I am Arne from Kiel, Germany (born in Lübeck, grown up in Eutin and Flensburg, emigrated to Westberlin and returned to my homeland Schleswig-Holstein in 1998). My main interests are the Faroes but also related topics in Scandinavia.

Arne means eagle, and List means art (in old Germanic and Norse). It's my baptismal name for some reasons, I had no choice. However, this name needs no nicknames, so I never got some, which could become popular enough, to replace the "art eagle". :-)))


I speak English and Danish fluently (or let's say: I read it every day, can follow the radio, and bother a fellow with those languages in a pub); but struggle with Faroese.

As you know, a Danish speaker has no big difficulties with reading Swedish and Norwegian, but I cannot write in those languages (and have no actual need for it) However, if you write in any Scandinavic, I will understand you somehow. If not: Hope to switch into English.

Understanding Spanish, French and other Roman languages is sometimes possible by reading, but forget me in any attempt to form just one thought in it. However, I like Spanish very much by its sound :-)

Show me a written piece in Turkish (or even Arabic), and I'll read it loud, but... eh... what does it mean? However, Arabic grammar is impressing me, but I just know the alphabet and some words, but I can use a dictionary and a grammar book ;-)

Contributions to WikipediaEdit

First and foremost, I am writing articles in the German category de:Kategorie:Färöer. I am also administrator of the Faroese Wikipedia, make a Faroese-German Dictionary and from 2007 a Faroese-English Dictionary


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