List of British Lion films

This is a list of films released by the British studio British Lion Films which was established in 1927 during the silent era. In its early years the company produced adaptations of Edgar Wallace crime novels, and later focused mainly on quota quickies. After the Second World War British Lion was acquired by Alexander Korda and it became a distribution outlet for independent British films with government backing.

While British Lion distributed many foreign films in Britain, such as a large number of Republic Pictures productions, these are not included in the list,


Title Release Date Director Notes
The Man Who Changed His Name 1928 A.V. Bramble
The Ringer August 1928 Arthur Maude
Chick August 1928 A.V. Bramble
The Valley of Ghosts December 1928 G.B. Samuelson
The Forger December 1928 G.B. Samuelson
The Flying Squad January 1929 Arthur Maude
The Clue of the New Pin March 1929 Arthur Maude


Title Release Date Director Notes
The Squeaker June 1930 Edgar Wallace
Should a Doctor Tell? September 1930 Manning Haynes
Red Aces November 1930 Edgar Wallace
To Oblige a Lady February 1931 Manning Haynes
The Ringer April 1931 Walter Forde
The Calendar October 1931 T. Hayes Hunter
The Old Man December 1931 Manning Haynes
The Beggar Student December 1931 Victor Hanbury
Where Is This Lady? 1932 Victor Hanbury, Ladislao Vajda
The Frightened Lady March 1932 T. Hayes Hunter
White Face May 1932 T. Hayes Hunter
The Flying Squad July 1932 F.W. Kraemer
Sally Bishop October 1932 T. Hayes Hunter
There Goes the Bride October 1932 Albert de Courville
I'll Stick to You 1933 Leslie S. Hiscott
Yes, Madam February 1933 Leslie S. Hiscott
That's My Wife March 1933 Leslie S. Hiscott
King of the Ritz March 1933 Carmine Gallone, Herbert Smith
Cleaning Up May 1933 Leslie S. Hiscott
The Stickpin June 1933 Leslie S. Hiscott
Great Stuff June 1933 Leslie S. Hiscott
This Is the Life September 1933 Leslie S. Hiscott
Strike It Rich November 1933 Leslie S. Hiscott
Marooned November 1933 Leslie S. Hiscott
Flat Number Three January 1934 Leslie S. Hiscott
On the Air January 1934 Herbert Smith
Keep It Quiet March 1934 Leslie S. Hiscott
The Man I Want March 1934 Leslie S. Hiscott
Passing Shadows May 1934 Leslie S. Hiscott
Warn London May 1934 T. Hayes Hunter
Without You July 1934 John Daumery
Gay Love September 1934 Leslie S. Hiscott
The Green Pack October 1934 T. Hayes Hunter
Crazy People October 1934 Leslie S. Hiscott
The Big Splash 1935 Leslie S. Hiscott
Marry the Girl 1935 Maclean Rogers
Charing Cross Road 1935 Albert de Courville
Ten Minute Alibi January 1935 Bernard Vorhaus
In Town Tonight January 1935 Herbert Smith
The Case of Gabriel Perry May 1935 Albert de Courville
Night Mail May 1935 Herbert Smith
Line Engaged November 1935 Bernard Mainwaring
The Happy Family 1936 Maclean Rogers
It's You I Want 1936 Ralph Ince
Jury's Evidence January 1936 Ralph Ince
A Wife or Two January 1936 Maclean Rogers
Soft Lights and Sweet Music February 1936 Herbert Smith
They Didn't Know April 1936 Herbert Smith
Sporting Love May 1936 J. Elder Wills
The Interrupted Honeymoon June 1936 Leslie S. Hiscott
Song of Freedom August 1936 J. Elder Wills
Treachery on the High Seas December 1936 Emil E. Reinert
Skylarks December 1936 Thornton Freeland
A Romance in Flanders 1937 Maurice Elvey
The Live Wire 1937 Herbert Brenon
Leave It to Me 1937 Herbert Smith
It's a Grand Old World January 1937 Herbert Smith
Fine Feathers 1937 Leslie S. Hiscott
Calling All Stars March 1937 Herbert Smith
Big Fella April 1937 J. Elder Wills
Melody and Romance December 1937 Maurice Elvey
Around the Town 1938 Herbert Smith
Blondes for Danger 1938 Jack Raymond
No Parking July 1938 Jack Raymond
I've Got a Horse September 1938 Herbert Smith
The Return of the Frog November 1938 Maurice Elvey
Old Iron December 1938 Tom Walls
What a Man! December 1938 Edmond T. Gréville
The Face at the Window April 1939 George King
Home from Home April 1939 Herbert Smith
Riding High December 1939 David MacDonald


