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This page lists the known members of Hydra, an evil organization appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.


High Council of HydraEdit

Currently the High Council of Hydra consist off:

  • Elisa Sinclair - The current Madame Hydra
  • Kraken - First appeared in Secret Warriors #2.[1]
  • Gorgon
  • Hive - Introduced in Secret Warriors #2.[1]
  • Viper - Leader of Hydra's New York City branch who also goes by the name Madame Hydra.[2]
  • Arnim Zola
  • Doctor Faustus
  • Hydra Supreme (Steve Rogers) - Captain America had his memories altered by Red Skull using the powers of Kobik to believe he has been a deep sleeper agent of Hydra since childhood. In that reality, he is best friends with Helmut Zemo. With Kobik's help, the real Captain America manifested and defeated his Hydra Supreme counterpart.

Former members of the High Council:

Supreme HydraEdit

The Supreme Hydra is a term given to the leader of Hydra. At other times, the title has also been used to refer to the leaders of various Hydra branches and splinter groups. Besides Baron Strucker, among the known Supreme Hydras in order of appearance are:

  • Arnold Brown - The Imperial Hydra who was the organization's figurehead.[5]
  • Supreme Hydra - An unnamed state Shinto Imperialist who was the first leader of Hydra. He first appeared in Captain Savage #4 (July 1968) where he was also killed by Baron Strucker who usurped his position.[6]
  • Supreme Hydra - The unnamed Supreme Hydra that tried to destroy Hulk.[7]
  • Richard Fisk - "Supreme Hydra" of Hydra's Las Vegas branch.[8]
  • Silvermane - "Supreme Hydra" of the East Coast.[9]
  • Count Otto Vermis - The Supreme Hydra who is the leader of European Hydra fragment and manipulated Jessica Drew into being a Hydra agent. He was later killed when Spider-Woman left bombs on his escape jet.[10]
  • Sn'Tlo - A Skrull who infiltrated Hydra and rose to the rank of Hydra Supreme where he had the alias of Sensational Hydra.[11]
  • Edgar Lascombe - The Supreme Hydra that was responsible for the creation of the Hydra Four.[12]
  • Captain America - See above

Army of EvilEdit

In order to expand the enterprise of Captain America, Baron Helmut Zemo decided to create an even bigger team of villains by recruiting several long term solo villains and reforming the Circus of Crime, the Masters of Evil, the Wrecking Crew, and the Serpent Solutions altogether into one group as part of Hydra's rise to power. As a result, he forms the Army of Evil.[13] The Army of Evil first appeared where they attacked Manhattan in retaliation for what happened at Pleasant Hill. They fought the Defenders, Doctor Strange, Cloak and Dagger, and Spider-Woman before being withdrawn so that Manhattan can be covered in a Darkforce dome which trapped the heroes present.[14] Then they attacked Washington DC so that Hydra can secure the capital to complete Hydra's takeover of the United States.[15] The Army of Evil was kept in stasis pods until Hydra Supreme gave orders to awaken them so that they can help Hydra fight the heroes. Before Baron Zemo can complete the job, he is thwarted by Black Panther and Winter Soldier.[16]

Among the known members are:

Hydra's AvengersEdit

After Captain America reveals himself as the Hydra Supreme and took control of the United States, he assembled a new squad of Avengers as he works to achieve Hydra's goal.[18]

The team consists of:

  • Black Ant - A Life Model Decoy of Eric O'Grady who was recruited into Hydra alongside Taskmaster. He later defected from the group during the final battle.[19]
  • Deadpool - Joined Hydra's Avengers motivated by his loyalty to Captain America.[18] He later defected from the group after realizing what Captain America pretended to do which led to him receiving a painful lesson from Maria Hill.[20]
  • Odinson - Revealed to have freely joined Hydra's Avengers after having been deceived into believing that Hydra could help Jane Foster and was psychologically broken due to his current state of unworthiness.[18] He has since defected from the group and is helping the Underground.[19]
  • Scarlet Witch - Revealed to have been possessed by the Elder God Chthon.[18] She was later free from the possession with the help of Doctor Strange.[19]
  • Superior Octopus - Doctor Octopus' mind that escaped into Jackal's Proto-Clone of Peter Parker and was later approached by Arnim Zola. Becoming the Superior Octopus, he made a look-a-like of his Superior Spider-Man outfit with a copy of his tentacles that would fit this new form.[18] He simply defected/abandoned the group after realizing that he was treated as just another minion in Hydra's army.[21]
  • Taskmaster - Recruited by Madame Hydra into the new Hydra hierarchy alongside Black Ant.[18] He later defected from the group during the final battle.[19]
  • Vision - Forcibly recruited to the squad after been infected with Arnim Zola's A.I. Virus.[18] With the assistance of his daughter Viv, he gained the willpower necessary to break free from the A.I. Virus and spread it throughout the Hydra Dreadnoughts shutting them down.[19]

Hydra agentsEdit

The following characters are or were agents of Hydra:

