1965 Japanese House of Councillors election

House of Councillors elections were held in Japan on 4 July 1965,[1] electing half the seats in the House. The Liberal Democratic Party won the most seats.

1965 Japanese House of Councillors election

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127 of the 251 seats in the House of Councillors
126 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  Eisaku Sato.jpg Kozo Sasaki 01.jpg
Leader Eisaku Satō Kōzō Sasaki Tsuji Takehisa
Party Liberal Democratic Socialist Kōmeitō
Seats after 140 73 20
Seat change Decrease2 Increase6 Increase5
Popular vote 17,583,490 8,729,655 5,097,682
Percentage 47.2% 23.4% 13.7%
Swing Increase0.8% Decrease0.8% Increase2.2%

  Fourth party Fifth party
  NISHIO Suehiro.jpg Sanzō Nosaka photographed by Shigeru Tamura.jpg
Leader Suehiro Nishio Sanzō Nosaka
Party Democratic Socialist Communist
Seats after 7 4
Seat change Decrease4 Steady
Popular vote 2,214,375 1,652,364
Percentage 5.9% 4.4%
Swing Increase0.6% Increase1.3%

President of the House of Councillors before election

Yōtoku Shigemasa
Liberal Democratic

President of the House of Councillors-designate

Kenzō Kōno
Liberal Democratic


Votes%SeatsVotes%SeatsNot upWonTotal
Liberal Democratic Party17,583,49047.172516,651,28444.20466971140–2
Japan Socialist Party8,729,65523.421212,346,65032.7724373673+7
Democratic Socialist Party2,214,3755.9422,303,8606.121437–4
Japanese Communist Party1,652,3644.4322,608,7716.9211340
Other parties298,4010.800185,9910.4900000
Valid votes37,276,81693.4237,672,17094.41
Invalid/blank votes2,624,1196.582,232,5355.59
Total votes39,900,935100.0039,904,705100.00
Registered voters/turnout59,544,40767.0159,544,40767.02
Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications,[1][2] National Diet


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