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The Young Gods are a fictional group appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. They are a group of twelve young human beings who were chosen by the major pantheons of Earth's goddesses to represent the finest qualities of humanity and the pinnacle of humanity's genetic potential and cultural accomplishment.

Young Gods
Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
First appearanceThor vol. 1, #203 (Sep 1972)
Created byGerry Conway
John Buscema
In-story information
Member(s)Bright Sword
Sea Witch


Fictional team historyEdit

One thousand years ago, the Celestials announced that they would return in a millennium to judge humanity. The male godheads of the various pantheons agreed to prepare to battle them. Fearing that the Celestials were too powerful, Gaea gathered the female godheads and formed an alternate plan: to prove humanity's worth by choosing 12 individuals, each one representing the best of a human activity, knowledge, endeavor or talent (such as music or hunting), making them into gods, and putting them into a magical sleep under the Earth, watched over by goddesses (each pantheon taking turns) until the Celestials returned.[1] After a failed attack by the Asgardians, Gaea presented the Young Gods to the Celestials who accepted them, judging that Earth would survive. They then left for space, taking the Young Gods with them to educate them.[2]

After years of waiting on the silent and unmoving Celestials for a sign, the Young Gods go mad and descend into deviant behavior for the hopes of even the slightest acknowledgement. They then decide that the Celestials must wish for them to use their powers and act on their own. Upon deciding this, the group left the Celestials' spacecraft and returned to Earth, where they intended to use the consciousness of all humans on the planet to create a new Celestial. They decide to start with the island nation of Madripoor and extend outwards. Upon learning of this, the Eternals, who were unaffected by the Young Gods' power to drain consciousness, encountered and attempted to stop them. Eventually, the Eternals convince Varua that the Celestials may have been testing them with their silence and coming to Earth may be the wrong choice. While Varua hesitates to ponder the possibility of being wrong, she is killed by the Eternals and the other Young Gods immediately fall to the ground, seemingly dead.[3]


The following are members of the Young Gods:

  • Bright Sword (Carter Dyam) was a 24-year-old Israeli soldier who was approached by the Asgardian god Heimdall. First appeared in Thor #203 (Sep 1972). Powers: Super strength, super durability, and energy sword generation
  • Caduceus (Mark Cadmon) the physician was approached in 1919 at the age of 30 to become one of the Young Gods. First appeared in Thor #300 (Oct 1980). Powers: Touch based vitalkinesis, and mild parasitic touch
  • Calculus (Jahaharel Patel) was a scientist, born in 1928, contacted by the gods of the Hindu pantheon at the age of 20. First appeared in Thor #300 (Oct 1980). Powers: Telepathy, precognition, levitation, teleportation, and invisibility
  • Daydreamer (Catherine Moranis) was a 25-year-old farm woman in 19th-century Ottawa, Canada. First appeared in Thor #300 (Oct 1980). Powers: Telepathy, mental image construct generation, limited precognition, and mind control
  • Genii (Jason Kimball) was a 26-year-old fashion designer when he was approached by the Asgardian god Heimdall in modern times. First appeared in Thor vol. 1, #202 (Aug 1972). Power: Life force transference
  • Harvest (Chi Lo). First appeared in Thor #203 (Sep 1972). Power: Plant manipulation
  • Highnote (Raoul Hernandez) was a saloon dancer and musician living in Colombia in the 19th century. First appeared in Thor #300 (Oct 1980). Powers: Audiokinesis, "song" activated mass teleportation and telekinesis
  • Mindsinger (Gregor Buhkarov) was a 28-year-old student living in the city of Kiev in the 18th century. First appeared in Thor #300 (Oct 1980). Powers: Shape-shifting and telepathy
  • Moonstalker (Kiana) was a 16-year-old Inupiat woman living in 11th century Alaska. First appeared in Thor #300 (Oct 1980). Power: Super Speed
  • Sea Witch (Bridget O'Hare) was a 17-year-old Irish girl living in the 12th century. First appeared in Thor #300 (Oct 1980). Powers: Hydrokinesis and aquatic adaptation
  • Splice (Chandra Ku) was a 13-year-old girl of the Zulu people of 18th century Africa. First appeared in Thor #300 (Oct 1980). Power: Matter manipulation
  • Varua (Mira) the spiritual leader of the Young Gods. She was a Micronesian girl born in 1405 on Ruk Island and was approached to become one of the Young Gods when she was 14 years old. First appeared in Thor #300 (Oct 1980). Powers: Telepathy, Blue Flame generation, teleportation and flight


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