John Baxter (director)

John Philip Baxter (31 December 1896 – 21 January 1975) was a British filmmaker active from the 1930s to the late-1950s. During that time, he produced, wrote, or directed several films. He directed Deborah Kerr in her first leading role in Love on the Dole (1941), and was the producer-director for the musical-comedy films of Flanagan and Allen during World War II.

John Philip Baxter
Born31 December 1896
Kent, England
Died21 January 1975(1975-01-21) (aged 78)
London, England
OccupationFilm director

Early life and careerEdit

Baxter was born on 31 December 1896 in Kent.[1] He worked as a theatrical agent and theater manager. He became an assistant director in 1932.[1] He formed his own production company with his friend John Barter. He also acted in several films produced by Lance Comfort.[1]

Baxter played a major role in the foundation of National Film Finance Corporation in 1948.[1] He also directed and produced Judgment Deferred (1952) which was the first film of Group 3, a British government backed production venture.[1] His last film as a director was Ramsbottom Rides Again (1956) which featured Arthur Askey.[1]


Baxter died in London in 1975.[1]


Year Title Notes
1933 Doss House
Song of the Plough
1934 Flood Tide
Lest We Forget
Music Hall Also writer
Kentucky Minstrels
Say It with Flowers Also writer
1935 Jimmy Boy
A Real Bloke
The Small Man
1936 Men of Yesterday
Birds of a Feather
Hearts of Humanity
1937 The Song of the Road
The Academy Decides
Talking Feet
1938 Stepping Toes
1939 Secret Journey
What Would You Do, Chums?
1940 Old Mother Riley in Society
Laugh It Off
Love on the Dole
1941 The Common Touch
Crook's Tour
Old Mother Riley's Ghosts
Old Mother Riley in Business
1942 We'll Smile Again
Let the People Sing Also writer
The Shipbuilders
1943 Theatre Royal
1944 Dreaming
1946 Here Comes the Sun
The Grand Escapade
1947 Fortune Lane
1948 Nothing Venture
When You Come Home
1949 Three Bags Full
1950 The Dragon of Pendragon Castle
The Second Mate
1952 Judgment Deferred
1953 The Last Load
1956 Ramsbottom Rides Again Also writer


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