List of British and Dominions films

This is a list of films released by the British studio British and Dominions between 1928 and 1938. The company was dominated by the producer and director Herbert Wilcox. The company gained a contract to make quota films for release by the British subsidiary of Paramount Pictures and these are also included.


Title Release Date Director Notes
Dawn March 1928 Herbert Wilcox
The Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel November 1928 T. Hayes Hunter
The Bondman January 1929 Herbert Wilcox
A Peep Behind the Scenes January 1929 Jack Raymond
When Knights Were Bold February 1929 Tim Whelan
Black Waters April 1929 Marshall Neilan Shot in Hollywood in sound
The Woman in White May 1929 Herbert Wilcox
Splinters December 1929 Jack Raymond


Title Release Date Director Notes
Rookery Nook February 1930 Tom Walls
The Loves of Robert Burns March 1930 Hebert Wilcox
Wolves May 1930 Albert de Courville
Warned Off July 1930 Walter West
On Approval August 1930 Tom Walls
Canaries Sometimes Sing 1930 Tom Walls
Plunder November 1930 Tom Walls
Tons of Money December 1930 Tom Walls
The Speckled Band March 1931 Jack Raymond
The Chance of a Night Time May 1931 Herbert Wilcox
Almost a Divorce August 1931 Jack Raymond
Carnival October 1931 Herbert Wilcox
Mischief December 1931 Jack Raymond
Up for the Cup 1931 Jack Raymond
The Blue Danube January 1932 Herbert Wilcox
A Night Like This March 1932 Tom Walls
Life Goes On March 1932 Jack Raymond
Goodnight, Vienna March 1932 Herbert Wilcox
The Mayor's Nest June 1932 Maclean Rogers
Thark July 1932 Tom Walls
The Love Contract July 1932 Herbert Selpin Co-production
Money Means Nothing September 1932 Herbert Wilcox
Leap Year October 1932 Tom Walls
The Flag Lieutenant October 1932 Henry Edwards
The Barton Mystery November 1932 Henry Edwards
Say It with Music November 1932 Jack Raymond
Night of the Garter 1933 Jack Raymond
Up to the Neck 1933 Jack Raymond
Up for the Derby 1933 Maclean Rogers
The King's Cup January 1933 Herbert Wilcox
Mixed Doubles 1933 Sidney Morgan
Just My Luck 1933 Jack Raymond
It's a King 1933 Jack Raymond
General John Regan 1933 Jack Raymond
Discord January 1933 Henry Edwards
Ask Beccles 1933 Redd Davis
The Little Damozel February 1933 Herbert Wilcox
One Precious Year February 1933 Henry Edwards
The Crime at Blossoms March 1933 Maclean Rogers
The Blarney Stone March 1933 Tom Walls
Bitter Sweet March 1933 Herbert Wilcox
Yes, Mr Brown May 1933 Jack Buchanan, Herbert Wilcox
Lord of the Manor May 1933 Henry Edwards
Anne One Hundred June 1933 Henry Edwards
Summer Lightning June 1933 Maclean Rogers
Purse Strings July 1933 Henry Edwards
That's a Good Girl September 1933 Jack Buchanan
Trouble November 1933 Maclean Rogers
Chelsea Life November 1933 Sidney Morgan
Sorrell and Son December 1933 Jack Raymond
The King of Paris 1934 Jack Raymond
Lilies of the Field 1934 Norman Walker
Faces January 1934 Sidney Morgan
The Queen's Affair February 1934 Hebert Wilcox
Seeing Is Believing February 1934 Redd Davis
Lucky Loser March 1934 Reginald Denham
It's a Cop March 1934 Redd Davis
Dangerous Ground May 1934 Norman Walker
Brides to Be May 1934 Reginald Denham
The Girl in the Flat June 1934 Redd Davis
To Be a Lady July 1934 George King
Girls Please! July 1934 Jack Raymond
Nell Gwynn August 1934 Herbert Wilcox
Get Your Man August 1934 George King
Easy Money August 1934 Redd Davis
Badger's Green September 1934 Adrian Brunel
The Scoop October 1934 Maclean Rogers
The Case for the Crown November 1934 George A. Cooper
The Way of Youth November 1934 Norman Walker
Gentlemen's Agreement 1935 George Pearson
Brewster's Millions January 1935 Thornton Freeland
The Price of Wisdom February 1935 Reginald Denham
Key to Harmony March 1935 Norman Walker
Escape Me Never April 1935 Paul Czinner
Adventure Limited April 1935 George King
The Village Squire April 1935 Reginald Denham
Once a Thief June 1935 George Pearson
Jubilee Window June 1935 George Pearson
School for Stars June 1935 Donovan Pedelty
The Mad Hatters July 1935 Ivar Campbell
Cross Currents July 1935 Adrian Brunel
Where's George? August 1935 Jack Raymond
Peg of Old Drury August 1935 Herbert Wilcox
Lucky Days August 1935 Reginald Denham
While Parents Sleep September 1935 Adrian Brunel
Checkmate September 1935 George Pearson
Come Out of the Pantry November 1935 Jack Raymond
Expert's Opinion November 1935 Ivar Campbell
The Belles of St. Clements January 1936 Ivar Campbell
Ticket of Leave January 1936 Michael Hankinson
The Secret Voice February 1937 George Pearson
Strange Cargo March 1936 Lawrence Huntington
Two's Company April 1936 Tim Whelan
Wednesday's Luck May 1936 George Pearson
Two on a Doorstep May 1936 Lawrence Huntington
House Broken June 1936 Michael Hankinson
Pay Box Adventure June 1936 W.P. Kellino
Murder by Rope August 1936 George Pearson
Chick September 1936 Michael Hankinson
Grand Finale September 1936 Ivar Campbell
Show Flat October 1936 Bernard Mainwaring
The Scarab Murder Case November 1936 Michael Hankinson
Talk of the Devil December 1936 Carol Reed
Holiday's End 1937 John Paddy Carstairs
Cross My Heart January 1937 Bernard Mainwaring
The Cavalier of the Streets March 1937 Harold French
Museum Mystery April 1937 Clifford Gulliver
The Fatal Hour May 1937 George Pearson
Night Ride June 1937 John Paddy Carstairs
The Last Curtain July 1937 David MacDonald
Missing, Believed Married September 1937 John Paddy Carstairs
Mr. Smith Carries On September 1937 Lister Laurance
Lancashire Luck November 1937 Henry Cass
Incident in Shanghai January 1938 John Paddy Carstairs

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