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Maine (/mn/ (listen)) is a state in the New England region of the United States, bordered by New Hampshire to the west; the Gulf of Maine to the southeast; and the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec to the northeast and northwest, respectively. Maine is the 12th-smallest by area, the 9th-least populous, the 13th-least densely populated, and the most rural of the 50 U.S. states. It is also the northeasternmost among the contiguous United States, the northernmost state east of the Great Lakes, the only state whose name consists of a single syllable, and the only state to border exactly one other US state. The most populous city in Maine is Portland, while its capital is Augusta.

Maine has traditionally been known for its jagged, rocky Atlantic Ocean and bayshore coastlines; smoothly contoured mountains; heavily forested interior; picturesque waterways; and its wild lowbush blueberries and seafood cuisine, especially lobster and clams. In more recent years coastal and Down East Maine, especially in the vicinity of Portland, have emerged as an important center for the creative economy, which is also bringing gentrification.

For thousands of years after the glaciers retreated during the last ice age, indigenous peoples were the only inhabitants of the territory that is now Maine. At the time of European arrival, several Algonquian-speaking peoples inhabited the area. The first European settlement in the area was by the French in 1604 on Saint Croix Island, founded by Pierre Dugua, Sieur de Mons. The first English settlement was the short-lived Popham Colony, established by the Plymouth Company in 1607. A number of English settlements were established along the coast of Maine in the 1620s, although the rugged climate and conflict with the local indigenous people caused many to fail. (Full article...)

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Major Charles J. Loring Jr., U.S. Air Force

Charles Joseph Loring Jr. (October 2, 1918 – November 22, 1952) was a fighter pilot in the United States Army Air Forces in World War II, and later in the United States Air Force in the Korean War. Loring rose to the rank of major and posthumously received the Medal of Honor for his heroic actions on November 22, 1952, above Kunwha, Korea during a close air support mission.

Born in Portland, Maine, Loring joined the United States Army in 1942 and was quickly selected to undergo pilot training. He spent several months stationed in Puerto Rico before being transferred to duty in the United Kingdom in 1944. There, he flew 55 combat missions in P-47 Thunderbolt aircraft before being shot down and serving six months as a Nazi German prisoner of war. By the outset of the Korean War, Loring was working in an administrative role in the United States, but by 1952 had been transferred to combat duty in Korea. (Full article...)

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Flag of the 20th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment in the war.

As a fervently abolitionist and strongly Republican state, Maine contributed a higher proportion of its citizens to the Union armies than any other, as well as supplying extensive equipment and stores. Although no land battles were fought in Maine, the Battle of Portland Harbor (1863) saw a southern raiding party thwarted in its attempt to capture a revenue cutter.

Abraham Lincoln chose Maine's Hannibal Hamlin as his first Vice President. The future General Joshua L. Chamberlain and the 20th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment played a key role at the Battle of Gettysburg, and the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery Regiment lost more men in a single charge during the siege of Petersburg than any Union regiment in the war. (Full article...)

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Largest cities

The list below, for each city, shows the population in 2010, the population estimate of 2019, the growth/shrinking percentage between the three, and the date of incorporation as a city.

2019 Rank City 2019 Estimate 2010 Census Change County Incorporation
[citation needed]
[citation needed]
Land area
(sq mi)
1 Portland † 66,215 66,194 +0.03% Cumberland 1786 1833 69.4
2 Lewiston 36,225 36,592 −1.00% Androscoggin 1795 1862 34.2
3 Bangor † 32,262 33,039 −2.35% Penobscot 1791 1834 34.3
4 South Portland 25,532 25,002 +2.12% Cumberland 1895 1898 12.1
5 Auburn † 23,414 23,055 +1.56% Androscoggin 1842 1868 59.3
6 Biddeford 21,504 21,277 +1.07% York 1653 1855 30.1
7 Sanford 21,223 20,798 +2.04% York 1768 2013 47.8
8 Saco 19,964 18,482 +8.02% York 1775 1867 38.6
9 Westbrook 19,074 17,494 +9.03% Cumberland 1814 1891 17.2
10 Augusta †† 18,697 19,136 −2.29% Kennebec 1797 1849 55.2

 †  County seat
 ††  State capital and county seat

See List of municipalities in Maine for a full list.


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