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Hello all!. My name is Historyday01. I joined Wikipedia on July 2, 2011, but I have only been seriously editing pages since November 2, 2019. I joined Wikipedia to contribute pages or other material to the website to make it better for those that want to use it. I will say that I appreciate those that are willing to work to make pages better. On the whole, the people on here have been nice, so that has been positive, although some people have unfortunately sneered at me in the past. While that is partially my fault, as I get passionate about topics, and also the fault of specific users who are also as fiery as me, I am trying to be more zen about editing and not get so worked up about it. This is my first account, although I have an account I don't use anymore, as I created it for what seemed like an inane school project, editing the archival appraisal page. Apart from this, I like history, especially the modern period of history, and I enjoy watching animations and films, especially those with LGBTQ+ characters. For now, my Wikipedia editing focuses on LGBTQ+ characters, from non-binary characters to pansexual characters, asexual characters to non-binary characters, intersex characters to polyamorous characters, bisexual characters to lesbian characters, and all in-between. From November 7, 2019 onward I have heavily edited List of animated series with LGBTQ characters page and its various offshoots. I also started dipping into editing pages about autism as well, and have also begun editing pages that I created like Adult animation in the United States, while updating various pages with entries about LGBTQ characters in webcomics. I edited some archives-related pages in 2021. According to XTools, I have done more than 24,700 edits! Anyway, I like drawing, writing, and writing fan fictions. I also, unequivocally, support Black Lives Matter. My main language is in English, so if you are going to post on my talk page, please use that language. While I usually use he/him/his personal pronouns, I am totally ok with people using they and them for me as well. I oppose many other forms of discrimination, but I didn't want my page to get filled up with boxes. In order to fulfill WP:SOCK, my alternative account is User:Historyhermann1993, although I don't use that account. I am most proud of my pages on history of LGBTQ characters in animation, specifically the History of LGBT characters in animation and the subpages for the 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, and 2020s. I have also included a lot of what I like on User:Historyday01/Userboxes, for those that are interested in going there. Have also edited, as of late, articles about labor history of the animation industry in the United States, history pages for Guyana, Zimbabwe, Mexico/U.S. barrier, and many others!

This user is Autistic.
This user is currently exploring their sexual identity.
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This user avoids using ableist terms and disability-related slurs.
This user strongly opposes racism
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