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Following page lists various days of celebration/mourning/remembrance of Shi'a Muslims.


Following is list of days of celebration/mourning/remembrance as observed by Shi'a Twelver Muslims:

List of celebration/mourning/remembrance as observed by Shi'a Twelver Muslims
Date Type Event(celebration/mourning/remembrance) Remark/Notes
1 M Mourning of Muharram starts continues for 2 months and 8 days until the 8th of Rabi-al-awwal
2 M Arrival of Imam Hussain in Karbalā, 61 A.H.
3 M Water supply to Imam Husain & his companions was stopped in Karbalā
7 M Stored water in the tents runs out
9 M Tassooa/Shab-e-A'ashoora Night of A'ashoora
10 M A'ashoora Martyrdom of Imam Hussain & his companions, 61 A.H.
M Shaam-e-Ghariba Evening of A'ashoora
12 M Siyyum of Shaheed-e-Karbala 3rd day of A'ashoora
17 R Aam-ul-feel Abraha attacked on Ka'aba
18 R Qibla was changed from Bait-ul-Muqqaddas to Ka'bah, 2 A.H.
20 M 10th day of A'ashoora
25 M Martyrdom of Imam Zain-ul-Abideen, 95 A.H.
30 M 20th day of A'ashoora
1 R Battle of Sif'feen, 37 A.H.
M prisoners of Karbalā entered Yazid's palace in Syria
7 R Birth of Imam Musa-e-Kazim, 128 A.H. Due to mourning span it is not celebrated.
10 M martyrdom of Janab-e-Sakina, youngest daughter of Hussain ibn Ali and a prisoner of Karbalā 13 safar is most authentic
M 30th day of A'ashoora
R Victory to Ali in the Battle of Nahrawan
12 R Birth of Janab-e-Salman-e-Farsi
17 M Martyrdom of Imam Ali Reza, 203 A.H. According to some scholars 29 Safar or 23rd Zul'Hijjah
20 M Ar'baeen/Chehlum 40th day of A'ashoora
28 M Wafat of Muhammad, 11 A.H.
M Martyrdom of Imam Hasan, 50 A.H.
1 R Hijrat (migration) of Muhammad
5 R Wafat of Janab-e-Masooma-e-Qum
8 M Martyrdom of Imam Hasan Askari, 260 A.H.
9 C Eid-e-Zahra
C Imamat day of Imam-e-Zaman
14 R Yazid was killed
15 R First mosque (Quba Mosque) was established, 1 A.H.
17 C Birth of Muhammad, 53 B.H.
C Birth of Imam Jafar-as-Sadiq, 83 A.H.
18 R Birth of Janab-e-Umm-e-Kulsum Bint-e-Ali
8 C Birth of Imam Hasan Askari, 232 A.H.
1 R Death of Harun Rashid
10 R Battle of the Camel
14 M Martyrdom of Janab-e-Fatima-az-Zahra, 11 A.H. According to some scholars on 13th of same month or 3rd Jamadi-ul-Aakhir
15 C Birth of Imam Zain-ul-Abideen, 37 A.H. According to some scholars on 15th of Jamadi-ul-Aakhir or 5th Shabaan
13 R death of Umm ul-Banin (mother of Abbas ibn Ali)
20 C Birth of Janab-e-Fatima-az-Zahra, 8 B.H.
26 M Martyrdom of Imam Ali Naqi According to some scholars on 3rd of Rajab
1 C Birth of Imam Mohammed Baqir, 57 A.H.
7 C Birth of Abbas, 36 A.H. According to some scholars on 4th Shabaan
10 C Birth of Imam Mohammad Taqi, 195 A.H.
13 C Birth of Imam Ali, 23 B.H.
