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Publication historyEdit

The first Battleworld debuted in the Secret Wars crossover where it was created by Jim Shooter and Mike Zeck.

The second Battleworld debuted in Beyond! and was created by Dwayne McDuffie and Scott Kolins.

The third Battleworld debuted in Secret Wars #2 and was created by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribić.

Fictional planet biographyEdit

First BattleworldEdit

Merged from dozens of fragments taken from many planets (including a suburb of Denver, Colorado from Earth) by the Beyonder, Battleworld was designed to provide an unfamiliar environment which nevertheless allowed all contestants to use their powers to the fullest. Many peoples, both alien and human, were brought along "for the ride" by this method - it was because of this that Spider-Woman II was on Battleworld, as was Zsaji, the healer, who had brief romances with both the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four and Colossus of the X-Men.[1]

In the aftermath of Secret Wars, the planet became infected with cosmic energy as a result of the Beyonder reclaiming his stolen power from Doctor Doom. This led to a "wish fulfillment" phenomenon whereby force of will could alter reality such as repairing Captain America's unbreakable shield or allowing Mister Fantastic to create a way to take them home extremely quickly. This is possibly either due to the Beyonder's nature as an incomplete Cosmic Cube, which allows the wielder to alter reality around them by force of will, or was an aspect of the "heart's desire" promised by the Beyonders and granted to the default winners of the Secret Wars. All the heroes left the planet, except for Ben Grimm (who stayed behind because he was able to change to and from his human form while on the planet's surface). Ben Grimm remained on the planet for a while in his own side-series while She-Hulk took his place in the Fantastic Four.[2] This lasted until Ben eventually deciding to return home after defeating Ultron and slaying his manifested dark side Grimm the Sorcerer. Once he left, the planet had no more reason to exist and so it broke apart once more.[3]

It is unknown if the pieces returned to their home planets or not, although the fragment of Colorado was ferried back to Earth with its citizens and the Secret Wars' villains by Molecule Man.[2]

Second BattleworldEdit

A Battleworld appeared in the miniseries Beyond!. It was constructed by the Stranger posing as the Beyonder for the purposes of studying various combatants from Earth under the guise of battle. This faux Battleworld was destroyed at the end of the miniseries by the departure of the irate Stranger with Gravity holding it together long enough for his group to escape at the cost of his life.[4] Gravity was later resurrected by Epoch as the new Protector of the Universe.[5]

Third BattleworldEdit

A third Battleworld appeared in the 2015 Secret Wars storyline, after the numerous incursions destroyed the Multiverse. The remains of several realities were all merged to form a new Battleworld with the planet having a roundish shape. All of these realities are known as domains which are ruled by an appointed "Baron" or a "Baroness", and while most domains have the ability to interact with each other, the borders of each domain are clearly defined and travel between different domains is discouraged, as it requires special dispensation from the local Baron or from Doom himself. Only the Deadlands (which contains the Marvel Zombies), Perfection (which contains the Ultron Sentinels), and New Xandar (which contains the Annihilation Wave) are separated from the rest by the Shield (a giant version of Ben Grimm) because each contains threats that if loosed would destroy the other domains. This new Battleworld was created by its ruler Doctor Doom (who is worshipped as its deity God Emperor Doom) after he and Doctor Strange went to the Beyonders to stop the incursion of their reality. Although Doctor Strange didn't kill the Beyonders during the confrontation, Doctor Doom appears to do so by using a secret weapon, actually thousands of Molecule Man, that allowed Doom to take the Beyonders' power as his own and incorporated the remnants of the realities destroyed by the incursions, or more precisely, their incursions points, to create his own image of Battleworld with Strange unable to do anything else but to follow his words.[6]

Battleworld is enforced by the Thor Corps who serve as Battleworld's police force who answer to God Emperor Doom.[7] Battleworld is orbited by a small Sun, in fact the Human Torch, consigned to the role for acting against Doctor Doom,[8] and Knowhere, that acts as Battleworld's moon.[9] Besides these two and Battleworld itself, there were originally no more celestial bodies in its universe, until Singularity, a mysterious young girl who actually represents a pocket universe that gained sentience during the multiversal collapse, appears to give her life to save the citizens of Arcadia from a horde of Zombies which made the stars appear in the sky.[10]

This Battleworld would eventually collapse[11] after God Emperor Doom's Beyonders' power was transferred to Reed Richards, who was considered by Doom himself and Molecule Man to be more worthy, and rectified the artificial reality.[12]

