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Welcome to WikiProject Australian Transport. This project is dedicated to improving coverage of topics related to Transport in Australia. If you have any questions, either leave a message at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Australian Transport, or reach out to one of the members below.



Anything related to Transport in Australia is considered to be under the scope of the project. Anything under Category:Transport in Australia and its subcategories will likely be within the scope of the project. This includes all modes of transport, and not just public transport.

Our goals

  • To provide guidelines and recommendations for articles that describe all aspects of transport in Australia.
  • To improve Wikipedia's coverage of Australian transport by creating, expanding, and maintaining such articles in a fair and accurate manner.
  • To serve as the central point of discussion for issues related to Australian transport in Wikipedia.
  • To expand and improve existing articles, and bring some to GA or FA status.

To do

  • Add |transport=yes to {{WikiProject Australia}} on all relevant pages
  • Engage in policy, naming suggestions and article format consistency regarding Australian transport.
    • Adopt a list of reliable sources for Australian transport-related articles.
  • Engage with WikiProject Australia and WikiProject Transport and bring in editors from them.
  • Determine the notability of articles within the project at AfD, and add reliable sources if possible.

Here are some tasks you can do to help at WikiProject Australian Transport:

Article alerts


Templates for discussion

Articles to be split



Of the 6,963 pages overseen by WikiProject Australian Transport:

  • 5016 are articles or lists
  • 77 are files
  • 1015 are categories
  • 600 are templates

100% have been assessed for quality
See Category:Unassessed Australian Transport articles for the 0 remaining articles

100% have known importance
See Category:Unknown-importance Australian Transport articles for the 1 remaining articles

65.2% of prose articles are not stubs
See Category:Stub-Class Australian Transport articles for the 1709 remaining articles

For full assessment categories see: Wikipedia:WikiProject Australian Transport/Assessments

Recognised content

as of 16 June 2024
9 FA-Class Australian Transport articles
1 FL-Class Australian Transport articles
2 FM-Class Australian Transport articles
54 GA-Class Australian Transport articles
62 Did you know Australian Transport articles
0 In the News Australian Transport articles
9 Main page featured Australian Transport articles
2 Picture of the day Australian Transport articles
5 Vital Australian Transport articles

For full list of recognised content see: Assessments#Recognised content



If you are interested in the project, please add yourself to the list below. Please add your state or territory of residence (if applicable) and interests (e.g. trams, Melbourne trains, historic railway lines)

  1. Purin128AL (talk · contribs) – VIC, template and BSicon route map creator
  2. JML1148 (talk · contribs) – VIC, interested in Victorian transport, mainly trains and proposals.
  3. ThylacineHunter (talk · contribs) – VIC – Victorian trains, trams, paddle boats. Also templates, slight knowledge of lua modules, BSicon routes, update to old naming convention
  4. NotOrrio (talk · contribs) – VIC, mainly interested in trains and buses in Melbourne but may also occasionally work on articles in other cities around Australia
  5. Steelkamp (talk · contribs) – Western Australia public transport and roads
  6. JarrahTree (talk · contribs) – WA – Australia wide project scope issues
  7. Marcnut1996 (talk · contribs) – VIC, formerly NSW – NSW and Vic transport
  8. Calistemon (talk · contribs) – WA, loves to take images of ships, planes and trains
  9. Fork99 (talk · contribs) – NSW, mainly trains/trams in NSW, but around public transport in general.
  10. Anothersignalman (talk · contribs) – VIC, rolling stock and signalling/interlocking. Previously heavily involved, limited time and energy at present given previous decisions re quality of sources and level of detail. At the time people suggested I should move all content to a Wikia page but that didn't end up working.
  11. Happily888 (talk · contribs) – NSW, trains
  12. Cityedit14 (talk · contribs) — SA, particularly interested in trains in Adelaide, but generally all things Adelaide Metro.
  13. HoHo3143 (talk · contribs) — VIC, most transport related articles in Victoria and Australia-wide aviation articles. Mostly working on getting articles about Metro and V/Line to GA status.
  14. ArrowAU (talk · contribs) — WA, primarily interested in Perth public transport, roads, some national locomotives, and limited knowledge of aviation. Some added knowledge of Routemaps and BSicons through contributions to other (fictional) transport-related wikis.
  15. Jh15s (talk · contribs) — NSW, interested in transport in general. I keep an eye out in the news for any events, new projects/organisations etc. that I can add to relevant articles (or create new articles for) on Wikipedia. I've worked with BSicons as well as infoboxes and other common templates.
  16. DrRespect (talk · contribs) — WA, public transport, roads, infobox maps, BSicon route and station maps
  17. Alomico (talk · contribs) — NSW/VIC, Regional train lines in Victoria and trams in Melbourne.
  18. CuriousSmudge123 (talk · contribs) - NSW/WA, light and heavy rail lines. I really just like trains :)
  19. R23130030 (talk · contribs) — NSW, interested in light and heavy rail, particularly the Sydney Metro
  20. SuIfate (talk · contribs) – VIC, suburban train/tram stations and their history
  21. Takerlamar (talk · contribs) - VIC, photos of all types of transport vehicles and infrastructure, content related to cycling for transport, and data.
  22. Bryce Stansfield (talk · contribs) - QLD, Translink network, freight routes, applications of operations research to transport planning. Happy to help :)
  23. PEPSI697 (talk · contribs) - VIC, Have Interest in any Victorian trains, Melbourne trams, Level Crossing Removal Projects in Victoria, Road Projects in Victoria, Train stations in Victoria and Train lines in Victoria. Also helping make Wikipedia a better website for everyone to read at.

Member identification


Members of WikiProject Australian Transport should place one of the following lines of Wikitext on their user page to add it to Category:WikiProject Australian Transport participants.

Wikitext userbox where used
[[Category:WikiProject Australian Transport participants]] none linked pages
{{Template:User WikiProject Australian Transport}} linked pages
Similar wikiprojects in other countries
Overlapping Australian wikiprojects
Overlapping wikiprojects
Other Australian projects

Assessment statistics


To add an article to the project, please paste the template {{WikiProject Australia|transport=yes}} at the top of the article's talk page

For more detailed assessment please paste the following, filling in the importance section:

{{WikiProject Australia|transport=yes|transport-importance=}}

If you have any questions about article assessment, or want someone to check over your assessment, please ask at the talk page.

There is a semi-automated script that you can use that might help in adding WikiProjects quicker. See WP:RATER for more details.

Helpful materials


Recently created, updated or extended articles


If you have created an article, significantly updated or extended an article, or brought an article to good article, featured article, or featured list status, and it is a part of the project, please list it here. Idea shamelessly stolen from WikiProject Australian maritime history.

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