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Christopher I. Beckwith (born 1945) is an American philologist and distinguished professor in the Department of Central Eurasian Studies at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.[1]

He has a B.A. in Chinese from Ohio State University (1968), an M.A. in Tibetan from Indiana University (1974) and a Ph.D. in Inner Asian Studies from Indiana University (1977).

Beckwith, a MacArthur Fellow,[2] is a researcher in the field of Central Eurasian studies. He researches the history and cultures of ancient and medieval Central Asia. Concomitantly he specializes in Asian language studies and linguistics, and in the history of Central Eurasia. He teaches Old Tibetan, Central Eurasian languages, and Central Eurasian history, researches especially the linguistics of Aramaic, Chinese, Japanese, Koguryo, Old Tibetan, Tokharian, Old Turkic, Uzbek, and other languages[3].[1]


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