As part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel event, it's revealed that the reality where Battleworld was fashioned was identified as Earth-15513 and became a distorted portion of time and space after the destruction of the planet, however due to Battleworld's reality having being the epicenter of this Multiversal renewal, it became rich in a substance known as Iso-8, a material identified as the byproduct of creation itself. When the Elders of the Universe of the restored Earth-616 realized that the Multiverse had endured a death and a rebirth, the Collector and Grandmaster discovered the remnants of Battleworld and resolved to fight for the possession of the Iso-8 and used the broken shell as the arena (known as Battlerealm) for their Contest of Champions, a competition where several individuals, taken from Battleworld and the reborn Multiverse, fought to the death on behalf of each Elder. The highest prize was the Iso-Sphere which contained within the Power Primordial, the concentrated and most powerful form of the Iso-8.[13] After assuming control of the Power Primordial that the Grandmaster and Collector were competing for, the Battleworld version of Maestro recreates Battleworld to its previous form as he had previously vowed that he would become the God-King of Battleworld.[14] In order to combat the remaining players, Maestro summoned the remnants of the Avengers and Thunderbolts from an alternate reality where Iron Man became President of the United States after winning the superhuman civil war as well as summoning Sentry of Earth-1611 in order to deal with the remaining Contest of Champions competitors.[15] When the Iso-Sphere was stolen from Maestro by Outlaw, he used its power to banish Maestro away from Battleworld and teleport the contestants to wherever they wanted to be. As a consequence of Outlaw wishing that the Contest of Champions to end, the Iso-Sphere shattered. A group of the contestants decided to remain in Battleworld forming the Civil Warriors in order to guard the Iso-8 and the shards of the Iso-Sphere so they wouldn't fall into the wrong hands.[15]

Known locationsEdit

First BattleworldEdit

  • Baxter Building - A replica of the Baxter Building where Thing had his final battle with Grimm the Sorcerer.[3]
  • Leenn - A location of Battleworld taken from Thing's subconscious that was based on Latveria. Thing fought a variation of Doctor Doom called the Wizard. It vanished when Thing destroyed the device that the Wizard was guarding.[16]
  • Muab - A kingdom of white magic that was attacked by Grimm the Sorcerer.[17]

Third BattleworldEdit

The following is a list of the domains and the Marvel Comics event titles that are their basis or reimagining as fully revealed on Marvel Comics' Interactive Battleworld map in Secret Wars #2:

