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WikiProject Faroe Islands was formed to foster better articles on the country of the Faroe Islands with a spirit of co-operation.

If you feel that you can have a positive contribution to the project, become a member by joining the list of members. If you don't know what to write or where to begin, or if you have doubts or ideas on how to improve an article, please address the project’s discussion forum.

Existing members: All of the content from the old page layout has now been reorganised. The templates can be found in the template directory, other resources have been moved around the page. Feedback and suggestions are welcome on the talk page. Please review the members list and add your own personal comments if you wish, stating your reason for participating in the project and so forth.
The project aims primarily to:

Other goals include:

  • The creation and maintenance of templates linking together relevant Faroe Islands articles.
New articles
This section lists recently created articles within the scope of the project. Remember to nominate the best new articles here so Wikipedia can highlight them on the main page.

This list was generated from these rules. Questions and feedback are always welcome! The search is being run daily with the most recent ~14 days of results. Note: Some articles may not be relevant to this project.

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void  April 26 2007
If you are wondering where to start, take a look at these tasks:
Maintenance tasks
Needed articles

Articles of high importance (susections in the main article) edit

Places edit

Politics edit

Apart from the Ministry of Education, Research and Culture there are no other Faroese Ministry article on Wikipedia. Ministries' pages needed would be:

Other edit

Peer reviews

The following peer reviews are requested:

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WikiProject Faroe Islands


Tórshavn is the capital and the largest town in the Faroe Islands.
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The proportion of assessed articles within the scope of WikiProject Faroe Islands is:

99.8% (assessed)


The proportion of known importance articles within the scope of WikiProject Faroe Islands is:

98.7% (known importance)


Featured content
 Arctic tern  
 Atlantic puffin  
 Faroe Islands national football team results  
 Whaling in the Faroe Islands  29 April 2007
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 Education in the Faroe Islands  8 November 2015
 Hooded crow  17 March 2008
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Featured on the Did you know section on the Main Page:
 Heðin á Lakjuni  26 December 2015
 Education in the Faroe Islands  26 November 2015
 Nólsoyar Páll  11 October 2011

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User Comments

Active members edit

To join WikiProject Faroe Islands, edit this section and insert the Wikitext #{{subst:me}} with your areas of interest into the following list of members in alphabetical order. Members should also place member identification on their user page.

  1. 000peter (talk · contribs)
  2. Arne List (talk · contribs)
  3. EileenSanda (talk · contribs)
  4. FunCatGaming (talk · contribs
  5. Hansi667 (talk · contribs) – I'm intrigued in the remoteness of the islands and the resilience of its people. Not much knowledge, but certainly interested.
  6. Herr Feller (talk · contribs)
  7. Kazuse (talk · contribs)
  8. MacRusgail (talk · contribs) – I don't claim much knowledge of the Faroe Islands, but am interested in them.
  9. Madglad (talk · contribs)
  10. Mulder1982 (talk · contribs)
  11. Nidator (talk · contribs)
  12. Oisin Allen (talk · contribs)
  13. Quackor (talk · contribs)
  14. Usanami (talk · contribs) 16:10:02, 30 April 2021 (UTC)  I have been doing reaserch on the faroe islands for 1 and a half to 2 years the country is very interesting and plan on making many trips there!Reply[reply]
  15. Kaffe42 (talk · contribs)
  16. Biglittlehugesmall65 (talk · contribs) 00:10:09, 5 March 2021 (UTC)  I have no idea, I would like to help with anything, frankly.Reply[reply]

Former members edit

Thank you for your help! Please move your username back to the active list when you can participate again.

  1. Buaidh (talk · contribs) 00:32:22, 11 June 2019 (UTC) – WikiProject templates and categories.Reply[reply]

Member identification edit

Members of WikiProject Faroe Islands should place one of the following lines of Wikitext on their user page to add it to Category:WikiProject Faroe Islands participants.

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For other Faroe Islands user templates, see Category:Faroe Islands user templates.

This is a list of resources that may be useful when creating Faroe Islands-related articles, or just for general interest:

  • Faroese football statistics: has accumulative statistics for almost every Faroese football player as well as a database of nearly every football match in the Faroe Islands, and has statistics for Faroese international players.
  • Faroese football matches and news: has an archive of most football matches that were held since 1997, and a lot of news reports concerning football.

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