15 M Martyrdom of Imam Jafar-as-Sadiq
18 R Wafat Ibrahim
20 C Birth of Janab-e-Sakina
22 C Koo'nda (table cloth dinner) Niyaz/Nazr of Imam Jafar-as-Sadiq
24 R Birth of Janab-e-Ali-Asgar
25 M Martyrdom of Imam Musa-e-Kazim
26 R Wafat of Abu Talib
27 C Eid-e-Meraj/Yaum-e-Be'asat
28 M Imam Husayn ibn ‘Alī started his journey to Karbalā from Medina, 60 A.H.
1 C Birth of Janab-e-Zainab, 6 A.H.
3 C Birth of Imam Hussain, 4 A.H.
4 C Birth of Ghazi Abbas
5 R Birth of Janab-e-Ali Akbar
R death of Janab-e-Fizza, the hand-maiden (Qaneez) of Janab-e-Fatima-az-Zahra
7 R Birth of Janab-e-Qasim
14 R Shab-e-Ba'raat
15 C Birth of Imam-e-Zaman
4 R Nuzool Tawrait the Torah (Tawrat) was bestowed on Moses (Musa)
10 R death of Janab-e-Khadijat-ul-Kubrafirst wife of Muhammed
12 R Nuzool Injeel Gospel (Injil) was bestowed on Jesus (Isa)
15 R Birth of Imam Hasan
17 R Battle of Badr, first battle of Islam was won by the Muslims
18 R Nuzool Zuboor the Psalms (Zabur) were bestowed on David (Dawood)
19 M Shab-e-Qadr Yaum-e-Zarbat Imam Ali was struck on the head by a sword and wounded, 40 A.H.
20 R Fateh Mecca Conquest of Mecca
21 M Shab-e-Qadr Martyrdom of Imam Ali, 40 A.H. Imam Ali died due to injuries he sustained by a sword
22 R Nuzool Quran the Quran was bestowed on Muhammed
xx R Jumaatulwida last Friday of Ramzan
1 C Eid-ul-Fitr
2 R Battle of the Trench (Khandak)
8 M Yaum-e-Gham Janat-ul-Baqi destroyed by Ibn Saud
9 R Janab-e-Khadijat-ul-Kubra married to Muhammed
10 R Ghaibat-e-Kubra-e-Imam-e-Zaman
15 R Shahadat of Hamzah in Battle of Uhud, 3 A.H. According to Mafatih Al-Jinan & Allama Syed Zeeshan Haider Jawadi
29 R Birth of Abu Talib
1 R Birth of Janab-e-Masoom-e-Qum
6 R Treaty of Hudaibiya was executed, 6 A.H.
11 C Birth of Imam Ali Reza, 148 A.H.
25 R Eid-e-Dahwool-e-Arz The earth was spread
R Khana Ka'ba was established
R Birth of Ibrahim
R Birth of Isa
29 M Martyrdom of Imam Mohammad Taqi, 220 A.H.
1 R Sayeda Fatima married to Ali, 2 B.H.
3 R Renunciation of Adam accepted
7 M Martyrdom of Imam Mohammad Baqir, 114 A.H.
8 M Imam Hussain started from Mecca to Karbala, 60 A.H.
9 R Day of Arafah It is also a day of supererogatory fasting.
M Martyrdom of Janab-e-Muslim ibn Aqil & Hani ibn Urwah in Kufa, 60 A.H.
10 C Eid-uz-Zuha
15 C Birth of Imam Ali Naqi, 212 A.H. According to some scholars on 2nd Rajab or 5th Rajab
16 M Wafat of Janab-e-Zainab
18 C Eid-e-Ghadeer
19 R Sayeda Fatima went to Ali's house after their marriage
23 R Martyrdom of Farzand-e-Muslim, 60 A.H.
24 C Eid-e-Mubahila
27 R Wafat of Janab-e-Meesum-e-Tammaar, 60 A.H.
Type symbols: C = Celebration, M = Mourning, R = Remembrance;

Source: Jaffery Welfare Trust: 2009 Islamic calendar & various other calendars and almanacs.