  • Agent #07564 - A Hydra agent that became the co-host of Peter Peña's TV show following Hydra's rise to power. With Gwenpool's help, Peter knocked out Agent #07564 and a bat soldier that was dressed as Spider-Man.[22]
  • Agent Dakini -
  • Anton Trojak - Annihil-Agent, 47, Scientist (deceased).[23]
  • Blackwing - Air Action Division Leader of the East Coast and the son of Silvermane.[24]
  • Bob, Agent of Hydra - Foot soldier of Hydra.[25]
  • Bob Oppenheimer - HYDRA accountant. Killed by Deadpool after mistaking him for Bob, Agent of Hydra.[26]
  • Bull's Eye - Hired assassin employed by Hydra.[27]
  • Chameleon - Sometimes a Hydra employee. Worked for Hydra in Incredible Hulk #154.[28]
  • Commander Kraken - Naval Action Division Leader of the East Coast.[29]
  • Congressman Woodman - Commander of Washington D.C. Branch of Hydra.[30]
  • Crippler
  • Pilgrimmaster 01 AKA Big D
  • Crossbones[31] - A mercenary who is often employed by Hydra.
  • Daniel Whitehall
  • D.O.A. - Short for Department of Occult Armaments.[32]
  • Elliot Kohl - Hydra Soldier, now imprisoned.[33]
  • Elsie Carson - Former Southwestern U.S. Regional Field Director, Corporate Hydra.[34]
  • Fixer - Special Agent, Hydra fragment.[35]
  • Fox - Administration Division Leader of the East Coast.[36]
  • George Fistal -
  • Grim Reaper - Self-appointed head of Hydra's New York branch. Revealed as Hydra leader in Avengers #106 (Dec 1972).[37]
  • Hardball - Former member of The Initiative.
  • Hank Johnson[38]
  • Hellfire - A Hydra double agent.[39]
  • Hydra Four - Creations of Hydra who were trained to kill the Avengers. There were other tubes containing these Super Hydra Agents, but only four of them were opened.[40]
    • Bowman - Hydra's version of Hawkeye.
    • Hammer - Hydra's version of Thor. He had the same powers as Thor except for immortality.
    • Militant - Hydra's version of Captain America.
    • Tactical Force - Hydra's version of Iron Man. His first name is Karl.
  • Jackhammer - Engineer Corps leader of the East Coast.[41]
  • El Jaguar - Commando Division Leader of the East Coast. Killed by Scourge of the Underworld.[42]
  • James Winderfield - Part-time Agent of Corporate Hydra.[34]
  • Jared Kurtz - Hydra Agent from Europe.[43]
  • Karl Kraus - Double Agent for Hydra.[44]
  • Kingpin - Actual director of Hydra's Las Vegas branch.[45]
  • Laura Brown - Special Hydra Agent H (later G).[5]
  • Lieutenant Cassandra Romulus -
  • Lieutenant Garrotte -
  • Lieutenant Guillotine -
  • Lieutenant Saltz -
  • Man-Killer - Assassins Division Leader of the East Coast.[41]
  • Mentallo - Special Agent, Hydra fragment.[35]
  • Mockingbird[46] Revealed to be actually a double agent who's working for Maria Hill.[47]
  • Ms. Fischer - [1]
  • Ms. Fisher - Hydra recruiter.[48]
  • Nancy Winderfield - Part-time Agent of Corporate Hydra.[34]
  • Number 72 - Leader of Hydra fragment.[44]
  • Punisher - After Hydra took over the United States, Frank Castle became one of Hydra's enforcers as he believed that the Hydra Supreme would use the reassembled form of Kobik to revive his family.[49]
  • Ralph Sanzetti - Assassin, Corporate Hydra (deceased).[50]
  • Red Skull - True leader of Hydra's Las Vegas branch.[51] Currently believed to be deceased at the hands of Captain America.
  • Robert Rickard - Hydra Agent U (deceased).[52]
  • Ron Takimoto (deceased) -
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Super-Agents
    • Knockabout -
    • Psi-Borg -
    • Violence -
  • Sathan (deceased) -
  • Carmilla Black - Hardball's lover and former agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Sergeant Batrel -
  • Silver Fox
  • Space Phantom - A Space Phantom was revealed as a Hydra leader in Avengers #106 (Dec 1972)[53]
  • Spider-Man (Bat Soldier version) - A bat soldier that was badly impersonating Spider-Man who kidnapped Gwenpool in order to be a guest on Peter Peña's TV show following Hydra's rise to power. He abducted Gwenpool to be a guest on that show. With help from Gwenpool, Peter Peña assisted in knocking out the bat soldier and Agent 07564.[22]
  • Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) - Special Agent under Count Otto Vermis.[10]
  • Werner von Strucker - Eldest son of Wolfgang and half-brother of Andrea and Andreas Strucker. Killed by Wolfgang's descendant.
  • William Darvin - Agent of Corporate Hydra (deceased).[54]
  • Hunt-Rosado - Agent of Healthcare Hydra, Location unknown
  • E. Thompson - Agent of Healthcare Hydra, Location unknown
  • C. Jenkins - Agent of Healthcare Hydra, Location unknown


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