Nothing Barred

Nothing Barred is a 1961 British black and white comedy film directed by Darcy Conyers and starring Brian Rix, Leo Franklyn and Naunton Wayne.[2]

Nothing Barred
"Nothing Barred" (1961).jpg
Original British quad poster
Directed byDarcy Conyers
Produced byDarcy Conyers
Brian Rix
Written byJohn T. Chapman (as John Chapman)
StarringBrian Rix
Music byTommy Watt
CinematographyS.D. Onions
Edited byBert Rule
Distributed byBritish Lion Film Corporation (UK)
Release date
October 1961 (UK)
Running time
81 minutes[1]
CountryUnited Kingdom


Penniless Lord Whitebait (Naunton Wayne) plans to save his dwindling fortunes by opening his stately home Whitebait Manor near Egham, to the public. But public interest proves minimal, and with rapidly mounting debts and the spiralling costs of his daughter's upcoming wedding threatening to ruin him, Whitebait is forced to take desperate measures. He and his servant Spankforth (Charles Heslop) plot to stage the theft of a valuable painting from Whitebait Manor.

They go to Wormwood Scrubs prison to collect a suitable prisoner being released, but in error collect Wilfred Sapling (Brian Rix), a plumber who has been doing repairs in the prison. There conversation to get the man to steal a painting is at cross purposes and he thinks they are discussing plumbing.

Meanwhile a burglar chooses his next target and throws a dart at a map, hitting the town of Egham.

A group of convicts led by Barger escape through the sewers dressed as a church choir. The plumber pursues them for a while and he in turn is pursued by PC Budgie.


Critical receptionEdit

TV Guide gave the film two out of four stars, and noted, "Another amusing farce by the Rix-Conyers team."[3]


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