Bagha Qaghan

Bagha Qaghan was the seventh ruler (587–589) of the Göktürks.[1] He may have been[2] the 'great kaghan' that was killed with an arrow by Persian commander Bahrām Chobin during the First Perso-Turkic War. He is given as Chǔluóhóu (处罗侯) in Chinese records, and as Šāwa, Sāva, or Sāba in Sasanian-based sources.[3] He was hunchback.[4]

Bagha Khagan
Battle of Bahram Chubina with Saveh shah.jpg
Shahnameh illustration of Bahram Chobin and Bagha Qaghan fighting
Qaghan of the First Turkic Khaganate
PredecessorIshbara Qaghan
SuccessorTulan Qaghan
SpousePrincess Qianjin (大义公主)
FatherIssik Qaghan


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Bagha Qaghan
Preceded by Khagan of the Turkic Kaganate
Succeeded by