Title Release Date Director Notes
All at Sea February 1940 Herbert Smith
Crimes at the Dark House March 1940 George King
The Chinese Bungalow April 1940 George King
Under Your Hat September 1940 Maurice Elvey
The Case of the Frightened Lady September 1940 George King
You Will Remember February 1941 Jack Raymond
Alibi August 1942 Brian Desmond Hurst
In Which We Serve September 1942 Noël Coward, David Lean
Tomorrow We Live April 1943 George King
Candlelight in Algeria March 1944 George King
A Girl in a Million October 1946 Francis Searle
The Grand Escapade January 1947 John Baxter
Code of Scotland Yard March 1947 George King
White Cradle Inn March 1947 Harold French
The Courtneys of Curzon Street April 1947 Herbert Wilcox
A Man About the House October 1947 Leslie Arliss
An Ideal Husband November 1947 Alexander Korda
Mine Own Executioner November 1947 Anthony Kimmins
Night Beat December 1947 Harold Huth
Anna Karenina January 1948 Julien Duvivier
Nothing Venture January 1948 John Baxter
Call of the Blood February 1948 John Clements, Ladislao Vajda
Spring in Park Lane March 1948 Herbert Wilcox
House of Darkness June 1948 Oswald Mitchell
The Fallen Idol August 1948 Carol Reed
The Winslow Boy August 1948 Anthony Asquith
Bonnie Prince Charlie October 1948 Anthony Kimmins
The Small Voice November 1948 Fergus McDonell
Elizabeth of Ladymead December 1948 Herbert Wilcox
Forbidden February 1949 George King
The Last Days of Dolwyn April 1949 Emlyn Williams
That Dangerous Age April 1949 Gregory Ratoff
Saints and Sinners August 1949 Leslie Arliss
The Third Man August 1949 Carol Reed
Maytime in Mayfair August 1949 Herbert Wilcox
Children of Chance October 1949 Luigi Zampa
The Interrupted Journey October 1949 Daniel Birt
The Cure for Love December 1949 Robert Donat