# Domain Baron Setting Notes
#1 Greenland Currently ungovernable Planet Hulk Based from the remnants of Earth-71612, this area is a desert-like wasteland infested with an assortment of Hulks and other gamma-irradiated creatures. Some of the Hulk species include the Tribal Hulks, the Bull Hulks, the Sand Hulks, and the Sea Hulks. Known locations include the Badlands, the Barrens of the Tribal Hulks, Fang Mountain, Gamma Lake, Mud Kingdom, Port Banner, and She-Hulk Shore. Greenland was formerly ruled by the despot baron Red King before he was killed by Steve Rogers.
#2 Dystopia Future Imperfect Based from the remnants of Earth-69413, known locations are the Castle of Green and the Wastes. This area was formerly ruled by the iron fist of Maestro, his only opposition being a band of rebels led by the Thing (a variation of Thunderbolt Ross). Currently, Dystopia has no Baron appointed.
#3 Domain of Apocalypse The Age of Apocalypse Based from the remnants of Earth-51518, this area was once many kingdoms ruled by the Horsemen of Apocalypse until they became servants of Apocalypse when he conquered their lands. Known locations include Heaven Nightclub, the Human Compound, New Cairo, the Savage Land Sanctuary, Some Kinda Jungle?[18] and Westchester County. Formerly En Sabah Nur was the appointed baron of the domain until he was infected and killed by the Legacy Virus.
#4 Egyptia Khonshu and Bast Secret Wars main series; Secret Wars Journal This area is an alliance between the Upper and Lower Kingdoms and is based from the remnants of Earth-51910. The citizens are under the joint control of the moon goddess Khonshu and panther goddess Bast who control the population with their Moon Knights and werewolf warriors. There are factions that also worship The Man in the Sun, devoting songs to the light he brings the world. The mutants are used as slaves to build Khonshu's pyramids. Known locations include the Nile and Zenn-La. Much of what was Wakanda is found in the Upper Kingdom, both in design and function.
#5 Technopolis Kiri Oshiro Armor Wars A futuristic location with high levels of science and technology that is based from the remnants of Earth-12311. There is a unique airborne virus that is in the land which forces everyone to wear armor so that they can live and breathe. Anthony Stark and his brother Arno Stark are rivals in the armor-making business. Technopolis has its own version of Stark Tower as well as Arno-Ware Tower, Fisk Estate, Fisk Tower, the Building, the Hall of Law and Order, the Workshop of Kiri Oshiro, and Mobairu Yōsai Mechaniks. Howard Stark was the Baron until his death and the mastermind behind the airborne virus. He was replaced with Anthony Stark until he was deposed and arrested by the Thor Corps for the murders of James Rhodes, Kiri's parents, Spyder-Man, and Ben Ulrich.
#6 Valley of Doom Governor Roxxon 1872 of Earth-51920 It is a location that evokes the traits of the Wild West that is based from the remnants of Earth-51920. Timely is the only town in the Valley of Doom. Other locations include Attilan by the Sea, the Kirby River, the Roxxon Dam, and the Savage Mountains.
#7 Spider-Island Peter Parker Spider-Island Based from the remnants of Earth-19919, this area is infested with an assortment of Man-Spiders. It's Manhattan has Horizon Labs, Oscorp Tower, and Roxxon Research and Development. The Spider Queen was previously the Baroness until her death. Since then, Spider-Island has been filled with Man-Spiders, Lizard People, Vampires, and Bird People. The domain is to be renamed Flash City or Thompsonville in memory of Flash Thompson.
#8 The Regency Currently ungovernable Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows Based from the remnants of Earth-18119, this area was based on a variation of Manhattan where the Regent was behind the deaths and disappearances of many superheroes while Spider-Man has retired to protect his wife Mary Jane and his daughter Annie. The Regency also has its versions of Avengers Mansion, the Daily Bugle, and the George Washington Bridge as well as Empire Unlimited HQ, Phineas Mason's Fix-It Shop, and Public School 123 Mamie Fae. It was governed by Augustus Roman (the Regent) until Spider-Man came out of retirement and defeated him with help from his family and some superheroes who were in hiding.
#9 King JamesEngland Carlos Javier 1602: Witch Hunter Angela Based loosely from the remnants of Earth-311, it evokes the traits of England in the year 1602 during the Elizabethan era. Its previous Baron was King James (this reality's version of Wolverine instead of the historic King James) before he was discovered to be Witchbreed and apparently killed. Known locations include the Abbey of the Queen of Heven, Bishop Estate, Cumberland, the Far West Forest, God Emperor Doom's Cathedral, London, and York.
#10 Weirdworld Witch Queen le Fay Weirdworld This domain is a floating island that contains sorcery and strange perverted science for it was composed of fragments of many alternate reality magical realms. Known locations include Apelantis, the Caves of the Devil Dino, the Crypt of Man Maggots, the Crystal Labyrinth, Fang Mountain, the Forest of the Man-Things, the Motherboard Mountains, the Pink River of Death, and Polemachus (which is on the underside of Weirdworld). Following the Secret Wars storyline, Weirdworld manifested on Earth-616 in the Bermuda Triangle.
