Raebareli About this soundpronunciation  is a city and a municipal board in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is the administrative headquarters of Raebareli district. The city is situated on the banks of the Sai river, 82 km (51 mi) southeast of Lucknow. It possesses many architectural features and sites, chief of which is a strong and spacious fort.

District Hospital, Raebareli
District Hospital, Raebareli
Raebareli is located in Uttar Pradesh
Location in Uttar Pradesh, India
Raebareli is located in India
Raebareli (India)
Coordinates: 26°14′02″N 81°14′01″E / 26.23384°N 81.233597°E / 26.23384; 81.233597Coordinates: 26°14′02″N 81°14′01″E / 26.23384°N 81.233597°E / 26.23384; 81.233597
Country India
StateUttar Pradesh
 • TypeMunicipal Board
 • BodyRaebareli Municipal Corporation
 • Member Of ParliamentSonia Gandhi
 • Total191,056
 • Density739/km2 (1,910/sq mi)
 • OfficialHindi, Urdu
 • Literacy81%
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code0535
Vehicle registrationUP-33
Sex ratio941/1000

History, Etymology and Post IndependenceEdit

Raja Har Parshad "Taluqedar of Naseerabad" a Kayastha, native of this town, was the Nazim or Commissioner of Khairabad Division during the reign of the ex-king. He joined the mutineers and went up to Nepal with Begum Hazrat Mahal of Oudh dynasty and on 31 December 1858 while returning after ensuring her safety, he was killed in a battle with British army. He has been honoured with the title of "Lastville and the most notorious governor of Oudh". The district of Raebareli was created by the British in 1858, and is named after its headquarters town.[1]

Geography and climateEdit

Raebareli lies in the southern-central part of Uttar Pradesh. The district is irregular in shape but fairly compact. It forms a part of the Lucknow Division and lies between Latitude 25° 49' North and 26° 36' North and Longitude 100° 41' East and 81° 34' East. On the north, it is bounded by tehsil Mohanlal Ganj of Lucknow and Haidergarh of Barabanki, on the east by tehsil Mussafir Khana of district Sultanpur and on the south-east by pargana Ateha and the Kunda tehsil of district Pratapgarh. The southern boundary is formed by Ganga which separates it from the district of Fatehpur. On the west lies the Purwa tehsil of Unnao.[citation needed]

The district forms a part of the Gangetic plan which is of recent origin according to geological chronology and reveal ordinary Gangetic alluvium. The district being a part of the alluvial plain conforms to the same geological sequence as the plain itself. The only mineral of importance is kankar. The district is also noted for its deposits of reh and brick earth. The district, as a whole, is fairly compact tract of gently undulating land. The elevation varies from about 120.4 m above sea level in the north west to 86.9 m above sea level in the extreme south east, on the banks of the Ganga. The highest points are the crowns of the watersheds of the different drainage channel which serve to divide the district into five main physical units, The Ganga Khadar, the Ganga upland, the southern clay tract, the central tract or the Sai upland and the Northern clay tract.[2]

According to the 1991 census the area of the district was 4,609 km2. The area is liable to vary every year by reason of the action of the Ganga, for a small variation in the deep stream of the river makes a very noticeable change in the area of the district, which occupies the thirty fourth place in size among the districts of the State.[citation needed]

Raebareli has a warm subtropical climate with very cold and dry winters from December to mid February and dry, hot summers from April to mid June. The rainy season is from mid-June to mid-September when it gets an average rainfall of 1200 mm mostly from the south-west monsoon winds. During extreme winters, the maximum temperature is around 12oC and the minimum is between 3-4oC. Fog is quite common from late December to late January. Summers can be quite hot with temperatures rising to the 40-45oC range.[3]

Civic administrationEdit

Raebareli is one of the six districts of the Lucknow Division, which is headed by a Commissioner headquartered at Lucknow. He serves as a link between the districts in his division and the State Government.[4] The General Administration of the district is vested in the District Officer who is called Deputy Commissioner for revenue and District Magistrate (D.M.) for criminal jurisdiction. Raebareli is divided into 6 sub divisions:[5]

  1. Raebareli
  2. Dalmau
  3. Maharajganj
  4. Lalganj
  5. Unchahar
  6. Salon

A separate wing under Chief Development Officer looks after all the development work to be carried out in the district. A District Development Officer is posted at district headquarters. At each block, a Block Development Officer is also posted. For development purpose the district has been divided into 15 development blocks namely, Amawan, Bachhrawan, Sataon, Dalmau, Harchandpur, Kheeron, Lalganj, Maharajganj, Jagatpur, Rahi, Rohaniya, Sareni, Shivgarh, Deen Shah Gaura, Unchahar, Deeh, Chatoh, and Salon.[citation needed]

Raebareli Municipal CommitteeEdit

Raebareli Municipal Committee (Hindi: Raebareli Nagar Palika) is the Municipal Committee responsible for the civic infrastructure and administration of the city of Raebareli. The organization is known, in short, as RMC. This civic administrative body administers the city's cleanliness and other public services like public health and parks. The head of the RMC is the chairman. The present chairman is Purnima Srivastava.[6][7]

Raebareli Municipal Committee, with population of about 1.9 lakh is Raebareli subdistrict's only municipal committee located in Raebareli city of Raebareli district in the state Uttar Pradesh in India. Total geographical area of Raebareli municipal committee is 50 km2.


FGIET Campus

Raebareli has educational institutions affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, Uttar Pradesh Board, and Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. There is one Kendriya Vidyalaya situated in the city center to impart primary and secondary education under CBSE pattern.

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Raebareli is on the route of National Highway 30, between Lucknow and Allahabad. Ring Road Raebareli is an outer bypass road and crosses the Sharda River.[8]

Closest major airport to Raebareli is in Lucknow at about 80 km (49.7 miles) distance. Other major airport is in Allahabad at 120 km (74.5 miles) distance.

A rail line is being built from Raebareli to Akbarganj, on the Northern Railways network.[9]


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