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The Second Perso-Turkic War began in 606/607 with an invasion of Sassanid Persia by the Göktürks and Hephthalites. The war ended in 608 with the defeat of the Turks and Hephthalites by the Sasanians under the Armenian general Smbat IV Bagratuni.

Second Perso-Turkic War
Part of Göktürk–Persian wars
Result Decisive Sasanian victory
Sasanian Empire Western Turkic Khaganate
Commanders and leaders
Smbat IV Bagratuni
Unknown leader 


  • 2,000 Aswaran cavalry
  • 300 defenders under Datoyean

Large army

  • 300,000 reinforcements (per Sebeos; likely exaggeration)[2]
Casualties and losses
Unknown Heavy



In 606/607, the Turks invaded eastern Persia with a large number of men, but were defeated in the first battle near the fort of Tus in Khorasan by a force of 2,000 Aswaran (elite heavy cavalry). Having lost this battle, the Turks and Hephthalites requested reinforcements from the Khagan. Sebeos exaggerates that 300,000 troops were sent to reinforce the invading army.

This force soon overran Khorasan as well as the fort of Tus with its 300 defenders under prince Datoyean. However, the Turks withdrew after their raids, which went as far as Isfahan. Smbat quickly reorganized the eastern Persian forces and finally crushed the Turks and Hephthalites, reportedly killing their leader in hand-to-hand combat (mard o mard).[3]

After the death of their leader, which shattered troop morale, the Turks and Hephthalites retreated in a disorderly manner. The Aswaran pursued them, routed them and killed many.


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