#11 K'un-L'un Emperor Shang-Chi Master of Kung Fu Based on the mystical city of the same name from Earth-15513, it is a wuxia-inspired domain in which its inhabitants are martial artists with mystical abilities and techniques. Every thirteen years, the Emperor of K'un-L'un is chosen by a trial by combat held in the Thirteen Chambers between the masters of their respective schools. Zheng Zu was the long reigning ruler of K'un-L'un until he was usurped by his son Shang-Chi. Known locations include the Chamber of the Ten Rings, the Halls of the Red Hand, the Temple of the Ten Rings, and the Thirteen Chambers.
#12 Utopolis Hyperion Squadron Sinister Based from the remnants of Earth-21195, this domain has been annexing the neighboring domains to its territory and killing their champions while leaving one person alive to be that area's puppet ruler. Annexed domains are allowed to retain autonomy as long as they pay 60% of their GDP and 30% of their food storage every month. Anyone who shows signs of weakness ends up killed as it is considered a capital offense in Utopolis. Known locations include Nighthawk's Building and the Squadron Citadel. Supremia Province (which was formerly ruled by the Squadron Supreme that is based from the remnants of Earth-17021), Shadow Province (which was under the rule of the Shadow Dwellers that is based from the remnants of Earth-88194), and Europix (a World War II-themed domain that is based from the remnants of Earth-59125) are annexed domains of Utopolis. Lost Land (where a variation of First Line resides that is based from the remnants of Earth-12212), Nutopia (which is based from the remnants of Earth-14227), and Wittland (where a variation of the Frightful Four comes from that is based from the remnants of Earth-66232) are also shown in Utopolis' region.
#13 New Mars N/A N/A Almost nothing has been revealed about this domain except that its based from the remnants of Earth-691 and that "The Voice Unheard" (the main insurrectionist group in Battleworld) used this domain to get access from Kingdom of Manhattan to the Warzone and deliver medical supplies to the Blue.
#14 Doomgard N/A Thors This is the home of the Thor Corps where they serve as Battleworld's police force. It is short for "Doom's Asgard." The halls of Doomgard is where anyone from any of the domains who can lift a Mjolnir will become a member of the Thor Corps.
#15 Higher Avalon Brian Braddock Secret Wars main series Not much is known about Higher Avalon other than the fact that is based from the remnants of Earth-81518. The previous Baron Jamie Braddock was exiled to the Shield where he died in the Deadlands after taking the blame for Brian's actions towards God Emperor Doom.
#16 Arachnia Currently ungovernable Spider-Verse Based from the remnants of Earth-22191, Arachnia is a variation of New York City where Gwen Stacy was killed, Spider-Man disappeared, and Norman Osborn resurfaced 10 years later as the head of Ozcorp and eventually become the Mayor of Arachnia. Numerous spider-heroes from other dimensions were recreated in Arachnia, living their lives as they had always existed there with vague memories of their past lives. The Manhattan area has Chinatown, the George Washington Bridge, and Ozcorp Tower. The Brooklyn area has the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Guitar Heaven, and Mount Olivet Cemetery. Dire times go through the domain due to the lack of authority since Mayor Osborn as the "baron" of Arachnia was deposed by the spider-heroes.
#17 Marville N/A Giant-Size Little Marvel: AvX Based from the remnants of Earth-71912, this area that is inhabited by child versions of the Avengers and the X-Men. Known locations include Asgard, Avengers St., the Avengers' Clubhouse, Downtown Marville, Ghost Rider's House, Marville Elementary, Marville Junk, Sanctum Sanctorum, Venom's House, X-Men Way, and the X-Men's Clubhouse.
#18 Isle of Agamotto None Secret Wars main series This secret isle is the home of Sheriff Strange to serve as his remembrance of Earth-616. Currently since Sheriff Strange's death at the hands of God Emperor Doom, the island is considered abandoned.
#19 Doomstadt God Emperor Doom Secret Wars main series; Runaways; Ghost Racers It serves as the capital of Battleworld where God Emperor Doom and Sheriff Strange operate. Doomstadt is the place where courts are held by Sheriff Strange under the supervision of God Emperor Doom and the Thor Corps. The roots of Yggdrasil emerge from Castle Doom which is also guarded by a version of Galactus. Doomstadt also has the Killiseum run by Arcade where gladiatorial events of different kinds are held. Other locations in Doomstadt are the Foundation's Department of Science, Hollowuud, the Romeo Drive Commercial District, the Victor von Doom Institute for Gifted Youths, and the cavern Nornheim (which grants passage to Norseheim).
