small male choir, orchestra 1901
6 Rima voice and piano 1910
Misa a nuestro padre Jesús de pasión tenor, male chorus, orchestra 1912
19 Poema en forma de canciones soprano and piano 1917
Plegaria a la santísima Virgen del amparo tenor, bass, male chorus, chamber orchestra 1920
Plegaria a nuestra señora del amparo tenor, baritone, male chorus, chamber orchestra 1923
26 3 Arias voice and piano 1923
Alabado, para la hermandad de nuestra señora del amparo tenor and chamber orchestra 1924
37 Canto a Sevilla voice and orchestra 1927
38 Dos canciones (Texts: Cristina de Arteaga) voice and piano 1926
39 Corazón de mujer, poema (Text: Cristina de Arteaga) voice and piano 1926
¡Salve!, retablo Mariano soprano & tenor voices, orchestra 1928 also version for solo voice and piano
45 Tríptico (Texts: Ramón de Campoamor y Duque de Rivas) voice and piano 1927
El corazón de Jesús voice and piano c.1929?
Saeta en flor de salva a la Virgen de Esperanza voice and piano 1930
54 3 Sonetos (Texts: Francisco Rodríguez Marín) voice and piano 1930
60 Saeta, en forma de salve, a la Virgen de la Esperanza (Text: Joaquín y Serafín Álvarez Quintero) voice and piano, or voice and orchestra 1930
74 Vocalizaciones soprano and piano 1932
81 3 Poemas (Texts: Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer) voice and piano 1933
90 Homenaje a Lope de Vega (Texts: Félix Lope de Vega) voice and piano 1935
Plegaria (o Coplas) a nuestro padre Jesús de la vera cruz tenor, baritone, male chorus, organ, string orchestra 1936
93 Las musas de Andalucía voice and piano quintet 1942
95 Ave Maria soprano and piano 1942


9 La procesión del Rocío orchestra 1912
12 Evangelio, poema orchestra 1914
23 Sinfonía sevillana orchestra 1920
43 Ritmos, fantasía coreográfica orchestra 1927
66 Rapsodia sinfónica, Ciclo pianístico V piano and string orchestra 1931
Primavera sevillana orchestra 1943
Sinfonía del mar
  1. Preludio (en forma de lied)
  2. Episodio trágico (en forma de sonata)
orchestra 1945 unfinished;

completed and orchestrated by Manuel Castillo 1981


Trio in F major piano trio 1904
1 Piano Quintet piano quintet 1907
Sonata española violin and piano 1908 published 1993
La romanza del quiero y no puedo cello and piano 1909
4 String Quartet string quartet 1910
7 Escena andaluza piano quintet 1913
28 El poema de una sanluqueña violin and piano 1924
34 La oración del torero 4 lutes or string quartet 1925
35 Piano Trio No. 1 piano trio 1926
51 Violin Sonata No. 1 violin and piano 1929
67 Piano Quartet in A minor piano quartet 1931
72 Variaciones clásicas violin and piano 1932
76 Piano Trio No. 2 piano trio 1933
82 Violin Sonata No. 2 (Sonata española) violin and piano 1934
87 Serenata string quartet or string orchestra 1935
91 Círculo piano trio 1936
100 Tema y variaciones, Ciclo plateresco I harp and piano 1945
102 Homenaje a Navarra, sobre diseños de Sarasate, Ciclo plateresco III violin and piano 1945


29 Sevillana guitar 1923
36 Fandanguillo guitar 1925
53 Ráfaga guitar 1929
61 Sonata guitar 1931
69 Homenaje a Tárrega guitar 1932


2 Sevilla piano 1908
3 Sonata romántica piano 1909
Marcha militar piano 1911 also version for orchestra
5 Rincones sevillanos piano 1911
8 3 Danzas andaluzas piano 1912
10 Preludio organ 1913
13 Musette organ 1914
14 Recuerdos de mi rincón piano 1914
15 Álbum de viaje piano 1915
17 Mujeres españolas, Series 1 piano 1916
20 Cuentos de España, Series 1 piano 1918
21 Niñerías, Series 1 piano 1919
22 Danzas fantásticas piano 1919 also version for orchestra
24 Sanlúcar de Barrameda piano 1921
30 El Cristo de la calavera, leyenda becqueriana piano 1924
31 Jardines de Andalucía piano 1924
32 La venta de los gatos piano 1925
33 El barrio de Santa Cruz, variaciones rítmicas piano 1925
40 La leyenda de la Giralda piano 1926
41 2 Danzas sobre temas populares españolas piano 1927
42 Verbena madrileña piano 1926
44 Mallorca piano 1928
46 Evocaciones, 3 pieces piano 1928
47 Cuentos de España, Series 2 piano 1928
48 Recuerdos de la antigua España piano 1929
49 Viaje marítimo piano c.1929?
50 Toccata and Fugue, Ciclo pianístico I piano 1928
52 Miniaturas piano 1929
55 5 Danzas gitanas, Series 1 piano 1930
56 Niñerías, Series 2 piano 1930
57 Partita in C major, Ciclo pianístico II piano 1930
58 Tarjetas postales piano 1930
59 Sonata fantasía piano 1930
62 Radio Madrid piano 1931
63 Jardín de niños piano 1931
64 Pieza romántica, Ciclo pianístico III piano 1931
65 El castillo de Almodóvar, Ciclo pianístico IV piano 1931
68 El Circo piano 1931
70 Silhouettes piano 1932
71 En la zapatería, short pieces piano c.1932?
73 Mujeres españolas, Series 2 piano 1932
75 Fantasía italiana piano 1932
77 El poema infinito, Trilogía No. 1 piano 1933
78 Rincones de Sanlúcar, Ciclo pianístico VI piano 1933
79 Bailete piano 1933
80 Preludios, Ciclo pianístico VII piano 1933
83 Fantasía, sobre cinco notas: A.R.B.O.S. piano 1934
84 5 Danzas gitanas, Series 2 piano 1934
85 Ofrenda, Trilogía No. 2 piano 1934
86 Hipócrates. Trilogía No. 3 piano 1934
88 Concierto sin orquesta, Ciclo pianístico VIII piano 1935
89 Mujeres de Sevilla piano 1935
92 En el Cortijo piano 1940
94 Fantasía del reloj, 3 momentos piano 1943
96 Por las calles de Sevilla piano c.1943
97 Rincón mágico piano 1943
98 Poema fantástico piano 1944
99 Contemplación, 3 impresiones piano 1944
Los siete dolores de la Virgen, Estampas
  1. Profecía de Simón
  2. Huida a Egipto
piano 1945 unfinished, only first 2 pieces completed
101 Linterna mágica, impresiones, Ciclo plateresco II piano 1945
103 Fantasía cinematográfica, en forma de rondó, Ciclo plateresco IV piano 1945
104 Desde mi terraza, estampas piano 1947


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