Title Release Date Director Notes
The Happiest Days of Your Life March 1950 Frank Launder
The Angel with the Trumpet March 1950 Anthony Bushell
Chance of a Lifetime April 1950 Bernard Miles
Odette June 1950 Herbert Wilcox
My Daughter Joy August 1950 Gregory Ratoff
State Secret September 1950 Sidney Gilliat
Gone to Earth September 1950 Powell and Pressburger
The Wooden Horse October 1950 Jack Lee
Seven Days to Noon October 1950 Boulting Brothers
The Elusive Pimpernel November 1950 Powell and Pressburger
The Naked Heart November 1950 Marc Allégret
Into the Blue December 1950 Herbert Wilcox
The Wonder Kid January 1951 Karl Hartl
The Long Dark Hall February 1951 Reginald Beck, Anthony Bushell
Flesh and Blood April 1951 Anthony Kimmins
The Tales of Hoffmann April 1951 Powell and Pressburger
The Lady with a Lamp September 1951 Herbert Wilcox
Lady Godiva Rides Again October 1951 Frank Launder
Green Grow the Rushes November 1951 Derek Twist
Outcast of the Islands November 1951 Carol Reed
Cry, the Beloved Country November 1951 Zoltan Korda
Mr. Denning Drives North December 1951 Anthony Kimmins
The Magic Box December 1951 Boulting Brothers
Sing Along with Me February 1952 Peter Graham Scott
Home at Seven March 1952 Ralph Richardson
Derby Day May 1952 Herbert Wilcox
Who Goes There! June 1952 Anthony Kimmins
The Sound Barrier July 1952 David Lean
The Ringer December 1952 Guy Hamilton
Folly to Be Wise December 1952 Frank Launder
The Holly and the Ivy December 1952 George More O'Ferrall
Moulin Rouge December 1952 John Huston
The Story of Gilbert and Sullivan February 1953 Sidney Gilliat
Appointment in London February 1953 Philip Leacock
The Captain's Paradise June 1953 Anthony Kimmins
The Beggar's Opera June 1953 Peter Brook
Twice Upon a Time July 1953 Emeric Pressburger
The Man Between October 1953 Carol Reed
The Intruder October 1953 Guy Hamilton
The Heart of the Matter November 1953 George More O'Ferrall
The Stranger's Hand January 1954 Mario Soldati
Front Page Story January 1954 Gordon Parry
They Who Dare February 1954 Lewis Milestone
Eight O'Clock Walk March 1954 Lance Comfort
Bang! You're Dead March 1954 Lance Comfort
An Inspector Calls March 1954 Guy Hamilton
Conflict of Wings March 1954 John Eldridge
Hobson's Choice April 1954 David Lean
Devil Girl from Mars May 1954 David MacDonald
Malaga June 1954 Richard Sale
Beautiful Stranger July 1954 David Miller
The Green Scarf August 1954 George More O'Ferrall
The Angel Who Pawned Her Harp September 1954 Alan Bromly
The Belles of St Trinian's September 1954 Frank Launder
The Teckman Mystery October 1954 Wendy Toye
Orders Are Orders October 1954 David Paltenghi
Aunt Clara November 1954 Anthony Kimmins
The Colditz Story January 1955 Guy Hamilton
The Man Who Loved Redheads February 1955 Harold French
Raising a Riot February 1955 Wendy Toye
Three Cases of Murder February 1955 Various
The Love Match February 1955 David Paltenghi
The Constant Husband April 1955 Sidney Gilliat
Make Me an Offer May 1955 Cyril Frankel
See How They Run June 1955 Leslie Arliss
John and Julie July 1955 William Fairchild
Stolen Assignment July 1955 Terence Fisher
Geordie September 1955 Frank Launder
King's Rhapsody October 1955 Herbert Wilcox
Stolen Time October 1955 Charles Deane
Josephine and Men November 1955 Boulting Brothers
The Blue Peter November 1955 Wolf Rilla
Alias John Preston December 1955 David MacDonald
Fun at St. Fanny's December 1955 Maurice Elvey
Private's Progress February 1956 Boulting Brothers
The Secret Tent February 1956 Don Chaffey
Doublecross February 1956 Anthony Squire
The March Hare April 1956 George More O'Ferrall
Charley Moon May 1956 Guy Hamilton
Thunderstorm June 1956 John Guillermin
Ramsbottom Rides Again June 1956 John Baxter
Pacific Destiny June 1956 Wolf Rilla
My Teenage Daughter June 1956 Herbert Wilcox
The Extra Day June 1956 William Fairchild
The Baby and the Battleship July 1956 Jay Lewis
The Green Man September 1956 Robert Day, Basil Dearden
A Hill in Korea September 1956 Julian Amyes
Loser Takes All September 1956 Ken Annakin
Stars in Your Eyes December 1956 Maurice Elvey
The Passionate Stranger February 1957 Muriel Box
Brothers in Law March 1957 Boulting Brothers
Yangtse Incident April 1957 Michael Anderson
The Smallest Show on Earth April 1957 Basil Dearden
Second Fiddle June 1957 Maurice Elvey
Lucky Jim September 1957 Boulting Brothers
The Truth About Women October 1957 Muriel Box
The Birthday Present October 1957 Pat Jackson
Blue Murder at St Trinian's December 1957 Frank Launder
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk January 1958 Herbert Wilcox
Happy Is the Bride March 1958 Boulting Brothers
Law and Disorder June 1958 Charles Crichton
Orders to Kill July 1958 Anthony Asquith
Next to No Time August 1958 Henry Cornelius
The Man Upstairs September 1958 Don Chaffey
Chain of Events September 1958 Gerald Thomas
Behind the Mask October 1958 Brian Desmond Hurst
Virgin Island October 1958 Pat Jackson
Sally's Irish Rogue November 1958 George Pollock
Passport to Shame December 1958 Alvin Rakoff
The Solitary Child December 1958 Gerald Thomas
Danger Within February 1959 Don Chaffey
Subway in the Sky February 1959 Muriel Box
Make Mine a Million February 1959 John Baxter
Model for Murder February 1959 Terry Bishop
Broth of a Boy February 1959 George Pollock
Carlton-Browne of the F.O. March 1959 Boulting Brothers
Left Right and Centre June 1959 Sidney Gilliat
The Treasure of San Teresa July 1959 Alvin Rakoff
The Bridal Path August 1959 Frank Launder
I'm All Right Jack August 1959 Boulting Brothers
Jet Storm September 1959 Cy Endfield
Friends and Neighbours November 1959 Gordon Parry
Expresso Bongo December 1959 Val Guest