#19A Norseheim Future Imperfect Based from the remnants of the Asgardian Ten Realms. It's a system of caverns located beneath Doomstadt. Norseheim is where the Rock Trolls and Ulik live and the enchanted suit of armor Destroyer is hidden, guarded by an elderly Rick Jones from Dystopia, who operates as the Ancient One.
#20 Kingdom of Manhattan - - The incursion point from Earth-616 and Earth-1610's destruction that were fused together by God Emperor Doom. Because of that, the domain is divided upon two different Manhattans co-existing next to each other and it's split into four parts. This area was considered to be the remnants of Earth-61610.
#20A New Attilan Blackagar Boltagon Inhumans: Attilan Rising Based on the Inhuman city of the same name, New Attilan is above the Earth-616 Manhattan and the Earth-1610 Manhattan. New Attilan serves as the capital of the Kingdom of Manhattan. The Fortress of the domain's Baron is located here. Formerly Medusa was the Baroness of the domain until she was accidentally killed by Blackagar Boltagon after he went through the Terrigenesis process to heal his wounds and activate his Inhuman gene. A furious Blackagar then destroyed New Atilan and set his eyes on God Emperor Doom for revenge. However, God Emperor Doom was watching the events and used his powers to recreate New Attilan, revive Medusa, and switch her position with Black Bolt, erasing everybody memories in the process.
#20B Earth-616 Manhattan Ultimate End This version of Manhattan was combined with the Earth-1610 Manhattan enabling them to co-exist together. Known locations include Nelson & Murdock, Avengers Mansion, the Earth-616 Baxter Building, Sanctum Sanctorum, the Earth-616 Stark Tower, and the X-Mansion.
#20C Earth-1610 Manhattan This version of Manhattan was combined with the Earth-616 Manhattan enabling them to co-exist together. Known locations include the New Ultimates Hideout, the Earth-1610 Baxter Building, the Earth-1610 Stark Tower, the Triskelion, and the Triskelion Ferry.
#20D Manhattan: Monster Metropolis Currently ungovernable Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos Based on the setting of the same name, Monster Metropolis is an underground location beneath the two Manhattans where an assortment of monsters dwell. Known locations include Dracula's Palace and the Trail to Hell. Dracula was the governor of Monster Metropolis before he was killed by Shiklah. Due to the dissent that Dracula failed to deal with, the Thor Corps attacked this location and slew most of its inhabitants.
#21 City - - The City is made up of an assortment of sub-domains. The two primary territories being Holy Wood (a variation of Hollywood) and Forest Hills. Another region of The City was composed by Yinsen City and Mondo City.
#21A Holy Wood Destroyed The Korvac Saga Formerly ruled by Baron Simon Williams and policed by the Avengers, this sub-domain formed from the remnants of Earth-61119 was united due to economic interests and concerns over infringement with Forest Hills by the Ultron Swarm. Baron Simon Williams however, held ambitions of usurping Korvac's position and uniting both territories under his leadership. Holy Wood was eventually destroyed alongside Forest Hills by the Thor Corps under the orders of God Emperor Doom, who saw Korvac as a threat to himself after his powers manifested.
#21B Forest Hills Formerly ruled by Baron Michael Korvac and policed by the Guardians, this sub-domain formed from the remnants of Earth-691 was united due to economic interests and concerns over infringement with Holy Wood by the Ultron Swarm. Baron Simon Williams however, held ambitions of usurping Korvac's position and uniting both domains under his leadership. At some point, Forest Hills began to be inflicted by an outbreak of an unknown mental ailment known as "The Madness." Those infected began to remember the world as it was before Battleworld, and as God Emperor Doom saw Korvac's power manifest he sent the Thor Corps to purge the City from Forest Hills and Holy Wood. Both the Guardians and the Avengers tried to fight back, but they were all apparently killed and the territories destroyed.
#21C Yinsen City Big Boss Hill Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders Based from the remnants of Earth-25315, Yinsen City is a futuristic, quiet, and peaceful utopian city. This location is north of the Warzone and is part of the City following the destruction of the primary territories. Its former Baron was Rescue. Currently, Yinsen City has been merged with Mondo City upon the two sub-domains settling their differences and joining forces.
#21D Mondo City Based from the remnants of "Earth-32134", Mondo City is a futuristic and fascist city. This location is next to Yinsen City and is part of the City following the destruction of the primary territories. Its former Baron was Boss Cage. Currently, Mondo City has been merged with Yinsen City upon the two sub-domains settling their differences and joining forces.
