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The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Stockholm:



General referenceEdit

Geography of StockholmEdit

Geography of Stockholm

  • Stockholm is:
  • Population of Stockholm: 949,761
  • Area of Stockholm: 188 km2 (73 sq mi)
Location within Europe
Coordinates: 59°19′46″N 18°4′7″E / 59.32944°N 18.06861°E / 59.32944; 18.06861

Location of StockholmEdit

Environment of StockholmEdit

Natural geographic features of StockholmEdit

Södermalm island
The Norrström river

Areas of StockholmEdit

Districts of StockholmEdit

Riddarholmen, part of Gamla Stan
Vasa (ship) at the Vasa Museum, a most popular tourist attraction

Neighbourhoods in StockholmEdit

Locations in StockholmEdit

Bridges in StockholmEdit

The Norrbro bridge

Bridges in Stockholm

Cultural and exhibition centres in StockholmEdit

Fountains in StockholmEdit

Monuments and memorials in StockholmEdit

Museums and art galleries in StockholmEdit

Museums in Stockholm

Palaces and villas in StockholmEdit

Parks and gardens in StockholmEdit

Bergianska trädgården, the Victoria greenhouse

Public squares in StockholmEdit

Sergels torg during the blue hour

Religious buildings in StockholmEdit

Churches in Stockholm

Secular buildings in StockholmEdit

The Rosenbad building

Streets in StockholmEdit

The Strandvägen boulevard

Streets and squares in Gamla stan

Theatres in StockholmEdit

Towers in StockholmEdit

Demographics of StockholmEdit

Demographics of Stockholm

Government and politics of StockholmEdit

Stockholm City Hall, the building of the Municipal Council

Government of Stockholm

Law and order in StockholmEdit

Military in StockholmEdit

History of StockholmEdit

Culture of StockholmEdit

Architecture of Stockholm, view of the Old Town

Culture of Stockholm

Arts in StockholmEdit

Architecture of StockholmEdit

Architecture in Stockholm

Cinema of StockholmEdit

Literature of StockholmEdit

Literature in Stockholm

Music of StockholmEdit

Music of Stockholm

Main stage of the Royal Dramatic Theatre

Theatre of StockholmEdit

Theatres in Stockholm

Visual arts of StockholmEdit

Stockholm in art: Winter scene from Stockholm by Alfred Bergström
Alfred Nobel, Swedish chemist, engineer, inventor, born in Stockholm in 1833

Art in Stockholm

Cuisine of Stockholm

Events in Stockholm

Festivals in Stockholm

Languages of Stockholm

Media in Stockholm

People from Stockholm

Religion in StockholmEdit

Dome and wall paintings in Gustaf Vasa Church

Religion in Stockholm

Sports in StockholmEdit

Djurgårdens IF (left) take on AIK (right) at the Tvillingderbyt in 2013
Opening ceremony of the 1912 Summer Olympics

Sport in Stockholm

Economy and infrastructure of StockholmEdit

Economy of Stockholm

Transportation in StockholmEdit

Ferry in front of the City Hall

Public transport in Stockholm

Rail transport in StockholmEdit

A C20 metrotrain departing from the Gamla stan station
Exposed bedrock at the Rådhuset metro station
Type A36 tram at Torsvik tram stop

Rail transport in Stockholm

Education in StockholmEdit

Healthcare in StockholmEdit

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