Title Release Date Director Notes
Two Way Stretch January 1960 Robert Day
Life Is a Circus February 1960 Val Guest
The Battle of the Sexes February 1960 Charles Crichton
The Angry Silence March 1960 Guy Green
Dead Lucky June 1960 Montgomery Tully
The Entertainer July 1960 Tony Richardson
A French Mistress August 1960 Boulting Brothers
The City of the Dead September 1960 John Llewellyn Moxey
Foxhole in Cairo October 1960 John Llewellyn Moxey
Suspect November 1960 Boulting Brothers
The Pure Hell of St. Trinian's December 1960 Frank Launder
Two Letter Alibi 1961 Robert Lynn
Offbeat 1961 Cliff Owen
The Night We Got the Bird February 1961 Darcy Conyers
Two Living, One Dead March 1961 Anthony Asquith
Nearly a Nasty Accident May 1961 Don Chaffey
The Impersonator May 1961 Alfred Shaughnessy
The Devil's Daffodil May 1961 Ákos Ráthonyi
The Kitchen August 1961 James Hill
A Taste of Honey September 1961 Tony Richardson
Nothing Barred October 1961 Darcy Conyers
The Day the Earth Caught Fire November 1961 Val Guest
Part-Time Wife December 1961 Max Varnel
The Barber of Stamford Hill January 1962 Caspar Wrede
Only Two Can Play January 1962 Sidney Gilliat
Mrs. Gibbons' Boys April 1962 Max Varnel
Mix Me a Person August 1962 Leslie Norman
Dead Man's Evidence August 1962 Francis Searle
The Devil's Agent September 1962 John Paddy Carstairs
Mystery Submarine October 1962 C.M. Pennington-Richards
The L-Shaped Room November 1962 Bryan Forbes
Calculated Risk 1963 Norman Harrison
Station Six-Sahara January 1963 Seth Holt
The Wrong Arm of the Law March 1963 Cliff Owen
The Very Edge April 1963 Cyril Frankel
The Small World of Sammy Lee April 1963 Ken Hughes
Heavens Above! May 1963 Boulting Brothers
Lord of the Flies May 1963 Peter Brook
A Place to Go July 1963 Basil Dearden
It's All Happening August 1963 Don Sharp
Girl in the Headlines November 1963 Michael Truman
The Man Who Finally Died December 1963 Quentin Lawrence
Silent Playground December 1963 Stanley Goulder
Mozambique 1964 Robert Lynn
It's All Over Town January 1964 Douglas Hickox
Hide and Seek March 1964 Cy Endfield
A Jolly Bad Fellow May 1964 Don Chaffey
Ring of Spies May 1964 Robert Tronson
Just for You June 1964 Douglas Hickox
Do You Know This Voice? June 1964 Frank Nesbitt
Victim Five July 1964 Robert Lynn
The Comedy Man September 1964 Alvin Rakoff
Walk a Tightrope October 1964 Frank Nesbitt
Troubled Waters December 1964 Stanley Goulder
The Uncle 1965 Desmond Davis
Joey Boy 1965 Frank Launder
A Home of Your Own January 1965 Jay Lewis
Catacombs May 1965 Gordon Hessler
Two Left Feet May 1965 Roy Ward Baker
Rotten to the Core July 1965 Boulting Brothers
San Ferry Ann July 1965 Jeremy Summers
He Who Rides a Tiger October 1965 Charles Chrichton
Morgan: A Suitable Case for Treatment January 1966 Karel Reisz
The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery March 1966 Sidney Gilliat, Frank Launder
The Family Way December 1966 Boulting Brothers
Ulysses June 1967 Joseph Strick
The Girl on a Motorcycle May 1968 Jack Cardiff
Till Death Us Do Part December 1968 Norman Cohen
Twisted Nerve December 1968 Boulting Brothers
A Touch of Love September 1969 Waris Hussein


Title Release Date Director Notes
Every Home Should Have One March 1970 Jim Clark
Three Sisters November 1970 Laurence Olivier, John Sichel
Bartleby November 1970 Anthony Friedman
Loot December 1970 Silvio Narizzano
Melody April 1971 Waris Hussein
Fright September 1971 Peter Collinson
I, Monster November 1971 Stephen Weeks
Kidnapped December 1971 Delbert Mann
Mr. Forbush and the Penguins December 1971 Roy Boulting
Endless Night October 1972 Sidney Gilliat
Ooh… You Are Awful December 1972 Cliff Owen
The Love Ban January 1973 Ralph Thomas
A Doll's House May 1973 Joseph Losey
Don't Look Now October 1973 Nicolas Roeg
The Wicker Man December 1973 Robin Hardy
Who? April 1974 Jack Gold
The Beast Must Die April 1974 Paul Annett
The Internecine Project July 1974 Ken Hughes
The Land That Time Forgot November 1974 Kevin Connor
Ransom February 1975 Caspar Wrede
Conduct Unbecoming September 1975 Michael Anderson

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