#22 Warzone - Civil War Based from the remnants of Earth-32323, this domain is where President Anthony Stark is in a war with Steve Rogers (known in this area as General America). President Stark and General America sacrificed their lives to activate the depowering bomb to stop the Skrulls causing Jennifer Walters and Peter Parker to take their place two months later. The domain is a variation of the United States of America that is divided into three zones:
#22A The Iron Jennifer Walters and Peter Parker Located on the eastern side of the Divide, the Iron was President Tony Stark's territory with Resilient Alpha as its capital. After President Stark's death, Jennifer Walters took his place as the leader of the Iron.
#22B The Divide The Divide is a community on the border between the Iron and the Blue territories, marked by a chasm that bisected the former site of St. Louis, Missouri when Prison 42 detonated. The Divide acted as a neutral territory between the Iron and the Blue and when the aforementioned territories finally achieved peace, the Divide began being fixed.
#22C The Blue Located on the west of the Divide, the Blue was General America's territory and is twice the size of the Iron although it has half the population. Known locations include its capital, Liberation, and Steeltown (which is an industrial city). After General America's death, Peter Parker took his place as the leader of the Blue.
#23 New Quack City TBA Howard the Human Based from the remnants of Earth-82081, this domain is a city filled with anthropomorphic animals. Howard struggles through daily tasks as the only human. New Quack City contains the Duck District and Hen's Kitchen.
#24 Far East N/A Where Monsters Dwell Based from the remains of Earth-200100, this domain is an Asian-themed location. Known locations include the Island of Dung, Malaya, Port Song, and Shanghai.
#25 Valley of Flame N/A Based from the remnants of Earth-200111, this domain is a prehistoric jungle location which evokes the traits of the Savage Land. Known locations include the Amazon Village and the Pygmy Village.
#26 Hydra Empire United Confederacy of Hydra Hail Hydra Based from the remains of Earth-85826, this domain is a variation of New York City that is ruled by the United Confederacy of Hydra and is defended by their version of the Avengers. Known locations include the Temple of Hydra and Times Square.
#27 2099 Miguel Stone Secret Wars 2099 A futuristic area that is based from the remnants of Earth-23291 which is a variation of the Marvel 2099 universe. The 2099 Avengers protect Nueva City and are overseen by Miguel Stone. Known locations include Alchemax Tower, Latverian Cuisine, New Atlantis, and the Sanctum Sanctorum.
#28 Hala Field Jacqueline Cochran Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps. Hala Field is the home of the Banshee Squadron, an air force dedicated to protect this territory that is based from the remnants of Earth-31333.
#29 Monarchy of M King Erik Magnus House of M An area that is based from the remnants of House of M universe. It is an area in which mutants rule over humans. Genosha is where Castle Magnus is located. Other known locations include Atlantis and Josie's Bar. King Erik Magnus was the Baron of the domain before he was deposed by his own son Quicksilver and Namor. However, Magnus was able to retake his position from Namor by killing him and then forgiving Quicksilver.
#30 Sentinel Territories President Robert Kelly Years of Future Past Based from the remnants of Earth-25158, this domain is infested with Sentinels. The Sentinel Territories consists of an alternate version of the United States of America called the United Doomstates where Robert Kelly's rise to power as the President and the passing of the Mutant Control Act led to mutants and superhumans to be contained in camps where they were sterilized and used for experiments.
#31 Wastelands N/A Old Man Logan Based from the remnants of Earth-807128, it is a desert-like location where an older version of Wolverine resides. Known locations include Amerika, Hammer Falls, and New Vegas.
#32 Mutopia N/A E is For Extinction In this domain that is based from the remnants of Earth-55133, the dream of peaceful co-existence of mutants and humans was achieved which turns the table on mutant dynamic. Professor X is dead and Magneto is running a school and created his own version of X-Men. The classic X-Men are in middle-age and apparently losing their powers. Known locations include the Atom Institute and District X.
#33 Westchester Robert Kelly X-Men '92 Based from the remnants of Earth-92131. Known locations include the Clear Mountain Institute, New Salem Mall, the X-Mansion, and the X-Museum.
#34 Killville MODOK MODOK Assassin Based from the remnants of Earth-11131 in which every superhero was killed by MODOK and where regular citizens are constantly exposed to the damage caused by the killers and villains waging war amongst themselves. Killville contains the Mann District. The former Baron of Killville was Karl Mordo until he was killed by MODOK before he can attack the Thor Corps.
#35 Arcadia Jennifer Walters A-Force Based from the remnants of Earth-16191, Arcadia is an island nation that is filled with female superheroes. Known locations include Bishop's Lighthouse, the Hall of Justice, the Plaza of Arcadia, and Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.
