Zionist Party

The Zionist Party (Latvian: Ceire Cion, Hebrew for "Youth of Zion"), also known as the Ethnic Socialist Party, was a centre-left Jewish political party in Latvia during the inter-war period. It was led by a jurist Max Laserson.[1][2][3] The party combined the ideas of Zionism and democratic socialism. One of the party's goals was to create a Jewish state in Palestine.[4]

Zionist Party
צעירי ציון
PresidentMax Lazerson
IdeologyLabor Zionism
Political positionCentre-left


The party won a single seat in the 1920 Constitutional Assembly elections.[5] It retained its seat in the 1922, 1925 and 1928 elections, but missed out on a seat in the 1931 elections by 50 votes.[6] Later in 1931 it merged with the Latvian Organisation of Zionist Socialists to form the Zionist-Socialist Party.[7][8]

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