Zhu Jian'er

Zhu Jian'er (Chinese: 朱践耳; pinyin: Zhū Jiàn'ěr; October 18, 1922 – August 15, 2017) was a Chinese symphonic composer and songwriter.


Zhu was born in Tianjin[1] and brought up in Shanghai, China. He began composing in 1940 and pursued composition studies at the Moscow Conservatory in 1955. He was a professor at the Shanghai Conservatory. He composed for both Western and Chinese instruments and his works have been performed around the world. In 2000 he was commissioned by Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Project to compose Silk Road Reverie.

His 1950 revolutionary work Days of Emancipation (翻身的日子, Fānshēn de Rìzi; for banhu and Chinese orchestra) is well known in the West from its appearance on the 1981 CBS Masterworks compilation Phases of the Moon: Traditional Chinese Music.

Zhu died on August 15, 2017 in Shanghai.

List of major worksEdit


  • 节日序曲(Festival Overture), Op.10(1958)
  • Symphony-Cantata:英雄的诗篇(Poems of heroes), Op.14(Original:1959 - 1960; First Edit:1964; Second Edit:1993)
  • Ballet Music:南海长城(Great Wall beside the South China Sea)(1965)
  • 怀念(In Memoriam), for Strings, Op.18(1978 - 1988)
  • 交响幻想曲:纪念为真理献身的勇士(Symphonic Fantasia:a Commemoration to the Brave sacrificed for verity), Op.21(1980)
  • 交响组曲:黔岭素描(Symphonic Suites:Sketches of Mount.Qian), Op.23(1982)
  • 蝴蝶泉组曲:二胡与管弦乐队(Suite for Erhu and Orchestra:Butterfly Spring), Op.24(1983)
  • 交响音诗:纳西一奇(Symphonic Poem:Wonders of Na'xi), Op.25(1984)
  • 交响诗:百年沧桑(Symphonic Poem:Vicissitude of a century)


  • Symphony No.1
  • Symphony No.2
  • Symphony No.3,"Tibet"
  • Symphony No.4,"6.4.2-1", for Dizi and Orchestra
  • Symphony No.5, for China Drum and Orchestra
  • Symphony No.6,"3Y", for Tapes and Orchestra
  • Symphony No.7,"天籟、地籟、人籟(Sounds of paradise, earth and mankind)"
  • Symphony No.8,"求索(Seek and Quest)", for 16 percussions and a Cello
  • Symphony No.9, for Boy Choir and Orchestra
  • Symphony No.10,"江雪(Snow on river)", for Guqin(Tape), Chantrt(Tape) and Orchestra


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