#36 Bar Sinister Mister Sinister Secret Wars main series; Secret Wars Journal Based from the remnants of Earth-21919, this domain is dominated by an army of Nathaniel Essex's clones. It's based on Sinister's city of clones in Avengers vs. X-Men. Following the Secret Wars storyline, Bar Sinister manifested as a secret island on Earth-616.
#37 Limbo Madelyne Pryor Inferno Based from the remnants of Earth-91240, this domain is a variation of New York City where Manhattan became a Hell-like area infested by demons from Limbo and had to be forcibly splintered from the rest of the domain by a forcefield. Other areas featured are Brooklyn, Coney Island, the East River, and Queens. The domain had been under the rule of several barons: the first known was Baroness Madelyne Pryor until she was overthrown by Darkchild and during the court of All-Father, Doom ruled against Madelyne in favour of her ex-husband, Scott Summers, removing her as baroness and elevating Scott as the next baron. Scott Summers however was eventually deposed when he was unable to prevent Darkchild's invasion and the demon infestation spread over the entire domain. Darkchilde was then appointed as the baroness until she too was defeated and apparently killed by her brother Colossus. Later, Pryor would absorb Darkchild's power regaining in the process her position as baroness.
#38 Deadlands Outside God Emperor Doom's jurisdiction Marvel Zombies Based from the remnants of Earth-2149, it is an area that is infested with zombie versions of Marvel characters and evokes the traits of a zombie apocalypse.
#39 Perfection Age of Ultron An area that is filled with Ultron Sentinels. This was based from the remnants of Earth-21261 where Ultron-1 annihilated all superheroes and conquered Earth in a robot apocalypse-type manner.
#40 New Xandar The Infinity Gauntlet An area that is filled with insectoid-like creatures that make up the Annihilation Wave. This was based from the remnants of Earth-94241 in which the Annihilation Wave had decimated Earth after the Nova Corps failed.
#41 Shield Collapsed Siege Originally called the "Wall," the Shield is one of Battleworld's most important structures where it is 250 ft high and its width is 16,000 miles. This large defensive wall is what separates The Deadlands, Perfection, and New Xandar from the rest of Battleworld. Anyone who transgresses the borders of the other Battleworld domains or commits any other type of offense are sent here where they must work to keep the dangers from the three areas from crossing the Shield as a member of the Hel-Rangers. A larger variation of Thing had been the form of the Shield at the convincing of God Emperor Doom. The Shield was formerly under the supervision of Commander Nick Fury until he was presumed killed in battle. Commander Abigail Brand would take his place as the supervisor of Shield until she and the remaining members of the Endless Summers gave their lives standing against the combined forces of the south. The Shield itself would collapse after the Thing decided to leave the structure to confront God Emperor Doom upon Thanos' persuasion. Thus, his departure left a massive tract of the Shield.
#41A Subterranea Mole Man Secret Wars Journal An underground kingdom built by the Mole Man of Technopolis by using the technology that he stole from his own domain and by modifying deactivated Ultron Sentinels from Perfection. Its location is somewhere near the Shield and because of that, the Mole Man was allowed to maintain this sub-domain without the need to submit to God Emperor Doom.
Other domains unidentified in the Battleworld map
#42 Breakland Destroyed Siege Although the actual existence of Breakland is questionable, according to the history of Battleworld, thirty years ago the Shield was breached, allowing the combined forces of the Deadlands, Perfection and New Xandar to run amok on Battleworld. Several regions were destroyed with Breakland among them.
#43 X-Topia Rachel Grey X-Tinction Agenda Based from the remnants of Earth-24201, X-Topia Province has the island of Genosha as part of its domain which has been quarantined due to a plague. The capital of this domain is X-City. The domain is apparently kept hidden from the rest of the domains just because they have the technology necessary to time travel between space and time.
#44 Old Town N/A Secret Wars Journal Based from the remnants of Earth-15203 which contained a variation of Marvel Noir, Old Town is a domain that evokes the traits of the 1920s and the 1930s. It is located somewhere close to or near the Domain of Apocalypse.
#45 Unidentified Domain #1 N/A Spider-Island Based from the remnants of Earth-982.
#46 Walled City of New York N/A Hank Johnson, Agent of Hydra One of the few unknown domains. It is based from the remnants of Earth-21722 where New York City is surrounded by a defensive wall. One part of the Walled City of New York is under Hydra's control while the other part is under S.H.I.E.L.D.'s control. Known locations include Brooklyn and Manhattan.
