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Welcome to the WikiProject of the Twenty-Tens decade, a WikiProject dedicated to all articles related to the 2010s. Our goal is to improve the articles and let people read and know more about the most recently concluded decade. Some of you might be thinking, "Wow, that is a huge scope", and you would be correct. The WikiProject is and will be involved in thousands of articles. However, most of those articles won't just be based in the decade. The WikiProject's goal will be to help improve articles with information from the decade. For example, COVID-19 pandemic started in 2019. Even though the pandemic went into 2020 and beyond, our WikiProject will mainly be focused on the part in 2019.

(The WikiProject began on August 24, 2021, so it is very new. Feel free to help improve it.)

To DoEdit

  • Tag articles related to the 2010s with the WikiProject Banner and an appropriate rating for quality and importance.


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Importance ScaleEdit

The WikiProject has a different style to the Importance scale than most WikiProjects. The Low and Mid importance level will be extremely populated, with the high and top having very few.

Every article needs to be manually assessed, but hopefully this is a good guide to help with most articles.

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Every editor is welcome to join, so feel free to add your name below!

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