#47 Bug World N/A Based from the remnants of Earth-22312, this domain is a version of New York City that is inhabited by insect versions of the heroes and villains.
#48 Metropolitia Gorilla-Man/Baron Helmut Zemo Secret Wars: Agents of Atlas A sprawling megacity whose population is enslaved to forge the weapons of Battleworld. The city is policed by the S.H.I.E.L.D. and was formerly ruled by Heinrich Zemo (who believed himself to be a god and the citizens his playthings). His only opposition being the Agents of Atlas, a secret and never seen group who fight for the oppressed citizens. Heinrich Zemo was eventually killed by the Agents of Atlas. Heinrich Zemo's son Helmut Zemo was cursed as a side effect of killing Gorilla-Man and turned into the new Gorilla-Man.
#49 Unidentified Domain #2 N/A Secret Wars Too A domain composed from the last remnants of Earth-617 whose reality is almost the same as the Earth-616, but subtly different in the form that Peter Parker (who had just recently been gifted with the powers of Spider-Man) is visited by the angels of his better nature whenever he sees a crime being committed and Uncle Ben is actually a criminal.
#50 Hell's Kitchen's Kitchen Currently ungovernable A domain where Galactus has finally succeeded in having his insatiable hunger taken away by creating a food blog and where a small team of heroes (composed by Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Spider-Man) have formed a reluctant alliance with the world-devourer in order to save their world and act as Galactus' Heralds. It's also apparent that Galactus and his heralds are allowed to deliver food to the different domains. The domain was formerly ruled by Galactus after he made the mistake of sending Spider-Man and Jessica Jones to The Uncle Ben-a-Verse causing a revengeful Spider-Man to defeat the world-devour and make him leave Hell's Kitchen's Kitchen.
#51 Demolition House Baron Dunphy Nothing is known about this domain except that its Baron is Dennis Dunphy.
#52 The Uncle Ben-a-verse Uncle Ben Also known as Domain #615, this is a domain where its citizens have the appearance of Uncle Ben. According to Peter Parker from Hell's Kitchen's Kitchen, the entire domain is a walking trigger warning for Spider-Men.
#53 XXX N/A A domain where at least three alternate versions of Cyclops try to date with Jean Grey (who is dating that domain's Wolverine). Its location appears to be near Marvel All-Bear.
#54 Marvel All-Bear N/A A questionable domain where all its citizens are actual bears. Beardevil (the bear version of Daredevil) and Foggy Bearson (the bear version of Foggy Nelson) are known to be hunted down, by unknown reasons, by the human Foggy Nelson of XXX.
#55 Rule 63 N/A A domain which states that for every fictional character, there exists an opposite-gender counterpart.
Other places absent from the Battleworld map
#56 Salvation Ungovernable Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies Salvation is a hidden refuge located somewhere between the borders of the Deadlands and Perfection and serves those who seek refuge from the Zombies and the Ultron Sentinels. This sanctuary was created by three of Lord Ultron's former pawns who escaped Perfection: Human Torch, the Vision, and Wonder Man. Using Wonder Man's expertise in electrical engineering, scientific construction concepts grasped during their time with Ultron as well as his ionic energy as a source to create a force field to protect it from any threats.
#57 Knowhere Guardians of Knowhere The severed Celestial head orbits Battleworld like a moon and contains the city of Knowhere. Known locations include Cebulski's Bar and Knowhere Marketplace.
#58 Mojo dot Mojo Secret Wars: Battleworld Based on Mojoverse, Mojo dot Mojo is a clandestine place located somewhere underneath Battleworld. It is where Mojo collects and produces television programs from every part of Battleworld.
#59 Negative Zone Civil War The Negative Zone is located inside Battleworld itself and appears to act as the planet's core. The Negative Zone is also where President Tony Stark from Warzone is holding Prison 42. Likewise, the members of the Future Foundation also often visit the place and spent a fair amount of time studying it.

In other mediaEdit

  • Battleworld appears in the final season of Spider-Man: the Animated Series, in a miniseries titled Secret Wars which ran from 1997-1998. This version was based primarily off of the Beyonder's Battleworld.
  • Battleworld appears in the Avengers Assemble episode "Beyond."[19] The Beyonder creates Battleworld by taking parts of Earth, Asgard, and other realities to form it as part of his "experiment." Known Battleworld domains are Egyptia (where Avengers Tower and a pyramid that Moon Knight is guarding is located), NYC Underworld (New York City in an underground location), No-Tech Land (based off the dimension that Iron Man was sent to), the Vampire Federation, K'un-Lun, the Vibranium Coast, the Red Skull Sea, Weirdworld, the Bay of Attuma, Westland (a Wild West domain that is also filled with dinosaurs), Lost to the Symbiotes, and the United States of Crime.


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